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Benefits of natural honey

Natural honey is a healthy food produced by bees after taking nectar from flowers, and this food has been known for thousands of years. It can be replaced by sugar as a natural sweetener because it has many health and therapeutic benefits, so that some hospitals use it as an approved treatment, especially for wounds.

Benefits of natural honey

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Benefits of natural honey

Rich in antioxidants: Natural honey contains a large group of chemical elements called polyphenols, which act as antibiotics that contribute to the treatment of some chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer as they fight aging, by eliminating free radicals, as these roots increase cell damage and thus It increases the development of chronic diseases and increases 
their severity.

Antibacterial and antifungal: Studies have shown that manuka honey contains antibacterial properties that cleanse the body of germs and bacteria that are directly responsible for the occurrence of some annoying problems and limit their spread 
and stop their growth such as:

  • E. coli bacteria; These bacteria are responsible for the occurrence of food poisoning.

Stomach germ or H.pylori; This germ is widely spread among people, causing chronic inflammation and ulcers in the stomach.

It treats wounds: Some hospitals rely on manuka honey in treating and disinfecting wounds, as it is highly effective in killing germs and regenerating damaged cells, and it also speeds up the treatment period, but be sure that hospitals use raw honey that is free of modified and pasteurized substances, meaning that they do not use Honey on the market.

Helps treat the digestive system: In addition to it kills the stomach germ, some studies have shown that it contains an effective biological substance that nourishes and makes the good bacteria in the intestine more powerful, and these bacteria help digestion and treat diarrhea.

An effective treatment for sore throats: If you feel symptoms of a cold, you only have to eat a tablespoon of honey or you can add it to tea with lemon and drink it twice a day until the symptoms go away, and this method has been used since ancient times in the treatment of sore throats and coughs.

Helps reduce blood pressure: The antioxidants present in natural honey have a role in lowering blood pressure, the main cause of heart disease.

Reduces cholesterol: High levels of harmful cholesterol pose a risk to the heart, as it increases the incidence of heart attacks and arteriosclerosis. In addition, it enhances the proportion of good cholesterol in the blood. Studies conducted on a group of people who consumed natural honey for a certain period proved that the proportion of Their bad cholesterol decreased by 5%.

Less harmful for diabetics: It is preferable to replace refined sugar and eat honey, especially for people with type 2 blood sugar, as its increase in diabetes levels is lower than regular sugar and reduces the chance of heart disease occurring in them, however, care must be taken when consuming it, as it is considered a sweetener and better Follow a diet without carbohydrates and sugars to avoid high blood sugar.

Reducing triglycerides: Triglycerides are associated with insulin resistance, so the higher the triglyceride percentage, the higher the sugar level, especially in the second type. It is known that eating a lot of sugars increases the percentage of body fat, so it is preferable to replace sugar with natural honey, especially when following a diet to reduce Weight, and this is proven by a study conducted on two groups, the first group consumed sugar and the second group consumed natural honey, and after the trial period ended, it was found that people who consumed natural honey had a 19% lower level of triglycerides.

A powerful cough remedy: Cough affects young and old, especially those who suffer from an upper respiratory infection. This infection affects sleep and various life matters. Sometimes the medicines used to treat cough are useless, while natural honey is an ideal solution and the best option for treating coughs and elimination. It is permanently absorbed, so it is good to eat it for both children and adults.

Moringa honey

Moringa honey has been described as exceptional, as it is the best and most delicious type of black honey taken from Moringa leaves. It has a delicious taste that you can eat with a spoon for its splendor, in addition to it is rich in nutrients necessary for health.

Moringa honey

Benefits of Moringa honey

Rich in calcium, which is an essential component of bones and that protects it from fragility, so it is important to consume this honey, especially for women who have passed their menstrual period.

Also, potassium is an important element in it, which protects the acids in the body, so it is very useful for rheumatism and arthritis.

Kyrgyz white honey and Sidr mountain honey, and the benefits of each

Benefits of white honey

Benefits of white honey

Good for treating headache pain and neurological diseases.
Best treatment for asthma, shortness of breath and chest allergy.

It improves memory and increases focus.

Helps build muscles and coordinate the body.

Relieves arthritis pain.

An antibiotic that treats many diseases and wounds.

Benefits of Sidr honey for men

Sidr honey was considered one of the best types of honey for its effective ability in treating many diseases, especially sexual diseases for men, as it is considered a symbol of fertility and reproduction, and it was named by this name in relation to the mountain Sidr trees from which the bees take nectar, and this tree is considered one of the seasonal trees that bear fruit. Only when the rains fall, so the cost of this type of honey is very expensive. Sidr trees are common in Yemen.

Sidr honey has been linked since ancient times to treating men’s problems, such as erectile dysfunction, low sperm count, and other sexual diseases. If you suffer from sexual problems, what you need only with Mountain Sidr honey.

Sidr honey

Other benefits of Sidr honey

It treats germs and wounds by applying it to the wound area.
Useful for patients with sinusitis, as it reduces the bacteria inside the nose.

It strengthens the red blood cells, thus making the body stronger against germs, bacteria and viruses.

Relieves pain associated with the menstrual cycle.

It fights the signs of premature aging and makes the skin healthier and more vibrant.

It protects the body from cancer risks, because it contains antioxidants that prevent free radicals from damaging cells.

An effective remedy for sore throats and colds, as it works as an anti-virus, especially when combined with lemon tea.

Excellent overall for the health of the body as a whole, so it is a good idea to provide it to the elderly to help them strengthen memory, heart health, and treat arthritis and bone pain.

Damages of Sidr honey

Despite the many benefits that we mentioned earlier, it is not without some problems and damages that we will mention, namely:

People who have bleeding or are waiting for surgery should be prevented from consuming honey, as it reduces blood clotting.

Patients with low blood pressure are prevented from consuming it, as honey lowers blood pressure so as not to lead to a strong drop and make the matter worse.