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Download the Pi Network cryptocurrency mining app

Download Pi Network application Pi Network currency is a digital currency very similar to bitcoin that is known in all digital financial transactions, but there are some differences between them.

  Whereas, the Pi Network currency came to solve the problems and avoid the errors found in the bitcoin currency, but the new currency Pi Network will have distinct uses while avoiding the errors of other digital currencies.

The pi network coin and what you don't know about it

What is Pi Network Coin?

In the beginning, the application was started by a group of researchers from the University of Stamford in America who developed the idea of the Pi network and then began to introduce their friends to the idea and the application and from a friend to another friend. The application spread very widely until it reached almost the whole world.

The Pi Network currency is one of the new digital currencies, similar to Bitcoin or all other digital currencies, it was launched by researchers at Stamford University. In the last period, a popular post spread on the Facebook network, during which the owner of the post invites his friends to download the Pi Network application and install it on the phone which In turn, it will lead to the mining of digital currencies, which are later converted into huge sums of money without any effort.

With the interest of many in the currency of the pi network, some experts have warned users that the profits of the digital currency are unreal and exaggerated, and that you must be careful not to be scammed or hacked while dealing in this currency.

Some experts in this field say that it has no connection with digital currencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, and that an application was created only to steal information from all who downloaded it. Is this really true?

Is the pi network app really honest?

Is the pi network app really honest?

As we said in the past, could the app be aiming to steal users' data?

To answer this question, you must know that the Pi Network application, asks you to register, through your Facebook account, or your phone number, and this is contrary to the laws of the blockchain, on which a group of digital currencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, are based, as they are based on strict confidentiality. For data.

What about your opinion now, is it an application that can actually profit from it or a false application and this is a fraud?

Requirements to run the Pi Network app on your phone

Requirements to run the Pi Network app on your phone

When you download the Pi Network app, the app asks for a set of permissions that you must know and agree to before running it on your phone

These are the permissions that the app requires you to acceptAccess the photos and videos that you have on your phone.

-Access and read your contacts.

-Read contents of USB storage.

-Delete or modify the USB storage.

-Read phone status and identity.

-Accessing the device ID number.

-Access to call information.

Not only that, it also requires you, the Pi Network app, to access Wi-Fi connection information, complete network access, receive data from the Internet, and control vibration.

Is profit guaranteed in Pi network application?

So far, the matter is just speculation that Pi Network will become a magic source to bring in huge financial income, but this matter may happen by the end of the year or early next year according to some of the operators of the application, then the currency will have an official price value, but so far there is nothing tangible, just Just talk, it can be true and it may not, we wait to see.

What are the risks that you may be exposed to with the Pi Network app?

As we said, with the application installed on the phone, it asks for user data such as name and phone number, and this is suspicious, especially since cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum do not request user data and through them the user maintains the confidentiality of his personality, but this is not achieved as is evident in the currency Pi Network.

Besides, the application requests powers on the contact list, user data, Wi-Fi network data, and other powers that make it fertile ground for spying on the user.

Also, the application remains active even if you close it, and if you close your phone and then restart it, the application will work again automatically, and this matter definitely affects the battery of your phone as well as the efficiency of the device's work.

A surprise unpleasant and expected!

In the past few weeks, some news has been circulating about the appearance of ads within the Pi Network application, which indicates that the application will be a way to display ads only and take advantage of the huge numbers that have downloaded the application and installed it on their phone, which number about 15 million people so far, Certainly unpleasant surprise.

Advice given to you

We mentioned the advantages and disadvantages of the application and what are the permissions that the application requires to work on the phone, which are the damages that can be caused by the application, and we confirmed that the matter is only an expectation of reaping profits. Ideally, if the matter is just a pyramid network, we recommend that you stay away from it completely.

pi network marketplace

Recently a test portfolio was created for PI Network, but the coin has not yet been released into circulation.

pi network price prediction

It is expected that the currency will start very quickly, and with time the commodity will increase rapidly.

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