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Create an application and profit from it

Many users face big problems if they want to create an application, including not having the necessary experience in programming applications and their programming languages, in addition to the high cost that programmers require to create a small application.

The best sites to create an application and profit from it

And since most users prefer to work directly from the smartphone without resorting to browsers, it has become very necessary to have an application for your project, as you will gain many new customers.

From here, we will show you the best sites that will help you create an application easily and easily, without the need to know many programming languages or even change a single line of code, and these sites are called application designers.

Application designer features

Application designers are among the tools that make it easy for the user to create an application easily, and here are some of their features.

It saves the user time and effort.

Never require programming knowledge.

Save on budget, as building an app is much cheaper than finding a programmer.

Various applications can be created from simple ones to e-stores.

Clean code and app stores accept it without hesitation.

 Best app building sites

1/ Alstrapp  

Alstrapp is a content management and application creation platform that supports the most popular operating systems for iPhone and Android together.

There is no fee or monthly subscription, you only have to purchase the license for one time and create an unlimited number of applications without restrictions, in addition to that there is a free trial period of 14 days.

The main features of the site

Send an alert and notifications to the app's users.

Customer management (the ability to register users and create a personal account within the application).

Content Editor (It is possible to add and modify any HTML content without updating the application).

Chat with users.

Add branding (custom logo while uploading and custom icons).

Free templates for iPhone and Android applications.

Manage all applications in one window.

100% open source code

The application created through this site has a clean code, and will easily pass the application stores test, as many users face a problem in this regard.


The best sites to create an application and profit from it

A free platform to create various applications, and it is an ideal service for beginners and mid-level owners. Step-by-step tutorials are provided, as well as helpful advice.

Platform features

Incredibly rich selection of ready-made templates. Ideal for creating Android applications.

Very detailed statistics on creating your own apps, available in a simple way.

There will be no problems publishing the app on Google Play Store.

The best sites to create an application and profit from it

It is one of the fastest websites and app designers ever. The main advantage of this site is that you can post links and advertisements for your site in Android applications.

Other key features of the site

Fast creation of any application

Create game apps with great designs

Easy posting on Google Play


The best sites to create an application and profit from it

You can confidently use the term "application designer" on this site. All you need is to add the many components that it offers and you will have a great app.

Site features

Huge software templates on various topics: photo studios, taxis, restaurants, transportation, and many more. Choose your template and customize it to your needs.

There are tools to promote an application through the Google Store, and there are tools that promote it automatically to get good ranks.

The possibility of adding ads on the application, thus providing the opportunity to generate profits.

The best sites to create an application and profit from it

This platform is one of the most popular platforms for creating applications, as it was developed by Google. It has the most powerful algorithms that enable you to create powerful and impressive applications

And the status of this platform is enhanced by the fact that it is free, and in order to be able to use it you must have an account on Google "Gmail". All your projects will be stored in the cloud, giving you great opportunities to work from any device and from anywhere around the world

It also gives you real-time statistics, as you can know everything that the user is doing within your application that you have created through this platform. In addition, you can save your project with one click

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