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how to make money on youtube

Some people ask about how to make money on YouTube, there are many ways to profit from YouTube, we will explain in this article, the best ways.

how to make money on youtube

how to get paid on youtube

YouTubers on YouTube in particular and social media influencers in general are forming a new class of celebrities.

They may not come from the entertainment industries like traditional celebrities, but many of them have millions of fans, and some of them have found ways to turn those massive numbers into millions of dollars every year.

By using creative advertising methods with companies and brands, many YouTubers and influencers earn their income on social media.

Today, there are many major entrepreneurial projects that started with Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat accounts and provided their owners with full jobs.

 how to make money on youtube


how to make money on youtube

One of the best ways to profit from YouTube is to create a channel on YouTube and create an account on Google Adsense.

Profit from Google Adsense is very good, and provides good and steady income, but on the condition that you have a lot of views on your YouTube channel or on the content that you provide.

how much money do youtubers make

If you have a large number of views and a large number of subscribers to your YouTube channel, you can profit from Google Adsense at least $ 2000 per month, but the percentage varies from person to person, according to the number of views on his channel, and according to his channel from any country, because the price calculation Views differ from country to country.

If you have a YouTube channel and want to profit from it, you can read this article make money through Google Adsense

In it, we explained the methods of profit for Google AdSense, it will help you.

If you have a YouTube channel or website and were sent to Google Adsense and they did not agree to your request, we can help you with this article How to accept your site in Adsense in just 24 hours

It will let you know what are the conditions for accepting your request in Google Adsense, and it will help you to accept your YouTube channel or website.

Sponsored content and sponsorships

Sponsored content is known to most audiences and brands, and it remains one of the best ways for YouTubbers and influencers in particular to make money.

 Influencers collaborate with brands to promote a product, write a product review, endorse an ad campaign, or help companies and brands increase their following on social media.

 Or for influencers to contribute to raising brand awareness in exchange for an amount of money or a number of free products.

If you have a YouTube channel and it has a large number of views, you can profit from this method, which is to promote a product or introduce your viewers to a specific product, a challenge to you is the company that promotes it.

how to make money on youtube

Referral links

Mostly, this type of link is not common, although it is simple and easy. YouTubers provide links to its followers that provide them with the opportunity to buy a great product, download a useful application, or visit a modern website to subscribe to its excellent services.

 Companies, brands, and marketers use these links to track where the traffic comes from, and who is driving the traffic and then those influencers are rewarded with either direct gifts or financial rewards later.
One of the most popular affiliate links programs available on the web is the Amazon program called "Amazon's Affiliate Program", which was followed in late 2017 with a program dedicated to influencers in social media, "The Amazon Influencer Program"

 Which gives influencers a portion of the revenue generated from sales that are generated through product links that influencers have shared with followers on social media.

And you can profit from this method, even if you do not have a YouTube channel, you can win from it in Facebook or WhatsApp groups or post your link on Instagram, there are many sites where you can post your link and win through them.

Why is profit from YouTube a good opportunity for everyone?

Video in general, and YouTube in particular, are an excellent way to communicate any idea in an easy, simple and effective way to Internet users.

The Internet user is often lazy, so it is preferable to see what he wants on the Internet with the least means to make efforts, and this is precisely what YouTube videos provide.

According to statistics about YouTube, it alone attracts close to one billion users per month.

Because of the profit-sharing system provided by YouTube, video producers are more motivated to create videos with the utmost efficiency and professionalism and to cover all human concerns.

YouTube represents an opportunity for everyone with a passion or interest to convert that passion or interest into an opportunity to make a profitable and growing profit.

YouTube is not an opportunity for a specific category of content creators, but it has opened new horizons and opportunities for photographers, video designers, actors, and directors.

What do I need to start earning from YouTube?

how to make money on youtube

First, you need to think about the content that you will present, and whether this content has a large audience or not, and is this content that you understand about it and will devise new methods in it, or will it be imitated? Because if the ideas are imitated you will not benefit from that, the content must be new, exclusive and presented in a good way that attracts the viewer in order to benefit.

After thinking about the content that you will present in the channel, you have to create the channel, start making videos, and then download them to your channel.

After that, you do marketing for yourself, by publishing special videos on all social media sites, to bring you viewers at the beginning and introduce them to you and the content that you provide.

If the content is good and they like it, they will follow you.

You will get tired at first because of marketing yourself and for private videos, then it will increase followers on your channel without sharing anything, only you will have to make and download videos.

After this step and bringing a lot of followers to your channel, you will start earning from YouTube, create a Google Adsense account, link your channel to the account, and then start making profits.
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