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Affiliate Marketing With Google Ads, is that possible!

 Affiliate Marketing With Google Ads, is that possible!

I understand you're's opinion, you have recently guessed what that title and you might be thinking quickly went: NOPE, it's contrary to their guidelines and I can't do it, will not do it. Indeed, you're off-base, you can really affiliate marketing with Google Ads, and you should attempt it in any event once, particularly on the off chance that you've been doing affiliate marketing for some time now. 

Affiliate Marketing With Google Ads

Consider this, affiliate marketing with Google Ads (earlier known as AdWords) has been occurring since the advertisement network began. 

Sure it was somewhat simpler some time ago, with respect to what you might have advanced or not and the expenses were somewhat less expensive. In any case, you can in any case do it effectively even today. 

Indeed, there are affiliate marketing (or organizations) pouring great many dollars consistently on Google Ads traffic to advance others' items and administrations. 

Here's one of them: 

As you can see just 34% of the traffic that this site gets is natural, the rest is paid traffic from Google Ads, and they spend nearly $2 million every month, advancing… *drum rolls* subsidiary items. 

Indeed, truth be told, this site is advancing just subsidiary items and administrations, stunning I know. 

We should begin with the unavoidable issue:

Can I use Google Ads for Affiliate Marketing?

In the event that it wasn't clear at this point, indeed, you can do affiliate marketing with Google Ads. 

Throughout the long term, it's been "known" practically on each blog and mainstream web showcasing discussion out there that you can't advance offshoot administrations or items on AdWords (presently Google Ads). 

By one way or another everybody got into their head that Google doesn't "like" associates. Each time I read that line, I begin chuckling. 

Here are a couple of models: 

Also, some more + answers from more industry "specialists": 

Better believe it, right… 

Assuming it was so difficult to do it, we wouldn't have destinations that are spending from a huge number of dollars to a couple million month to month in Google Ads to send traffic to pages with subsidiary items on them: 

On the off chance that they were accomplishing something that is against Google Ads rules, do you figure they would have the option to go through these measures of cash each month? 

In any case… this somewhat transformed into a tirade, however that is the thing that happens when individuals don't do the examination and they simply regurgitate things only for it. 

Thus, yes it's feasible to do affiliate marketing with Google Ads, yet you need to get along and observe the principles. You can't simply duplicate/glue a URL from your partner organization and just run a promotion like you would with other advertisement networks out there. 

Not a chance… 

Like, I said, you need to do some exploration first on the off chance that you would prefer not to get your record suspended.

How to promote products on Google Ads

Okay, so how would you really proceed to advance affiliate products with Google Ads? Well… it isn't so natural to pull off, however it's without a doubt not feasible like a few group out there think it is. 

The rules beneath are not GUARANTEED to not get your record suspended, it relies upon how you execute things, what specialties you pick, what promotions you make, and so on 

It's all the more a manual for steer you the correct way, you will in any case need to do your own exploration just to ensure you're agreeing with Google's standards.

1. Try not to coordinate connection 

I realize I've discussed how to do affiliate marketing without a website previously, however it's not something that I suggest by and large and I unquestionably DO NOT RECOMMEND you to attempt to advance affiliate products on Google Ads without a website.

2. Create a website

You need to suffer a heart attack, similar to I've said above, and never an immediate connection. An extraordinary site, no… you need to make a top notch site. 

I'm not discussing plan here, coincidentally, sure the plan and the UI components and availability is significant, however I'm discussing the substance on your site. 

Everything begins with your substance and ensuring that you follow Google's website admin rules and strategies, alongside their guidelines for advertisements. 

You need to ensure that you have sufficient substance, above all else, that is devoted to that item that you're advancing, either on your presentation page or in general across your entire site. 

There are affiliate marketers that make simply these sites that are essentially an extension page (how Google calls it) out there, and they attempt to run promotions to them and afterward they find that their record has been prohibited. 

Recollect prior how I chuckled about individuals that idea Google "abhors" subsidiaries? All things considered, they don't despise offshoots, they DISLIKE partners that utilization connect pages and generally sites and items that add no esteem or have no quality to the client. 

Google thinks often the most about the client (regardless of whether it's paid traffic or free natural traffic), that is the reason non-interesting articles that offer no worth to individuals won't ever rank higher than quality, and unique articles composed by set up sites with power. 

