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How to work a blog on Blogger?

Creating a blogger blog and profit from it has become one of the most popular areas of profit from the Internet in recent times, and with the difference in profit methods through this area between profit from Adsense ads or profit from affiliate marketing by reviewing products ... The creation of a blogger blog in the current period is a smart and free investment Exactly, and it may yield you a large profit.

How to work a blog on Blogger

In this article, we will explain to you how to create your own blogger in easy and simple steps and in a few minutes.

First, what does a blog mean?

It is a small website where all your articles and ideas are written and you win for that money.

Second, what does blogger mean?

It is one of the types of blogs and it is a completely free platform provided by Google, such as YouTube, but YouTube is for displaying videos only. As for the blog, you can display videos, music, pictures and texts on it.

In short, Google (Blogger) helps you to spread your fields by creating a free website of your own.

Third, how to profit from Blogger?

Profit from the blog is made by writing important and useful articles, and I continue and strive to facilitate the information and clarify it in a simple and comprehensive way, and then I apply to Google AdSense and review the blog to see if it qualifies for admission to Google Adsense or not.

Fourth, do I need experience before creating a blogger blog?

Do not worry, working on Blogger is very easy and does not require experience at all. There are a lot of advice and help centers that Google provides to you to help you how to create a free blog on Blogger and also how to work on the blog.

Now we start the steps to create a blogger blog

The first step

Visit Blogger website and then click on Create your Blog as shown in the image below:

The first step

After clicking on Create Your Blog, you will be taken to the login page for your Gmail email, as shown below:

The second step

This page offers two alternatives

Sign in to your email that you as of now have on Google.

Create a new Gmail account.

We recommend that you always create a custom email for your blog other than yourpersonal one, in order to easily access the messages that you receive regarding the blog separately, and to avoid losing them or mixing them with your messages on your personal mail.

Likewise, making an exceptional blog email that adds an expert touch to your blog, particularly in the event that you need to speak with your blog guests by means of email.

The second step

Choose a name for the blog

Presently you should add a unique name that appears to your blog guests when you compose an article or theme. 
Pick the name you need and afterward click on Continue to Blogger, as demonstrated in the picture.

The third step

The third step

Presently we begin to carry out the last strides in the blogger blog creation measure by tapping on Create New Blog.

It will take you to this page appeared in the picture, and in it you should pick.

Blog model name

The name that will appear in the blog link

The look your blog will appear in

The fourth step

The fourth and last step

Ensure that you pick your extraordinary name. Additionally note that you won't pass this progression except if you pick another name that has not been utilized previously.

On the off chance that the name you entered was recently utilized, an alarm will show up in the expression (the title of this blog isn't accessible).

At the point when you pick an accessible name, you will see the expression (The title of this blog is accessible).

At long last, pick the presence of your blog and the manner in which the posts and articles show up on it.

After completing the data and choosing the appearance, click on Create New Blog.

Congratulations, you have finished creating your own Blogger blog!

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