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Profit from watching videos

 Profit from watching videos, Some of us are wondering, can I just profit from watching the videos? Yes, you can, and today we will explain the best sites that provide this service, and you will get $0.5 for every video you watch.

Profit from watching videos

earn money watching videos online

earn money watching videos online 2021, It has become a basic profit area that many people rely on as one of the best ways to profit from the Internet in 2021, and there is a great ambiguity about how to profit from watching videos because it has not been explained much or not known by many people until now, and there are many people who did not believe that it could be Profit from watching videos, Watch ads and earn money as many people claim that this method is completely unreal, and others say that I earn very little or no profit.

Therefore, today we will explain how you can profit from watching videos, Watch ads and earn money and what are the best sites and applications that provide this service.

1. swagbucks

Profit from watching videos

Swagbucks has achieved a very big fame in a very short time, and has so far paid nearly $450 million:

-This site is considered one of the easiest and best sites that help you to profit by watching videos.

-The videos on the site range from international news to sports news.

-Also, this site allows profit from watching promotional videos.

-You can also profit from this site when you use it as your official browser.

-You can profit from participating in the surveys offered by this site.

-In the event that you reach the minimum withdrawal limit, you will get your profits in the form of cards to buy from the Internet, or transfer them to Paypal balance.

To enter the site swagbucks

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2. InboxDollars

Profit from watching videos

Currently one of the most popular ways to make money online, InboxDollars, this cashback program rewards you for your daily activities on the internet.

In other words, you get paid to watch ads and videos daily, however, the company also rewards you for playing games, taking surveys, signing up for promotions, or searching the web.

Moreover, there is a big difference between InboxDollars and other similar sites, InboxDollars you can earn real money directly. There are no collection points and redeem them for cash. This way, you can earn PayPal money by watching ads.

And the best part about this site, which everyone will love, is that the site offers you a $5 registration bonus after logging in. The entire registration process is free and takes a few seconds.

However, keep in mind that your balance must be up to USD 30 for withdrawal.

To enter the site InboxDollars

3. MyPointsMyPoints

Profit from watching videos

MyPointsMyPoints is another bonus program where you can get paid to watch ads, and it's very similar to the swagbucks website we explained at the beginning of the topic.

The easy-to-use program gives you an opportunity to earn points and gift cards by doing daily activities. Some of the more popular ways to make money online include:

-Watch ads for money

-Search the web


-Exchange of opinions on various topics

-Online shopping

All points earned through these activities can be exchanged for PayPal cash or a gift and travel card.

But the process of obtaining points on this site will not take place until after watching all the videos that this site offers you.

What distinguishes this site is that it will give you $ 10 when you create an account, and you can withdraw the money through a bank account directly or through Paypal.

To enter the site mypoints

4. ielsen

Profit from watching videos

Very simply, this site considers a link between people who depend on the Internet for everything and people who do not depend on the Internet for news or the like.

-Go to the site by clicking on the site name below.

-Create and register your new account on this site.

-After registering the account, the site will show you a number of videos that you must watch.

-After watching these videos and knowing their content, write an article or write it in the posts section of the site explaining the events of these videos in brief.

-The more posts you write on the site, the higher your points and rewards.

-Knowing that this company offers prizes of 10,000 per month.

-Not only that, but there are 400 users who win this award every month, so the total prizes on this site reach 4 million dollars per month.

To enter the site ielsen

5. paidera

Profit from watching videos

There is no limit to how much money you can earn with the paidera site, there are many ways that you can earn money and you can choose the methods that are right for you.

You can work as much as possible, you are responsible for the time you spend at work, you are your boss.

All countries are accepted and can work on our software, and you can access everything within PAIDERA without any country restrictions.

Subscribe to PAIDERA and discover your very own user dashboard that will make you realize your first win by multitasking.
The site offers global surveys, paid quizzes, multi-assignment channels, writing posts, promoting videos, referring friends and more.

You can receive your money via the Paypal platform after you reach the minimum performance.

To enter the site paidera

Some questions that you want answered:

earn cryptocurrency watching videos

There are some applications that provide this service, but I do not know its reliability or not, I explained only the sites that are trusted.

make money watching videos or earn paypal money by watching videos

Yes, you can, and I explained in this article.

make money watching videos on youtube

There is a site similar to YouTube, you can earn money by watching the videos.

To enter the site odysee