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Conditions for admission to Google Adsense 2021

In this article, we will explain, what are the conditions for accepting your site or blog in Google Adsense.

Conditions for admission to Google Adsense 2021 and reasons for rejecting the site

Before you can get an account with Google AdSense and enjoy all the advantages that the regular account offers, not the hosted one, because the hosted account is easy to obtain, but the whole problem lies in the regular account.

However, the regular account does not have the ease of adding any site for you to the Google Adsense panel and installing ads on it because Google in its recent updates has verified the approval of your sites joining the regular account unless they are really qualified to display ads.

Things to know before applying for an adsense account

You must understand how Google Adsense works by searching search engines for people's experiences and video explanations on this topic, and also reading AdSense policies.

1- Writing very good content

The first thing that you should do before applying for Google AdSense is to write high-quality content. This is a very important thing that you cannot ignore at all costs. Google loves blogs that provide high-quality content and their visitors are enjoying it. Keep in mind that your application will be reviewed by humans and not robots behind the screen, so you need to convince them and gain their attention to get AdSense approval.

Among the advantages of good content we find:

-Unique and original idea.

-Convenient addresses and a diverse list of data.

-Content free from spelling and grammatical errors.

-Long enough.

-Helpful and informative.

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2- Create a privacy policy page for your blog

Among one of the common mistakes that most new bloggers make is not creating a privacy page for their blog, especially since a lot of people say having a blog privacy policy doesn't make any sense. Dear reader, we would like to inform you that what they say to you is wrong and that the first thing that you should do before applying for Google AdSense is to create a privacy policy page for your blog or site because it is simply not accepted that your offer is not available on this page.

Google considers this point very basic because it is the most important conditions for acceptance and because it shows that this blog is real and does not carry out any fraud, as it is a sign of the seriousness of the blog and the people who are responsible for it. You can write a privacy policy page yourself or find sites on the Internet that provide a service for writing these policies, it does not require much effort at all.

3- Create an "About Us" page

Among the conditions for admission to Google AdSense is availability on the "About Us" page because this indicates that there are real people behind the page and not just a fake blog. This page plays a big role even if you do not want to apply for Google AdSense, because it gives a general idea about the blog and is considered as an identification card for what is on the blog. The page contains blog-specific information as well as a simple description about the blog in order to create a link between you and your followers as well as to gain their trust.

4- Create a "Contact Us" page

Since opinions and tastes differ, it is best to give your followers an opportunity to give their opinion about the blog and share the things they like the most and the matters that bother them. Create a page "Contact Us" and add the e-mail address that you use in order to register with Google AdSense, and it is preferable that your email address be professional, add the links of your other social pages on this page.

Creating this page indicates that you care about your customers and their opinions, that you are ready to help them, and that they can communicate with you at any time. On the other hand, the Google AdSense team who will oversee the inspection of your site will find that you really give importance to customers and site visitors and that your only goal is to make money from Google Adsense.

In many of the rejection answers sent by Google AdSense we find that they emphasize an easy list and have all the private information for your blog to help readers easily find the content they are looking for. The more you care about improving your visitors' browsing experience for your site, the higher the chances of you getting approved by Adsense.

5- Check that your name and email address have been added on the blog

When submitting the order, do not forget to put your name and email address in some easy-to-see areas such as the "Contact Us" or "About Us" page. This will confirm to the Google AdSense team that you are the same person who applied for AdSense and not some unwanted fake program. This will speed up the verification process and within a short period of time you will be able to enjoy a fully supported account on Adsense.

6- Make sure to have an acceptable number of valuable posts available on your blog before applying.

There is no specific answer to the number of posts you must have in order to gain approval from AdSense. Because there are some blogs that contain more than 300 posts, they rejected their request, while there are some blogs that only contain 10 posts and have benefited from the acceptance and are making money with ease.

According to some experts, the best time to apply for an Adsense account is when you have at least 20 good posts. Also, blog posts should be at least 600 words long with care to make the content high quality.

Among the most important things that must be taken care of before working to increase the number of publications, we find:

-Simple and clean design.

-It's easy to browse the blog.

-Choose a specific audience.

-Attention to the details of the content.

7- Make sure that your age is over 18 years old

We recommend that you use your correct date of birth and age while applying for a Google AdSense account. Because Google Adsense is not for people under the age of 18.

Some people only realize this point after their application has been rejected multiple times without any legitimate reason. Therefore we advise you to be accurate while writing your age.

8- Improve your blog design

As mentioned earlier, blog design is very important. Your design should show professionalism to your business and not be a messy photo gallery. Google values clean and professional designs with great appreciation and attention.

The first thing that interests a visitor for any site is the design and aesthetics of the site, for this reason you must give great importance to the design of your site in order to win the interest of people and engage them with your blog. Design attention is the second most important thing to do after building content because it represents your expertise, experience, and professionalism. It should also contain the following features:

-Simple and professional.

-Easy to browse.

-The appropriate main lists.

-There are no useless items.

-It matches with search engines.

-Fast download.

9- Check the type of content you provide

Be careful when choosing the type of content you post because it is very important.

Here are some common types of content that Adsense does not accept at all. 

-Pornography / adult only content.

-Pirated content.

-Hacking lessons and ideas from the Internet.

-Illegal drugs / tools.

-Any other illegal things

Also, the Google AdSense team mentioned in a forum post that it has stopped accepting requests in areas that are full and saturated, such as: money-making education, marketing and SEO. If you have previously started writing about this content that is not supported by AdSense, you can Either stop dreaming about Google Adsense or get rid of this content and change it.

10- Use Top Level Domain

One of Google's internal policy actions is that if you have a blog with blogspot and domain is yourblog.blogspot.com, chances are you will get approval quickly. But you won't be able to use that in any other domain like .com. For this, you must ask to change your account and upload it to Adsense.

You must have a unique domain for your blog; If you do not have one yet, there is no chance of getting approved with subdomains. You should hurry up and buy Top Level Domain. It will cost you anywhere from $ 10 to $ 15 a year. You can buy this from Godaddy or Namecheap.

The best domain is the one with the .com extension. Choose a short, unique, and easy-to-remember domain related to your blog.

One of the things Google has come to consider is domain age. For example, Google does not accept domains in India if this domain is not more than 6 months old.

However, this point does not apply to other countries, as many stories indicate that some blogs received approval a few weeks after their establishment, while others were rejected even though they were more than 6 months old. As mentioned earlier, one of the most important things you should focus on is the quality of the content and the assistance of your readers. Do not let the age of your blog and the number of your posts preclude applying, there are many examples that have succeeded with only 28 posts.

11- Remove other ad networks

If you have any other ads like Chitika, Infolinks, Clicksor or any other type, it is time to ditch them and make your blog free of ads before submitting your application. Although Google AdSense allows you to use other ad networks with it at the same time, it is best to remove the ads before applying and not return them until after getting a response from the AdSense team, which usually takes between a few days to weeks. So, before submitting your application to Google AdSense, make sure to remove all ads on your blog from any other network.

12- Check the sources that you are getting traffic from

Google does not like sites that get paid traffic and often penalizes them so that there is no chance of getting approved by AdSense for sites that get paid traffic. You can get traffic from search engines or any other way you want, but if you want to earn via Google AdSense the right way, paid traffic is never a solution. Also, Google does not accept sites that get visits from illegal sources. So focus on getting traffic from legal sources like social media, search engines, and related blogs.