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How to accept your site in Google Adsense

How to get acceptance of your site or blog, whether it is Blogger or Wordpress on acceptance by Google Adsense, we will explain to you today the best ways and best advice to configure your site and your blog to get the acceptance of Google AdSense and display Adsense ads on your site or your blog and profit from that.

How to accept your site in Adsense in just 24 hours

I found many people on social media complaining about Google Adsense's rejection of their website or blog due to some irregularities.

And I found most people do not understand why their site was rejected by Google Adsense, so I decided to do this article to explain the most important reasons that your site can be rejected for it, and I will give you the best advice for blogger blogs and wordpress for approval in Adsense.

Tips and steps for accepting the AdSense site

Tips and steps for accepting the AdSense site

There is a set of tips that help speed up your acceptance of Google Adsense, and these tips are as follows.

Pay attention to the appearance of the site before starting to write articles, so the simpler the design of the website, the better.

Focus on the number of articles within the site.

Although AdSense did not specify a specific number of topics or articles that must be available on the site.

However, it is better that the site does not contain less than 20 articles, and the more topics, the better.

So that the site is accepted by Google AdSense faster.

The need to pay attention to the image of the topic, and it is better for the site owner to design and amend it himself.

Adsense is distinguished by that it does not care about the number of visitors on the site, as it is possible to accept the site without a large number of visits.

Ensure that the articles on the site are completely copy-free, even if they are not 100% exclusive.

The need to pay attention to the age of the domain, the older it is, the better the speed of acceptance of the site with Adsense.

The need to put icons to help visitors reach the page on social networking sites, especially Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Full compliance with Google's rules and standards, as it is necessary to completely stay away from copyrighted topics.

The necessity of placing the hashtags at the bottom of all the topics included on the site because of their great role in archiving.

Which greatly contributes to the speed of acceptance of Google Adsense.

When do you submit your site to Google Adsense

Do not rush to submit your site to Google Adsense, after you do what you told him of advice, and you found your site active and you have visits and you get visits from the Google search engine, then you have submitted your site to Google Adsense.

The most important reasons for rejecting your site in Adsense

Insufficient content or objectionable website content

Among the most important reasons for rejecting your site from Google Adsense are content errors. The most important determinants and rules that Google specialists care about to do a valuable review of your site is the presence of a sufficient article on the site. Google pays great attention to the content offered and values it above all things in order to continue the approval process. And if the content is poorly written and full of spelling and grammatical errors, Google will reject the blog directly.
Not only that, but the content must be unique and provide an additional amount to the recipient and site visitors. Thus, the blogger must be careful at all times to provide valuable content that respects Google's demands.

Page type and blog design

What would you do if you found a site with a bright yellow background full of white text and with very large buttons everywhere? You will be removed from the page in real time and will not, without a doubt, visit the site again. Google AdSense continues to reject poorly designed blogs that are difficult for your visitors to understand. You must have a good, elegant design that is easy on the eye and aesthetically pleasing on the outside.

Unavailability of the privacy policy pages, adequate information about you, or the option to contact you

There are some necessary pages that you must have before applying to Google AdSense if you want to be approved. For example, page "Privacy Policy" or "About Us" or "Contact Us". These pages give the impression that you are a professional and that you are working according to Google's policy, and remember the fact that the existence of the "privacy policy" page is one of the main determinants and rules of the requirements for joining Google AdSense.

The site does not comply with Google Adsense policies

Among the topics that do not comply with Google AdSense policy, we find: The absence of rich, unique and meaningful content; Lack of traffic to your site; It provides pages with or without original content and also a bad user experience with regard to site visitors as a result of the difficulty of moving between pages.

What also leads to rejection is that your site follows illegal methods in order to gain more visitors and also rely on a poorly coded design.

What to do if your request is rejected

First solution

do not lose hope. Take the time to fix the issues on your blog that AdSense mentioned in the rejection email and apply again. Remember, if you are rejected, it is not a problem to re-apply again and again until you get Google AdSense approval. Just use the same email account that you used for the first tim.

The second solution

If the door is closed in your face, know that there are many other opportunities waiting on the horizon. There are many reliable ad networks that pay a high amount of money in turn that you can use, especially since it is not as difficult as Google AdSense in getting approval.