So it's the equivalent with Google Ads, you would prefer not to have filler or extension pages that simply have a couple of words on them and afterward a major catch that diverts clients to the offshoot item when clicked. 

Most advertisers will simply advise you to fabricate a greeting page "brother", and you ought to be a great idea to go. 

Not a chance. Try not to do that, definite it may work, yet almost certainly a solitary presentation page on your entire area will not be something that can save your record on favorable terms for a really long time. 

All things considered, you need to assemble a brand, a set up site, with power, and exceptional and astonishing substance that carries a ton of significant worth to the clients. 

Figure out how to make a site or start a blog in the event that you don't have a clue how yet, however take the time composing great substance on it, and make various pages and add partner items so that are not the sole focal point of your page. 

Is it hard? No doubt, is it unthinkable? Once more, no. You needn't bother with hundreds and thousands of pages, however you know… do some exertion on the off chance that you need this to work for you long haul, it's not just about Google Ads. 

Another choice would be to not have any subsidiary items and administrations on your page and simply have a select in structure, requesting that clients join and from that point forward, you can send them to the offer. I don't prescribe you to do that, on the grounds that the vast majority of you will go out there and join with Google Ads and simply send traffic to a crush page and afterward get prohibited. 

You can gather leads with Google Ads, however think about what, you actually need to suffer a heart attack and excellent site past your straightforward press page. 

In the event that all your site's substance and worth depend on that one press page to gather leads, or how Google put's it "data collecting", at that point your Google Ads account will not get by for long. 

Each client needs to see precisely why they are joining to your rundown and what they will get. It's additionally nice to have contact data alongside a more inside and out depiction of what it is that you're really offering on your page. 

You should regard this as a genuine business with various potential outcomes of extension, development, and income streams. 

In this way, TL;DR: High-quality site with extraordinary and one of a kind substance that doesn't advance garbage items and doesn't simply utilize those items as the sole focal point of the presentation page will have a major effect in your affiliate marketers with Google Ads venture. 

Bode well? 

Obviously, it does… on the grounds that having a set up site with a ton of important substance will likewise help present to you some natural free traffic once it's beginning positioning, in addition to it will help improve your advertisement quality score which thusly get the opportunity to bring down your CPC. 

Along these lines, we should proceed onward.

3. Choose the right products

Like I said previously, the partner items and administrations that you will elevate should be of excellent. So don't consider garbage CPA offers with email submits, paid studies, dating, wizardry pills, or anything of that nature. 

Above all else, don't advance items that are fundamentally YMYL (your cash or your life) offers, and practically whatever else that is obscure or associate showcasing tricks. 

A portion of these include:

  • Make easy money/bring in cash online items 

  • Step by step instructions to get more fit quick 

  • Skincare items 

  • Anything unlawful (clearly) 

  • … and a lot of other awful stuff. (peruse Google Ads rules and site rules completely)

Discover great and good items and administrations that you can turn into a subsidiary and advance, plan for an impressive future organizations and brands that have been around for some time now. 

These organizations aren't probably going to disappear at any point in the near future or engage in obscure stuff like a portion of the subsidiaries offers that you will get in most CPA networks out there. 

Think genuine items and administrations that individuals can use to better their lives each day, and even think outside subsidiary organizations, and go directly to the brands.

You could likewise back away from customary associate organizations that you are aware of (you know those with dating CPA, forex, Nutra, and so forth offers) and attempt to join more "typical" networks. 

A few models: Amazon Associates, Commission Junction, and ShareASale. You will track down a vastly improved choice of items that have a more excellent and client assistance than the ones you will discover in other subsidiary organizations that we advertisers like to utilize once in a while.

4. Do not write any incorrect words

I've addressed this for a piece with the YMYL affiliate products. You need to abstain from utilizing exemplifications and misleading cases on your presentation page and in your promotions. 

No "Figure out how to turn into a zillionaire in 3 weeks" or "Figure out how to lose 34KG or pounds or whatever in 7 days". For one, it's terrible overall to advance those proposals since you're fundamentally misleading the clients, and two, you will unquestionably get your Google Ads account suspended. 

