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best Android emulator for pc 2022

Today we will explain about the best new category of programs that we all need as users of computers, 

which are Android emulator programs that have been designed and developed to create a new work environment without any cost to work on Windows and Mac systems on the computer, where when you download and install one of the programs below on the computer At your time, you will have two smartphones, a phone in your hand, 

and the second phone is an Android emulator program installed on the computer, which helps you to download, install and try applications and play games in the Android system on your computer as if it were a real smart phone, and it will be through The recommendations are the lightest emulator programs for weak and also powerful devices so that all users can run the programs on their devices.

Best Android Emulator for PC of 2021

The most important uses of the Android emulator

1- The most common among users is to run Android applications and games on the PC screen and save your phone's resources, and the experience of Android games on the computer screen is better than the small phone screen.

2- For developers, where developers of Android applications and games test applications and games for Android on a large number of devices before officially launching. Keeping in mind, developers mostly rely on Android Studio emulators, and Xamarin and Genymotion emulators are also suitable for developers.

3- Special for work as it is possible through emulator programs to complete your tasks and projects much faster than doing them from the phone screen, of course, but, there is a better solution than this which is the Chromebook, which is like a personal computer running Google Chrome as a basic operating system and can be searched On the Internet, this device is nice to know more details about it, especially if you are looking for an option like this.

The best Android emulator for 2021

1. Android Studio’s emulator for developers

1. Android Studio’s emulator for developers

As we mentioned at the beginning and repeat, secondly, the Android Studio emulator program is aimed primarily at developers, as it provides the function of creating and designing Android applications and games. Besides this feature, the Android Studio program includes an emulator that can by doing and experimenting with Android applications and games on the computer screen such as The rest of the simulator programs below.

What is wrong with this software is that it is difficult to use! Yes, the program is a little complicated and it can take some time to adjust the settings in the way and shape that suits you. Hence, in case you are a beginner person, it is not recommended at all to deal with this program. But it is basically one of the best emulator software for developers only.

Knowing that, Android Studio provides the fastest and best tools that the developers are looking for to create and develop applications and games suitable for all versions of the Android operating system, and the program provides a 64-bit core and a 32-bit kernel for Windows systems.

2. ARChon software for vulnerable devices

ARChon software for vulnerable devices

Some users, especially those with computers with poor specifications, are always looking for an Android emulator for weak computers, if you need to, the free ARChon program is a suitable option for you, because this program is an add-on that is installed on the Google Chrome browser and then download and install Android applications and games and try them on your computer screen without any problem, the program does not consume a lot of your computer's resources because it is only an add-on that works on the Google Chrome browser.

But perhaps the program is a little complicated, because you will need to download Android applications in APK format and then download or upload them to Google Chrome. Not only that, but you may need to download and install a tool to change the APK file and make it compatible to work with the extension installed on the Google Chrome browser.

One of the positive aspects of ARChon is that it supports almost all operating systems such as Windows, Mac and Linux without any problem. However, if you already decide to use this program, fortunately, you will find full details on how to use the program on the GitHub website, on which you will find the download link as well.

3. Bliss OS software

Bliss OS software

The third option with us in this guide is the Bliss OS program, which differs somewhat from the emulator software, as this program offers a slightly different idea which is to download and install the Android system on your computer as if you installed two versions of Windows on your computer! Yes, you will download the latest version of Android to your computer. Then, after that, burn the Android system to the USB flash drive, and after completion, you boot from the flash drive and start the Android installation process on your computer.

Certainly, the installation method is more complicated and it will be very difficult for users with less experience in the field of computers and the Internet, but you will actually run the Android system on the computer just like the Android system installed on your phone, and it will be better and more effective, especially if the Android system is completely compatible with your system installed on the computer .

If you do this method, which is to download the Android system and install it on the computer, then you will get a wide range of features and added security features, and it is available and compatible with the Chromebook that we talked about above, and these are the most important and most prominent details about the Bliss OS program that is available completely free of charge.

4. Bluestacks is the best for playing games

Bluestacks is the best for playing games

Personally, I am one of the users who rely on the truly wonderful BlueStack program to run Android applications and games on the computer screen, the program is very popular among a large group of users and I advise you all about this program and about personal experience, why? The first thing the program is easy to use and can be dealt with by all users without any trouble or difficulty, and it comes with a very smooth and easy user interface that allows you to adjust settings in the way and shape that suits you with just a few clicks as well.

The program is still getting updates until now from the parent company that is based on it, and this means that there are no problems at all in the program, and indeed in the Bluestacks 4 version that was launched in 2018, some problems that users were suffering from were solved and fixed, and you will always get New features and features due to the continuous support from the company, and supports working on the Windows operating system and Apple's Mac system.

The program includes the ability to set and adjust the keys and some other settings to suit you while playing games on your computer screen. This program makes things easier and better than a lot of other emulator programs. However, the only drawback of the program in my view is that it requires a lot of computer resources. Therefore, if your device has weak specifications, this program will not be suitable for you at all. The program is available for free, and there is a paid version at a price of 2$ that provides additional features.

5. MeMu player Program

MeMu player Program

Many people want to run Android games and applications available on smart phone devices via their desktop computers and therefore are always looking for the best programs that can run those games and smart phone applications on their computers, which are called smart phone simulators and the best of those emulators that achieve you The most benefit from using mobile apps and games on your device is the MuMu emulator in which you can play games on your computer through the keyboard and mouse as well, and thus dispense with the touch screen on your phone that you used when playing those games and here the touch screen in the phone is replaced by a pad Keys and mouse in the computer, and this application needs an internet connection to download and install it on your device and this program works to run all the games and applications used on smart phones that run on Android operating systems, the version of Android 6.0 and are allowed to work on computers, and the program comes with a simple and easy interface Use it you can follow the basic steps and procedures To run the program on your device and then access all games and applications.

Emulator Specifications:

-The ability to run applications and games full screen of your computer.

-The ability to activate the keyboard and mouse, not to use it in running games.

-Disclosure of the game board and the ability to control its internal settings.

-The possibility of activating and operating the GPS or tracking feature.

-Activate the feature of placing the screen in the form of horizontal or vertical as the game requires.

-The possibility of downloading applications in APK format.

9. Noxplayer


Nox emulator is available free of charge and has many features and characteristics, the most prominent of which is to drag any application from the computer to the emulator and run it, and this feature will definitely be useful, especially if you want to download and try external applications in the apk format. Is that just all about this simulator? The Nox emulator certainly does not support customization and gestures, so within a few minutes you can set the keyboard to run any game in a specific way.

The beauty of the program is also that it comes with a simple interface that makes it easy to use the program effortlessly, and the program is compatible with processors from AMD, and what is also great about the program is that it supports working on a version of Windows with a 32-bit core and a 64-bit kernel, so there will be no problem for the hardware specifications Medium Almadi.

This science Nox is very popular among users because of its ease of use. It is an ideal and wonderful option, especially for laptops.

install android emulator

You can install Android emulator in a very easy way, which is the way known to everyone by clicking on Next Next and Last Finish.

android emulator linux

There are some of these applications that use Linux, but in this article we have explained them only for the types of Windows.

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