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How do I earn at least $1000 per month

Profiting from the Internet, regardless of the number achieved per month, is easy and frankly refrained, as we see many excellent people in this field earn thousands of dollars while others cannot achieve even 50 dollars per month, in fact there is no profit from the Internet, but there is work on the Internet.

And there is no person in the world who can determine or choose the best field for you in which you should work without you, there are those who succeed as an advertiser and there are those who succeed in Kafrillance, there are those who succeed in dropshippers and other areas.

How do I earn at least1000$ per month

Perhaps the fundamental difference in the issue of success in profit from the Internet is the person or that person who lies behind the computer. There are those who think that they can achieve numbers and profit from the Internet and there are those who suspect that there is a profit in the first place and everyone lies on the Internet and does not have it Full confidence that someone will send him money as soon as he sits behind a computer screen, and you find him asking many questions such as.

How will I receive the money? Who is the person or party that will send me the money? How do I guarantee that I will not be defrauded.

Also, I get very upset when anyone communicates with me and tells me that he wants a way to make money from the Internet in less than a week or at most three working days, and he stresses the tone and stresses the necessity of making money 100% guaranteed and without investment.

Let me tell you that even with the investment of considerable sums of money, profit from the Internet is not certain, and the more certain the profit is, the more the profit margin is very weak, and this is a well-known equation in the financial and business world, according to the amount of risk, profits come.

But as I mentioned above, you are one of the stubborn people and you will continue with us to the end of the method and you will be able to activate the monetization on the channel and you will publish motivational videos as it achieves a lot of views and enables you to win thousands of dollars a month, God willing, if you worked on the project and I really worked hard.

But for a start I know that you will need large equipment such as: a mike, a sound card, a powerful computer ........ And you do not have all this equipment, then what do you think that we exchange all these equipment with your mobile phone and a monthly Internet subscription.

Evidence that motivational channels make thousands of dollars a month

Each of us does not want to get tired or get tired in the end, everyone really wants to win, so let me give you more than one example in Arabic and foreign content on YouTube, and you see the large numbers that the motivation video channels achieve, especially since the view count is very high In such a thread.

And as long as there is someone who was able to succeed in this field and convinced me, why can't you as well as you succeed in this field.

The only barrier that prevents you from achieving success is your mentality or your thinking, so break the barrier of fear and start working on the project without fear or hesitation.

How can I create content like this when I don't have the equipment

The most important question in this post: How can I make high-quality videos like these clips on these channels when I don't have Mike or anything? Don't worry at first I have to know what I need so that I know where to get it.

Voice performance

Voice performance

Professional voiceover or voiceover

Visual content

Visual content

And by it, we mean the pictures or videos that pass over you while you listen to the motivational speech.

Structuring the audio clip with the visual content

And here I would definitely be associated with using a computer program, but what if I did not own a computer would I give up and stop here? Certainly not because I will use a program or application on the mobile phone that I own, especially since phones in this era are sufficiently advanced and I can do montages on them.

In the end, do not let anyone destroy or stand against your  dream, act and you will receive.