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profit from Instagram 2021

instagram is one of the best social networking sites currently with a percentage of more than 500 million interacting users and downloads of more than a billion through the Google Play market. Therefore, the profit from Instagram has become very important for every online marketer or investor in the Internet, so how do people profit from instagram?

What are the best profitable areas of instagram?

The best way to profit from Instagram 2021

The long hours you spend on Instagram can be a good source of income for you, as you can spend time doing what you love, and at the same time get money.

How to profit from Instagram, (explaining the best ways)

1. Profit by e-commerce

Profit by e-commerce

E-commerce is one of the most important areas at all at the present time, it is known that the whole world is heading strongly to the idea of shopping through the Internet.

Of course, with the current conditions that the world is going through due to the outbreak of the Corona disease ... The idea of buying through the Internet has become the favorite idea of everyone around the world ... Who now wants contact with others and exposure to the risk of infection?!

In fact, Instagram represents an ideal marketing method for your online store, as it is the first social networking site that relies on visual content, through which thousands of customers can be attracted to buy from your store.

To profit from Instagram through e-commerce, follow these steps:

1- Define your online store idea

You can sell anything through the Internet, but you have to determine an idea that suits the nature of Instagram users, as Instagram will be your main source of sales, and so you must play it well from the start.

Here are some suggestions for store ideas that might work well for Instagram users:

-A store that sells women’s must-haves.

-A store that sells household items.

-Clothing store.

-Animal store.

2- Create a professional account about the field in which your online store specializes.

Suppose here that you are a young man and you are very interested in the world of sports and sports ... Here you regularly publish publications about sports games, news about them, tournaments news, start date and everything related to sports.

Flood your account with useful posts, maintain a good posting rate and cover all sports news as much as you can.

Continue this for at least two months to build a good follower base, through which you can start to reach tens of thousands of followers, and then generate tens of thousands of visitors to your website.

Based on our experience: during the two months and with hard work and dedication to provide useful publications at a high level of quality ... I expect that you will reach a number of followers of no less than 5 thousand ... and this is very wonderful for a start.

3- Create an online store.

Creating a professional online store is not as difficult as many think, you can do a search on Google and you will see a lot of people who explain this topic in detail.

4- Connect your Instagram account to the detector and start promoting it.

All you need to do is put the store link on (BIO), and start promoting the products you sell on your store.

Some important points we recommend:

-Don't make all of your posts a store promotion.

-Keep making useful posts only for the benefit of the followers without any reference to the store's products.

-Respond to any comments as quickly as possible, while providing helpful advice and recommendations.

-Respond to messages as well, and avoid direct product promotion.

-Display high-quality photos of the products in the store.

-Offer discounts from time to time only for your Instagram followers.

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2. Profit from Instagram through affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most important and profitable types of marketing, but many people may not know about it.

Profit from Instagram through affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is about being a middleman between a seller and a buyer.

For example, when you buy a T-shirt and then a friend likes it and wants to buy this same T-shirt, then you take it to the place from which you bought this T-shirt, and when he buys, the owner of the place gives you part of the profit, which is the commission in return for bringing in a new buyer of the commodity, and every buyer takes a commission, this in short It is affiliate marketing.

How to make profit through affiliate marketing?

You may be asking yourself this question, How do I make anyone buy through my link, it is simply a matter of offering the benefit and benefit.

Did you personally, dear reader, not see some video reviews of phones until you decided to choose what to buy? Did you, dear reader, not follow up on one of the beauty experts on Instagram to find a prescription for treating a problem in your skin, for example.

If this person you trust tells you that this phone is excellent, or that this product or cream is very good, what are the chances of you believing it? In short, this is the meaning of influence, how much product or service you purchased because someone else you trust has suggested it to you.

Provide advice and benefit to your followers in your field, provide them with valuable information about the products or services that benefit them while placing your links, and by this you provide the benefit and they are as well.

How to get affiliate offers for marketing on instagram?

This is also a question that may occur to your mind, and the matter also depends on the audience you are targeting, is it an Arab or foreign audience, but I will answer you about the question regardless of the audience you target or the field in which you will specialize.

There are several affiliate marketing programs, and also there are specialized platforms that collect a lot of offers and products in one place in what is called Affiliate network, so choosing offers becomes very easy for you.

These programs and platforms are the most important in this field:

1- Amazon Affiliate Program: A very powerful program, as you will find on Amazon everything you can imagine and suitable for any audience and country in the world.

2 - Jumia Affiliate Program: Jumia has also become a popular and trusted store, and it has an excellent affiliate marketing system.

3 - Clickbank Company: These are the most important platforms that enable you to start affiliate marketing easily, as they provide many products in many areas, which you can start promoting.

4 - Marketing programs for any service you use: There are many companies that do their own affiliate marketing programs, so think about any product or service you use or important to your audience, and find out if they have an affiliate program.

3. Profit from Instagram through paid posts

Profit from Instagram through paid posts

You can collaborate with influencers like you, not famous or well-known companies and brands.

Someone wants you to publish their account or service to your audience in order to get followers.

Maybe you have a sports account such as football, and I own a product or service related to this matter, so I will pay a sum of money for publishing a specific video or post about this product.

This method is very popular, because many people want to have large instagram accounts.

4. Profit by collaborating with companies and brands

Why do so many companies and international brands resort to stars and celebrities to appear in their ads?

-Because they have an influence and many want to imitate them.

But this matter has changed in the modern era to a large extent, so the influencers are not only actors, singers and football players, but social media influencers as well, they have an important role.

Think about the famous personalities that you follow on any social media site such as instagram or YouTube, you will find many of them advertising a specific product, or promoting a company in one of the posts and videos.

5. Profit by bringing in visitors to your site

Profit by bringing in visitors to your site

You can also use Instagram to bring traffic to your site, as it may depend on the profit from Adsense or from ads in general. Maybe your site depends on affiliate marketing or you sell a specific product directly from your site.

As long as you own a site, you definitely need traffic, and the more traffic, the greater your profits, and the matter does not depend on the sites only, so you can rely on bringing visitors to your YouTube channel or other platforms.

6. Profit by managing and marketing Instagram accounts

Profit by managing and marketing Instagram accounts

After you deal with any platform you become an expert in, you know all its secrets and secrets more than others, there are many people who do not have that experience with regard to instagram.

You can be responsible for managing instagram accounts for different people who are interested in having strong accounts. You can manage an account of an influencer or owner of a YouTube channel or a website owner, for example, because he does not know how to deal well with Instagram like you.

You can manage an instagram account for a restaurant, company, or clothing store. There are many people around you who you can start this service with in order to benefit from Instagram more.

I do not need to tell you that there are many companies that provide this service in large amounts, which means the need for this service and the increase in demand for it, and this indicates that there are many opportunities and profits in this field.

7. Profit by promoting your services and your freelance business

Perhaps you are a designer, painter or photographer, you can promote these services through your Instagram account, you provide advice and benefits to your audience, and there are also some of them or their acquaintances who need your help in exchange for money.

Not only these things, but you can be a programmer or web designer or even a lawyer, it does not matter, as long as the people who can benefit from your services have instagram accounts, then you can make profits.