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earn with facebook $100 a day

 Users have been searching for how to profit from Facebook almost since its appearance in 2004, but in fact the concept of profit from Facebook has been for many years just an implicit concept, that is, there were no direct ways to profit from Facebook.

Make money from Facebook $100 a day

Benefit from Facebook stems essentially from the potential and showcasing openings that can be accomplished through it. That was the situation until 2014 came Audience Network, and from that point forward everything has changed.

In fact, now there are many ways to profit from Facebook directly (that is, you will get money directly from Facebook), in addition to many other indirect methods that depend mainly on the power of Facebook's marketing (i.e. as a source for getting visitors).

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The most important ways to profit from Facebook

Activate the profit from the videos that you publish on your page

Facebook provides more than 8 billion video viewers, which you and the rest of your users post on your pages.

Where Facebook has launched a new advertising platform that is very similar to YouTube, and called it Facebook For Media, and to take advantage of this platform, the following must be done.

 Subscribe to this platform and after that, Facebook will place  promotional ads on your videos, and thus you will take a percentage of the profit.

The number of followers of your page must be no less than 10 thousand followers.

That you have received your videos on the new platform, 30 thousand viewers during the last 60 days.

You must be within the countries that have the right to benefit from and profit from YouTube platforms.

The monetization feature of Facebook videos must be available in your country and the language in which you post the videos. Unfortunately, until now, the profit from Facebook videos has not been available for all languages and for all countries, but according to Facebook, more languages and countries will be included over time.

You can view the list of languages and countries in which Facebook videos are available for profit by clicking here 

You must meet the eligibility criteria to earn money. What is meant by the eligibility criteria here is a set of conditions and criteria for the content of the videos themselves, you can view them by clicking here 

If the conditions for profit from Facebook through videos apply to you, then you can start by clicking here 

how to earn money from facebook page likes

Profit from Facebook through applications

In April of 2014, Facebook expanded the scope of subscription to its advertising company Audience Network, through which every owner of a smartphone application can profit from his application.

If you have an application for smartphones running the Android or IOS operating system, then you can register with the Facebook Audience Network affiliate, and then place ads on this application to be able to make money from these ads.

If you have an application and want to profit from it click here 

Profit from Facebook through games

If you use Facebook, it is possible that you have previously played an instant game through it, and it is also likely that you noticed that there are ads appearing while you are playing these games.

In the event that you have skills in designing and programming games, and you have a good knowledge of HTML 5 programming language, then you are eligible to profit from Facebook through online games.

You can start designing and developing a simple game, adding it to the list of instant games on Facebook, and then Facebook places ads on it and starts making profits from it.

If you are interested in this profit method, you can start by clicking here 

Profit from Facebook through the Facebook Marketplace

Now all Facebook users can display their products for sale to other users, through the wonderful service provided by Facebook Facebook Marketplace. In short, this service enables everyone to add their own products to appear in front of other users according to geographical distribution.

Through Facebook Marketplace, communication is made between the owner of the product and the buyer through Facebook Messenger, and everything is agreed upon, the sale process is achieved, and then profits are made for the product owner.

Profit from Facebook by marketing yourself as a freelancer

If you are a freelancer and want to get more clients and then more profits, Facebook is your best way to market yourself as a free lancer.

In fact, in recent times, self-employment has become one of the wonderful options for many Arab youth, as it is a way to achieve freedom in managing time and life as every young person wants.

One of the main factors for the success of FreeLancer is that he is famous in the field in which he specializes, and of course social networking sites, especially Facebook, are an excellent way for every Free Lancer to market his skills.

how to earn money from facebook group

Profit from Facebook by getting visitors to your blog or website

If you have the skill of writing and are really interested in the topic covered by your Facebook page, and you have good information, you can create a blog or website and write articles like the publications that you provide on your page, but in a more organized, professional and comprehensive way.

In this case, instead of sharing your thoughts to your page members directly, you will send them to your website or blog.

Profit from Facebook through affiliate or marketing on facebook

In affiliate marketing, you can use Facebook's marketing power for the benefit of others, and in return you get a commission from the company or site you are marketing for.

There are offers, services, and products for almost every interest you can imagine. Whatever topic you are talking about or talking about your page or group, there is always a service, commodity or offer suitable for its content.

The great thing here is that you can create a page specifically if you find a good product that allows commission marketing, and you can of course use funded Facebook ads to get the highest possible level of profits.

There are many other sub-methods that are formed according to the marketing goal that you want to achieve through Facebook