Try not to guarantee things that the item or administration or whatever can't convey. Making up stuff just to get snaps, leads or deals is certainly not a decent methodology, with Google Ads as well as with affiliate marketing as a rule. 


All things considered, in light of the fact that the clients will not be content with what they get, and think about the thing they will do? Request a discount. So what will occur after that? Indeed, the affiliate network or organization will discount them and afterward they will take out cash from your record to pay for the discount. 

Gracious… and extra focuses, you may get eliminated from advancing the offer or even get prohibited from the subsidiary organization as well, how "great" is that? 

No member seller needs a high discount rate, since that accompanies a great deal of charge-backs and expenses that they should cause. Be that as it may, if an item you're considering advancing has a high discount rate, at that point it's an obvious sign to avoid it. 

Most member organizations will have a method of showing you how the items are performing, either by straightforwardly showing the discount rate or by different measurements, for example, network execution and EPC an incentive for different partners. 

All in all, in case you're not advancing rubbish items that make silly cases, you ought to be acceptable, yet as consistently check the standards.

5. Read Google Ads Policies

Talking about rules, feel free to peruse them all. Indeed, I mean all. Look at all the strategies for Google Ads, and their website admin rules, alongside point of arrival experience. 

Yet, you ought to likewise look at the guidelines of your affiliate network and the item that you're advancing. A few items won't permit partner s to run paid hunt traffic to their items, so you need to ensure that won't occur. 

Indeed, understanding principles and approaches and terms are exhausting 

I get that, we as a whole somewhat click on "Concur" on everything to make it disappear… we're all liable of that, right?… .correct? I trust I'm in good company on that one. 


With regards to Google Ads, and publicizing when all is said in done, you need to ensure that you peruse and comprehend the advertisement organization's principles and terms before you begin advancing on them. 

Each advertisement network has some sort of decides that you should know about, some are more merciful (like pop and push promotion organizations) others are more exacting like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Microsoft Advertising. 

So to try not to have your promotion account suspended, feel free to peruse every one of the pages and improve acclimated with how Google Ads functions and what their rules are. 

There's a ton of stuff on their approach pages that I basically can't clarify in this article, else, it will make it considerably more than it is at the present time, so when you have the opportunity and before you begin publicizing with them, feel free to understand them, it shouldn't take you more than 30-an hour in any case (if that).

6. Check your tracking and affiliate links

I've generally said that when doing affiliate marketing you ought to consistently utilize a tracker and track all that is going on particularly when you're paying for traffic. 

In any case, with regards to Google Ads, you need to be cautious with how you track your affiliate product and what kind of connections for the affiliate product you have on your page. 

Most importantly, you would prefer not to utilize member brilliant connections or some other partner interface with diverts. 

You would prefer not to utilize obscure scripts or apparatuses that will "shroud" your connections, and again keep away from savvy diverts. You can get your Google Ads account suspended for doing that. 

You have been WARNED. 

So how might you follow your affiliate campaigns at that point, in the event that you can't utilize a standard member following programming? 

All things considered, you can in any case follow how you're crusades are getting along by utilizing Google's UTM labels, and without subsidiary connections that contain diverts. 

You need to utilize direct associate profound connections that when clicked will send the client directly to the right page, without going through extra circles and area diverts. 

So here's a model: = > 

As a rule, affiliate links will have a lot of other area diverts for interior following something like > > > 

Stay away from the entirety of that by utilizing direct member interfaces that send clients directly to the item page. 

You need the entire interaction to be pretty much as smooth as conceivable without ALTERING the connections in any capacity. Like I said use UTM labels all things considered in your offshoot connections and ensure the connections don't divert once more. 

So don't utilize any following or shrouding programming. Most partner showcasing sites that you will find in Google don't use outside trackers or sidetracks, they utilize inside scripts alongside UTM labels and physically adding changes to their Google Ads record to ensure that they are consistent. 

Indeed, I've rehashed the same thing a couple of times, yet this progression is pivotal for you to comprehend in the event that you would prefer not to chance losing your Google Ads account. 

Without a doubt, some may pull off utilizing a tracker like Clickmagick, which works effectively, at following your associate connections, and they even say that they are agreeable with Google Ads, yet at the same time, I for one wouldn't hazard utilizing it

Ask your member supervisor for direct connections to the associate item's page, any good partner network out there will generally approve of this and will have approaches to consent to Google Ads direct connection prerequisites. 

