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Profit from Blogger without Adsense

The creation of websites and electronic blogs in our current era has become the goal of profit. After the field of work and profit from the Internet has become increasingly widespread, you know through this article how to profit from Blogger without Google Adsense ads? What are the most popular alternatives to Google Adsense.

Profit from Blogger without Adsense

How to earn money from your site without Google Adsense ads?

Not having a Google Adsense account causes many disappointments, as many after they create their sites and once he is unable to register and accept Google Adsense, or even if he has an account and for whatever reason the account is banned, his decision is to close his site because he is unable to profit from it.

But there are many profit alternatives from Google Adsense, and these are the most important and famous alternatives to Google Adsense that you can use and profit from.

Google Adsense alternatives

1- Profit from “Chitika

Profit from “Chitika”

It is one of the good Google Adsense alternatives, as it allows you to receive your profits through two methods: either through a Paypal account, starting at $ 10, and this is something that allows you if your site is new or you are a beginner to receive profits quickly without the need to access To a great extent, it takes months to achieve in the beginning.

The second method is to send a check in your name, with a minimum of $ 50. One of the most important features of Chitika is that it displays ads compatible with the specialization of your site, and the ease of accepting you, unlike Adsense, and chitika ads do not conflict with Google Adsense ads, so you can use both together.

2- “PopAds

Profit from popads

The site is characterized by easy registration and acceptance, and it allows you to receive your daily profits, provided that your daily profits are not less than $ 5. PopAds ads are through pop-up windows that allow you to reap good and reasonable profits. The site is one of the most famous sites and it gives you more than one way to profit. If you cannot profit from your site through Google Adsense, you can use PopAds as a suitable alternative or to increase your profit by using more than one company.

3- PropellerAds Ads:

Profit from PropellerAds Ads

Propellerads is one of the most popular alternatives to Google Adsense to profit from your site, you can register with it with ease. Propellerads is one of the biggest networks to profit from advertising in the recent period. The way to profit from propellerads is also through pop-ups or by placing ad banners on your site, and it also gives you the possibility to profit through mobile applications and place ads on them. The method of registration is easy and your site can be accepted, whatever its specialty.

4- “Revenue Hits”

Profit from Revenue Hits

The fourth alternative to Google Adsense comes revenuehits ads, which allow you to use ads in more than one form, including pop-ups or banners, and more than one format that you can choose from. The company is strong and very popular. You can receive your profits every month through PayPal or Payoneer accounts. You can try registering for the revenuehits platform and, God willing, your site will be accepted quickly without any obstacles.

5- “adversal”

Profit from adversal

Adversal ads are among the most important alternatives to Adsense ads, through which you can make good profit and achieve distinguished results. But it requires that your site gets 50 thousand views per month, but if I fulfill this condition, you can reap a good monthly profit of 800: 1000$ The minimum payment is 20$. You can receive them every 14 days through a first bank transfer through a Paypal account.

6- “”

Profit from is one of the most important alternatives to Google Adsense, as it is one of the most popular advertising platforms and has great popularity and wide popularity. We find it has multiple branches, including Los Angeles, New York, and some branches in other countries, including Dubai. runs YAHOO and BING search engine ads and is one of the leading advertising companies in its field. You pay through more than one payment method, including Paypal or a bank transfer, but you need to reach the minimum $ 100 such as Google Adsense. You can register and wait for acceptance within 28 hours, God willing, and make very good monthly results and profits.

7- “Infolinks”

Profit from Infolinks

One of the most prominent Google Adsense alternatives that you can use is the infolinks platform, as it allows you to profit from ad units on your site that generate a reasonable monthly income. One of the best features of it is the multiplicity of payment methods, so you can receive your profits through a Paypal account or a bank transfer Or a Payoneer account. It also allows you to transfer via Western Union offices.

But the minimum payment varies according to the chosen method of transfer, as payment is through any $ 50, while the rest of the payment methods allow the transfer when the minimum amount reaches $ 100.

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