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make money through Google Adsense

Perhaps the greatest inquiry confronting the individuals who have a blog or blog is how might they bring in cash from it or make pay from it. The issue is that a significant number of the techniques engaged with this are postponed to get an individual back with results like SEO  Luckily, the quickest arrangement or path for this business visionary is to depend on Google AdSense.

How to make money through Google Adsense

Crafted by this procedure is extremely straightforward, it permits the proprietors of sites and web journals just as YouTube channels to lease a space or space from their website pages to show promotions for organizations and establishments, in return for their pay or income from that.

If you still do not know Google Adsense, and how it helps you generate profits and revenues by relying on the web pages that you have online, continue reading this text.

What is Google AdSense?

Google Adsense is a program that can be used for free for advertising, created by Google, and it allows anyone to display sponsored ads on his website, through a blog, YouTube channel, or any application on Android, and in return, this person gets a commission or revenue.

It is just as if you are renting a place from your site or blog so that Google can enter and display ads through your site. Every time a user sees or interacts with an ad, AdSense pays you.

When you enter a site, and you see that it displays ads within it along the text that you read, or on the sidebar or side of the site, this is an example that this site uses Google AdSense and hosts ads from other companies.

How does Google Adsense work?

Fortunately, Google AdSense is simple to operate.

google adsense account

You create an account in Google Adsense and link it to the same account on your site.

Google is evaluating the blogs and sites where this ad will be displayed.

If all conditions are met, you will be accepted.

How does Google choose the site where the ad will be displayed?

Contrary to what many people think, ads on Google AdSense cannot be considered randomly generated ads.

On the contrary! Instead of displaying ads randomly on sites that participate in Google AdSense, the tool tries to distribute them within pages that have a relationship or talk about the field of products and services that are being advertised.

This ensures a higher conversion rate on the advertisement, given that the audience who enters this site or blog will have a greater interest in what is being advertised within these advertisements.

As I noticed from this important paragraph, it is never enough to register with Google AdSense in order to start earning money or profits from your web pages, but this strategy must fit with the production of quality content in order for AdSense to send ads to your web page or blog The style that suits your audience.

google adsense sign up

How to register in Google Adsense?

The process of registering for Google Adsense is very easy, just follow the steps.

?How to register in Google Adsense

Enter to the registration page 

Choose the email you want to register with

Write down the name of your blog or site, the country of origin, and agree to the terms of use.

Before you are accepted to work, Google needs to know if the content of your blog conforms to the company's rules or not.

The last stage is to add the bank account number that you want Google to deposit you the money that you earn, which checks the ads.

After completing the registration process, Google sends an envelope to your postal address bearing the subscription confirmation code.This process may take up to two weeks.

?How to earn profits through Google Adsense

In the registration process, Google requests your bank information, and through this account you get your payments.

Some important information about getting paid for Google AdSense

Payment is made in dollars, by bank transfer, once a month, for partners who have reached a balance of $100 or more until the 21st of each month.

The amount is converted into the local currency.

Types of ads on Adsense

Text ads

Text promotions are otherwise called supported connections, and they are the least complex advertisements that you can show on your blog. It as a rule comprises of a title, which is an interactive connection that coordinates to the sponsor's page, a couple of lines of text depicting the item or administration, alongside a web address that is shown in green.

Image ads

Image ads are those banners that can be displayed at the top of the page, either side of the page, or even in the footer. There are more than 15 mode options that you can choose for your ads, such as horizontal, vertical, landscape and square ads.


They are interactive ads: HTML, gif and videos. It usually attracts more attention as it requires an action from the visitor, but in return, it can affect a visitor's experience when used unfairly.

Link ads unit

Each links module displays a list of important topics related to the content of the website. When users click on an item from the list, they are directed to a Google Ads page that talks about that topic. You are paid every time a visitor clicks on an ad on the page that appears.

?How do you place your ads on Adsense

Google AdSense partners can choose not only the type of ad they want to display, but also the dimensions and dimensions of the ad, the image and the text color.

With the completion of this process, the platform generates a code (JavaScript) to place it in the location where you want the ad to appear on the site. This privilege allows you to add only content that matches the preferences of your ideal customers.