Even better, don't utilize affiliate networks. 

Go directly to the assistance or item, join as a subsidiary with their framework and every one of their connections will not have extra diverts any longer, in addition to the quality and the rates are way better. 

On the off chance that you get your record suspended for breaking the "Going around Systems Policy", this is on the grounds that you didn't utilize appropriate connections and rather you utilized sidetracks, shrewd sidetracks (in light of GEO or gadget), partner network diverts, shrouded joins, tracker connections, and all that stuff. 

Simply utilize customary UTM labels and physically add transformations and you ought to be fine.

7. Try not to offer on brand terms

Each affiliate program that you join will have its own arrangement of rules like I've clarified previously. More often than not the significant one is to not offered on the brand's footing on PPC promotions. 

This implies that assuming the brand that you're advancing is called XYZ, you're not permitted to utilize XYZ anyplace inside your advertisement duplicate (title, depiction, URL) and at times you will not be permitted to utilize it as a watchword. 

So ensure that you read every one of the details of the affiliate program before you begin advancing it, notwithstanding in the event that you do it with Google Ads or some other advertisement network out there. 

Overlooking that standard will get you started off from the offer, your payments will be voided and you may even get prohibited from the affiliate network. Indeed bad.

Instances of Affiliate Marketing Websites on Google Ads

I will show you now a few instances of affiliate marketing being done on Google Ads right now alongside some PPC promotions. 

Along these lines, you will better comprehend on how your site should look like and the degree of value that it needs to have in the event that you need to make this a fruitful plan of action. 

How about we start with some advertisement duplicates, and check whether it's actually that difficult to run affiliate marketing on Google Ads: 

As you can find in our first model, we have 2 out of the 3 top Google Ads, as affiliate marketing websites. Gee, and they likewise advance Amazon Associate items, which some additionally think's not alright to do on PPC. 

It's unusual how that turns out for these locales that are burning through huge number of dollars or all the more every month on Google Ads. I keep thinking about whether there's whatever they do another way contrasted with the large numbers of other offshoot advertisers out there. 

Goodness… right. 

They totally have an entirely unexpected way to deal with partner advertising than the rest. In the event that you go look at their destinations you will see that they have a ton of substance that offers extraordinary benefit to the client or client to be.

affiliate marketing ads

From item details to value ranges, and a ton of good quality substance in the middle, and not simply on the presentation page, every one of the pages from their sites are astounding. 

They don't simply utilize an extension page to send clients away as fast as could be expected, and they don't have one inferior crush page attempting to get an email endorser and afterward the remainder of the site sits void. 

No. They have hundreds or even great many pages devoted to items, surveys, how-to's, and directs. That is the solitary manageable approach to do affiliate marketing in any case, and I imply that overall not simply with Google Ads. 

I've discovered that the most difficult way possible throughout the long stretches of expenditure cash on purchasing traffic diverting it straightforwardly to others without attempting to assemble my own brands or crowd or email list. 

At any rate… we should see more models, will we? 

Incredibly, 3 out of the 4 top advertisements are for affiliate websites. Goodness, those specialists sure know what's up. 

These are not scaffold pages either, and they don't publicize since yesterday. A portion of these destinations are burning through MILLIONS every month throughout recent years. 

Do you feel that on the off chance that they did anything against Google Ads strategies that they would in any case be standing and running traffic today? I don't think so. 

In the event that you investigate model at's greeting page you will see something like this:

clickbank google ads

Notice how they have a perfect looking site with a ton of significant worth for the clients to handily distinguish and analyze various items? 

Additionally in the event that you look down on that page, you will see a huge number of words composed on the subject of CRM and how they have appraised the items. With inside and out correlations and tests. 

So it's not as setting up a basic greeting page done by somebody on Fiverr and afterward put a major BUY button on it. 

Alright, one more model: 

Okay, so in our most recent model as you can see we have 3 additional advertisements, two of which are sites that advance affiliate products. 

So as should be obvious, there are a considerable amount of one of a kind and innovative methods of making a decent quality site and furthermore bringing in cash while advancing GOOD affiliate products and administrations with Google Ads. 

