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Instagram account verification

Instagram account verification, Many of us want to verify their personal accounts on all social media platforms, especially the Instagram account, today we will specialize in explaining the verification of the Instagram account 2021 and obtaining the blue mark.

Note, this explanation is for ordinary people, not celebrities.

Instagram account verification

Instagram verification

The method for verifying an Instagram account is very easy and does not require anything from you except simple steps that you will take, and these steps are.

How to verify Instagram account with blue mark

1. Open the Instagram application on your phone and then log in to the account you want to verify.

2. Click on your personal photo shown at the bottom of the screen.

3. Click on the menu in the top corner of your personal page.

4. Click on Settings and then choose the account.

5. Scroll down and select Request Verification

6. If the account is personal, enter the account name first, then enter your full name, and then add your personal ID.

7. If the account is commercial and not personal, then enter the user name, then after that enter the full name of the account manager or business manager, and then enter an official business document for the commercial enterprise for which you want to document the account.

8. You can photograph these documents and upload them directly from the camera, or you can upload them from your media, and after you download them, click on Send.

9. After that, your account will be reviewed by the Instagram team to evaluate if your account deserves to be verified and get the blue mark or not, usually it is verified within weeks.

10. Once verification is completed, a notification will be sent to you from the application telling you whether your account has been verified or not, and if your account is not verified the first time, you can send it again after a month has passed.

Knowing also that commercial accounts have priority in verifying personal accounts.

Instagram documentation terms

There are several conditions that you must follow and not violate until your request from the Instagram team to verify your account is accepted.

Instagram documentation terms

conditions, instagram verified badge

1. Follow the rules for Instagram

To accept your account verification, you must follow the standards set by Instagram, and you must not violate these standards, if you follow their criteria, this will increase the chance of documenting your Instagram account, and if you do not follow these criteria, then your request will be rejected and the account will not be verified.

2. You must use a real account

To verify your Instagram account, you have to have this account be a real and personal for you or the business for which you want to verify the account, because fake accounts are not documented.

how many followers to get verified on instagram?

3. To have a fan base

To document your Instagram account, you must have a large audience base and have a large following, and if you do not have many followers, your Instagram account verification will not be accepted, and in this article we explained how to increase Instagram followers.

4. Do not use more than one account

To verify your account on Instagram, you must have only one account and you should not have more than one account, unless you are a large company with several branches in different parts of the world.

5. Complete your profile information

To verify your account on Instagram, your profile must be complete and ready and contain all your information, a personal photo, a CV, and everything if it is related to you, because if the personal information is incomplete, your Instagram account will not be verified.

6. The account must be public

To verify your Instagram account, it must not be a public account and not a private account, because Instagram account cannot be authenticated and it is private, the account must be public and anyone looks for it to be authenticated.

7. Do not put links to your other accounts

One of the conditions of Instagram is that you do not put links to your accounts on other communication platforms, so if you put your account links on Twitter or Facebook, for example, your account will not be permanently verified, because this violates Instagram standards.

8. Do not lie to the Instagram staff

To verify your account on Instagram, do not try to ever lie to the Instagram team in sending information or anything, this does not prevent you from obtaining your account verification, but your account will be permanently deleted from Instagram.

The benefit of verifying an Instagram account

Many Instagram users think that verifying the account is just a sign and has no other benefit, but this is a very wrong belief, because there are many benefits that will accrue to you if you get an Instagram account verification.

1. Distinguish your account from any fake account

One of the benefits of documenting an Instagram account is making sure that this account is real and not fake, and it is actually the property of the person, if you are a famous person then there are certainly many accounts in your name, then documenting your account will distinguish it from these fake accounts, and the public knows that this account is real and yours.

2. Search results are issued

Verifying your account on Instagram will make it top in search results every time someone searches for anything related to your name, which will speed up access to your account in an easy and simple way, and this will increase your followers.

3. Prove your importance and standing

Verifying your account on Instagram and obtaining the blue mark, anyone knows that you are a famous person and have appeared in many news, and that you are a prominent person and there are many accounts that imitate your official account and this is the biggest thing for you to be a very popular celebrity.

can you buy instagram verification

You cannot, because the Instagram team documents accounts that are not worth it, without any charge.

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