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affiliate marketing: The Best Affiliate Sites 2021

 affiliate marketing is a real treasure for every young man seeking to change his life for the better, as it opens great prospects for marketing products and services that are already in the market.

  It has demand and popularity among clients, and then profits through it.

  The profit opportunities here have no limits.

affiliate marketing: The Best Affiliate Sites 2021

What is affiliate marketing?

affiliate marketing: It is a marketing system based on the exchange of benefit between the owner of the good, service or offer on the one hand, and the publisher or affiliate marketer on the other hand.

In affiliate marketing, the marketer (you) provides marketing services to the advertiser in return for a certain commission to be paid according to the agreement.

The idea of ​​commission marketing begins on the part of the advertiser, who opens a commission marketing system for the goods, services, or offers he owns, and the advertiser on his part determines the most important criteria, foundations and fundamentals that govern his commission marketing system.

The commission marketer submits an application to participate in this system in accordance with the announced conditions. The publisher is accepted or rejected according to the extent of its compatibility with the standards and conditions announced by the advertiser.

In the event that the publisher accepts, work begins between the advertiser and the publisher, and the advertiser pays the publisher through one of the online payment methods, and on top of these methods are bank transfers, electronic banks, and the most important of which is PayPal.

What is the basis on which the idea of affiliate marketing is based?

affiliate marketing: The Best Affiliate Sites 2021

The idea of ​​affiliate is not a product of the Internet, but it is much older than the existence of the Internet, and it is simply based on mutual benefit.

Every producer or merchant, whatever the type of production he produces, markets his products to obtain the best level of sales, and whatever the marketing power of the producer or merchant is, in the end, it is limited, so producers began a long time ago to use others to market their products in return for a specific commission.

Here the merchant or product owner will get more sales and make more profit, and the marketer will get great commissions according to his marketing efforts.

With the emergence of the Internet and with the expansion of the idea of ​​marketing through the Internet, the idea of ​​affiliate or affiliate marketing has manifested itself in its clearest, most comprehensive, diversified, widespread and prosperous form as well. In the past few years, the idea of ​​affiliate covers many aspects of business and marketing through the Internet.

On the one hand, a lot of companies specializing in affiliate marketing have emerged, which rely mainly on this type of marketing.

On the other hand, the awareness of every business owner has increased and turned to this type of marketing, either mainly or side-to-side.

In general, due to the widespread idea of ​​affiliate marketing on a large scale, every business owner on the Internet (who does not use this type of marketing) has become more convinced to implement this idea, in the event that the publisher or affiliate marketer has the ability to provide good marketing to him.

What do I need to get started with affiliate marketing?

At this point, I recommend that you choose something that you care about and are personally convinced of, as this will make it easier for you in many ways.

You can obtain this either through intermediary companies such as CPA companies, or through the website of the owner of the good or service and subscribe to the affiliate system that provides it.

Also, if you find the product that you want to market with the commission, and upon entering the site you did not find an affiliate system available on the site, in this case you can communicate directly with this site and negotiate with him and reach an appropriate agreement.

The best sites that work with affiliate marketing?

Amazon Affiliate

Amazon Affiliate

Of course, this site does not need an introduction, as Amazon is one of the largest American e-commerce sites in the world.

  Amazon provides marketers and internet workers with the opportunity to earn money from home, by selling Amazon products for between 4 and 15%.

  The site has a global reputation and high credibility in paying profits, and delivering products to homes around the clock and anywhere in all continents of the world.

Register here: Amazon Affiliate

In the event that you want to know more about Amazon and subscribe to the Amazon Prime service, I recommend that you read How to subscribe to amazon prime

ebay affiliate

ebay affiliate

The affiliate marketing program in eBay is considered the first competitor to Amazon, as eBay is one of the largest known sites on the Internet in this field.

But a large number of marketers do not know it.

All you have to do is sign up for the eBay program and start marketing their products through private methods.

For registration on the site: Ebay Partener

ShareASale Affiliate

ShareASale Affiliate

ShareASale is a network that combines CPC offers and CPA offers, meaning that it allows you to market and profit from the Internet through free purchases and registration together.

  The network includes more than 3,150 online stores and more than 10 thousand products and services in all fields.

This site is also one of the leading sites in affiliate marketing, where more than 15 years have passed until now specializing in affiliate marketing programs.

To register on the site: ShareASale Affiliate