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Get a free netflix account in 2022

 Netflix is one of the most successful companies, working to provide the finest series, movies and TV programs.

  It is a company of American origin, and it first appeared in the year 1997.

Get a free Netflix account

Netflix and the reasons for its popularity

  Many people expect netflix to be new and fresh, but 2013 launched various movies, series and programs.

All these productions require a large amount of money, with the aim of attracting a huge number of viewers, followers, fans of watching movies and series and working to promote them, which made them very popular at the moment.

One of the reasons for netflix great popularity in the recent period, the series la casa de papel, was one of the main reasons for Netflix's fame, as it worked to present it with high quality, as it got very effective and great reviews.

Get a free Netflix account

All of us want to get a netflix account for free without paying anything, due to the high Netflix subscription for some.

Indeed, there are many explanations in these methods, some of them honest and others not.

Today we will explain one of these ways to get a free netflix account for life.

If you have a Visa card and do not use it and do not have any balance, you can create a free netflix account with it for a month.

And every month you will repeat this method.

Explanation of Netflix account work for free

Get a free netflix account

You log into the Netflix website, You log in to the Netflix website, to enter the netflix website, click here

It will direct you directly to the netflix registration page.

After that, you will write the account assigned to you to register on the site, as in the picture.

After writing your account, you will click on Get started.

Get a free netflix account

Then this page will open for you, You will press continue.

After clicking Continue, this page will open for you.

Get a free netflix account

In the first field your account will be written, while in the second field you will write your password.

You must save your e-mail and passwords, because next time you register, you will write them.

After writing the email and password, click Continue, and this page will open with you.

Get a free netflix account

You click on, see the plans.

It will direct you to Netflix plans, choose the plan you want and press Continue.

Get a free netflix account

After that, it will direct you to this page, you will write your visa, and the first month is free of charge.

After writing this information, you will know that I agree, and then you will press start membership.

Get a free netflix account

After that, the account will be opened with you in this way, And we will have finished creating the Netflix account, without paying anything.

Important note, only the first month is the one that is free, so you should use a payment card that has no money.

Or if you use a payment card with money, you must delete the card from the account before the month passes, so that no money is deducted from the card.

The Best Netflix Shows and Original Series to Watch Right Now

Collateral, The Queen's Gambit, Sherlock, GLOW, Julie and the Phantoms, Ozark, Schitt's Creek, The Haunting of Hill House, The Haunting of Bly Manor, The Umbrella Academy, Hannibal, Community, The Witcher, Breaking Bad, Love, Death and Robots, Maniac, The Great British Baking Show, Russian Doll, I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson.

There are many, many but that much.

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