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increase Twitter followers for free 2022

If you want to increase your Twitter followers, then you are aware of the importance of this great marketing platform. How not, and Twitter is one of the most important social networking sites in the world, where more than 336 million interacting users gather on it every month, and this number is constantly increasing.

Whatever your business, your presence on Twitter will definitely be beneficial to you, and of course increasing Twitter followers is your most important purpose, so that you can use this platform in the best possible way to achieve better results according to your marketing or profit goal.

How to increase Twitter followers for free 2021

1- Optimize your profile on Twitter

Your profile is the most important thing in your Twitter account, if it is not a professional account, no one will press the follow button, so you have to take care of it well.

Use a professional photo, either for your website or company logo, or a personal photo with a clear background, and write an account summary that makes anyone understand your content and recognize you easily.

2- Always use pictures in your tweets

You have to design a catchy image and use it in every tweet, the photos get twice as much interaction as a regular tweet, this interaction includes a retweet, which makes you get more followers.

It is best to design images for Twitter only, so that they are different from the images in the content you are promoting.

3- Interact with Twitter users in a smart way

When you find a good post in your industry, comment on it, make a mention of influencers, or for accounts you follow on Twitter to interact with them and discuss the most important matters of your industry.

For example, if you are interested in the field of food, ask about the benefits of a specific type of fruit in the diet, with this you communicate with experts and also provide the benefit to users on Twitter, which greatly increases the chances of you getting new followers.

4- Post more videos on Twitter

According to many sources, the videos on Twitter get 6 times the interaction that any written tweet gets, and not only that, but these videos are preferable to be distinctive videos that provide benefit and benefit, and not be boring until the Twitter audience interacts with them and publishes them more, than It increases Twitter followers.

5- Introduce new and unfamiliar content

Twitter users in a survey said that they use Twitter to find out about new news and exclusive information in various fields.

So always try to provide new information, or to frame your content this way.

6- Pin your best tweet

You can choose any Tweet you have and pin it, so you make it the Tweet that appears at the beginning of your file when anyone visits it.

Therefore, choose the best tweet you have in terms of interaction and install it, thus you will get more followers for your account, and in the future if you find a better tweet and have a higher interaction, install it.

How to increase Twitter followers for free 2021

7- Post content to other influencers

Twitter does not like selfishness, on the contrary, it always prefers to interact more with its users, so Twitter itself has stated on more than one occasion that most of the accounts on Twitter are distinguished by publishing content from more than one source.

Do not rely on publishing your articles or news of your company or your business only, but publish articles and news from more than one source, as long as they are good articles and provide benefit to your followers.

 Post any good content in your field, especially if it is for one of the influencers you want to collaborate with in the future, in this way you provide benefit to your followers, and also build good relationships with various influencers because you benefit them.

8- Collaborate with influencers on Twitter

We mentioned before that Twitter is the largest gathering of influencers in the world, 60% of companies that have more than 100 employees around the world have accounts on Twitter, most of the influencers in various fields such as art, sports and others, you will find them on Twitter.

For this and to complete the previous step, try to cooperate and strengthen relationships with influencers in your field, if someone publishes your own content, or mentions the name of your company or service on his site, this will be very useful for you, and it will help you get hundreds or perhaps thousands of new followers for your Twitter account. .

These new followers will represent targeted visitors to your site, or perhaps potential customers of your business, which increases your profits significantly because Twitter users, as I mentioned previously, are mostly of high average income earners.

9 - Tweet constantly

There are many who do not know that the tweet gets almost the most interaction in the first 3 hours of its publication, meaning that the life of the tweet is very simple, there are approximately 7000 new tweets every second.

That is why you have to post at a higher rate than other social media, and you can schedule your posts using one of the free tools like Hootsuite, which helps you manage your social media accounts in order to save yourself a lot of time and effort.

10 - Post your good tweets

If you find that you have a tweet or good content that you published several weeks ago, post it again, there is no shame at all, but on the contrary, Twitter itself advises that, you can change the image that you used previously if you want to make the content different.

As I mentioned, the life span of one tweet is very short, so take advantage of your best tweets more than once.

11- Do not use illegal strategies

There are many services that enable you to buy followers, or you can make random follow-ups to several accounts on Twitter hoping that they will follow you as well, and then you unfollow them. This method is known as Follow For Follow.

All of these methods are completely useless, and will even expose your account to a ban, and no influencer will trust you. There are also many tools that analyze Twitter accounts to see if the followers are real or not.

12- Provide more interactive content

As I told you before, Twitter is full of influencers, and these influencers and humans in general like to give their opinions on various topics, so do polls and ask many questions in your tweets using the appropriate hashtags. The more controversial the content is and the more people in your field are interested in it, the more popular it becomes. This way you get more engagement and increase your followers.

If you follow these tips constantly when you post any new tweet, you will find yourself over time getting a great deal of interaction on your content, and all of this will lead to what you want, which is an increase in Twitter followers.

How to increase Twitter followers for free 2021

13- Twitter Analytics

Twitter provides many free tools for its followers, and I mentioned Twitter analytics previously, this tool gives you all the information about your tweets and the volume of interaction on them, as well as very important information about your followers, use all this information in your content plan, in order to know the best content that will increase your followers, And thus it publishes the same constantly.

14- Use the advanced Twitter search

This tool is also provided by Twitter for free so that you can search in a very advanced way for anything you want on Twitter. You can search for specific words that have been mentioned, you can also search for specific people, and there are more possibilities for you to try yourself.

The more accurately you search, the more important and interactive content you will find in your field, which will help you, as I mentioned earlier, to get more followers on Twitter.

15- Use the hashtag correctly

Of course, I do not need to mention the importance of hashtags in the world of social media, especially on Twitter, you can use many tools such as (ritetag) to find hashtags in your field, and you can also use the same hashtags that the influencers you follow as long as they are appropriate for the content you provide.

But remember not to use more than two hashtags only, and this is what Twitter itself advises, because more than this will cause confusion to the user.

Twitter users use these hashtags to search for content on a specific topic (the subject of the hashtag), and as long as your tweet is useful, users will often browse your profile and this leads to an increase in your followers on Twitter.

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