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Download and explain Adobe Lightroom photo editing app-photo & pro camera

Adobe Lightroom photo, It is the world's first photo editor in terms of efficiency and overall quality, works without sudden stops for long periods, the application supports the feature of applications dedicated to shooting from within it directly.

Adobe Lightroom photo

What is Adobe lightroom - photo & pro camera app?

It is the world's first photo editor in terms of efficiency and total quality, works without sudden pauses for long periods, the application supports the feature of applications dedicated to shooting from within it directly, enables you to photograph especially and distinctive, which helps to capture and edit photos amazingly and unprecedented while allowing current filtering of what you are photographing.

The application puts all the features of editing on photos thanks to the easy-to-use photo editing tools, the application makes editing photos easy and simple, and can purify photos in high resolution, and also you can edit the photos wherever they are, whether old in the gallery or recent shooting, the size of the application is very light and does not.

A brief, comprehensive overview of Adobe Lightroom-photo & pro camera:

  • Version number: Adobe lightroom

  • Main application language: Arabic, English

  • Current version License: Free

  • Version size per system: 79mb for Android, 214MB for iPhone, and 780mb for pc.

  • Operating systems: Android, tablet, iPhone, iPad,pc

Explanation of program uses:

1. light and colors 💡 for camera and in-app filters::

The application can transform raw images into more beautiful images, just click on the scroll tools and drag images to modify and improve the light and color and to use filters on the images ; to make the images breathe life and splendor and distinguish by editing your photos using the existing photography tools to make them pop up, through this program that gives.

adobe lightroom cc

2. shear and size " images”

The app allows its users to crop, rotate, and adjust the size, width and height to show the camera work for the best results.

You can get the best purity for each photographic work, and create ultra-pure shots with straight lines by adjusting the perspective of the images using straight scrolling tools, geometric tools and various adjustments without losing the original image, as it is professional and very accurate in case of the need to crop the edges and edges or a certain part of the images.

adobe photoshop lightroom

3. selective adjustments " remove unwanted parts in photos”

The application helps you to improve the details by controlling your image through adjustments such as : remove unwanted part in the image in the easiest way by a simple touch of the healing brush and the program allows you other adjustments such as saturation and color change to give vitality to the images.

4. professional camera 📸

The program controls the camera of the phone in the possibility of your photography, and the program allows you to easily use your photographic settings such as clarity, Vox or contrast degrees.

adobe lightroom free

5. Share photos

photo sharingThe app allows you to share photos with others. after the adjustments on the photo and editing is right for you, and save images to galleries Lightroom you can share online with ease, and you can participate from within the app without the media which helps in keeping the precision and clarity and keeps all the features of the image exist.

adobe lightroom download

6. smart organizer

Adobe sensei uses the power of intelligence to tag and organize your development based on the objects or people in it, and the app has a “quick search” to show the image you want quickly and easily and can provide relevant images.

7. One-click adjustments 🖱

The programme of the easiest programs that offer photo editing

Using Lightroom settings the program features a more creative editor that integrates settings perfectly by just one click.

8. and put Easy presets

It provides hundreds of filters to suit all tastes, ages and feel-good additions to each graphic creation.

Application features from other applications:

  • Completely free.

  • Easy to use in all tools.

  • Responsive image installation.

  • It works on all smartphone operating systems such as Android and iPhone and their minions such as iPad and tablet.

  • Available in all the world famous stores such as App Store and Google Play.

  • Supports pc computers with special and premium version.

  • Simple design.

  • Hundreds of filters that are unique to the application.

  • Control each part by image separately.

  • The app is used by more than 100 million from around the world.

  • Supports more than one official language including Arabic and English.


All about Adobe Lightroom download links:

  • Download link for Android smartphones to download click here

  • Download link for iPhone smartphones to download click here

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