A large portion of these destinations indeed just get PPC traffic and more often than not they have a sub 5% natural free traffic to their sites, but then they some way or another flourish. Indeed, even with the not-so-modest snaps of Google Ads with regards to watchwords like "CRM programming" or "Site facilitating". 

So how might this all affect you? 

Would you be able to do it as well? Perhaps. It relies upon how hard you need to function and how great your site quality will be. It depends on the off chance that you need to earn anything or in the event that you need to assemble a supportable plan of action. 

It likewise relies upon the way that you need to hold fast to Google Ads approaches and website admin rules totally, and consistently be keeping watch for any new changes that may happen to their arrangements. 

Things will consistently change, particularly in the advanced space, and Google Ads specifically is a developing framework that refreshes itself continually to improve at identifying extortion, terrible promotions, feeble greeting pages, and so forth 

So… yes you can do it… 


This doesn't imply that you will go out there and duplicate these precise specialties and make similar destinations. Recollect Google needs validness and for you to offer some incentive to the client. 

In addition, on the off chance that you're site and offers are indistinguishable from different ones, you may even lose cash since you don't have anything new to tell a client, and they can simply leave the site and peruse for more data elsewhere. 

It happens more than you might suspect, go look at rankings on certain areas and you will see that after a client leaves the page they will without a doubt return to Google to look for more or different answers. 

Anyway, would you be able to get enlivened by these locales and thought of your own thoughts, substance, site, and advertisement duplicates? Indeed

Could you simply duplicate everything to get rich rapidly? NO  (would you say you are in any event, perusing what I've been composing for as far back as couple of hours on this article? simply don't do it, straightforward as that.) 

P.S: Also don't go on Google search and snap on promotions to go see what sites are doing affiliate marketing:

1. That is absolutely not a cool method of getting things done 

2. Each time you click capriciously with no genuine plan on those promotions, sponsors will lose cash 

3. You wouldn't need a similar happening to you currently, OK? 

4. Simply duplicate/glue the URL straightforwardly into your hunt bar and afterward take a gander at the page that way or search in Google: webpage:// + "term" and you will see every one of the pages (in the event that they are indexable) 

P.P.S: For the genuine sponsors: No advertisements were tapped on during the examination of this article… (however I do trust you're utilizing a tick misrepresentation arrangement like Clickcease)

The Pros and Cons of Google Ads 

These advantages and disadvantages are all the more explicitly about doing associate promoting on Google Ads and not for different kinds of sites that can be publicized on Google (like web based business, your own assistance, and items, and so on) 

So here they are:

The Pros of Google Ads for Affiliates 

Best nature of traffic – It essentially is, easily. In the event that individuals are looking for something it implies that they need to get it. It's not friendly traffic where individuals are not in the mind-set to shop and they simply need to take a gander at feline recordings. 

Tremendous volume and arrive at conceivable outcomes – Nobody can coordinate with Google Ads traffic volume, and their massive reach to target nearly everyone that is looking for things online from anyplace on the planet. 

No base store – This one is astounding particularly since so numerous advertisement networks are requesting least stores nowadays. 

Moment results – You don't have to stand by a ton of time for your promotions to go live (whenever endorsed), it normally occurs surprisingly fast yet can likewise require a couple of hours (particularly during these occasions when everybody is somewhat working at limit) 

Not so convoluted – Surprisingly, for a promotion stage this enormous, it's not actually that confounded to make an advertisement and get fully operational in minutes. It requires some investment to make an advertisement on Google than on Facebook or Instagram or any pop promotion network out there (in any event for me, your experience may change) 

Simple to increase – With some promotion networks increasing your missions can be troublesome, not with Google. They have such a lot of volume thus various properties that it makes it exceptionally simple for you to increase. You can put advertisements on YouTube, Gmail, Android Apps, Display Network (a huge number of sites that are utilizing AdSense). The prospects are practically unending.

The Cons of Google Ads for Affiliates 

Can be costly – Depending on the specialty, you may need to pay a higher CPC than on other promotion organizations. So models like the above with web facilitating and CRM programming can have a normal CPC of $5. In any case, you can generally get a more modest CPC relying upon the GEO and the presentation page score, in addition to you shouldn't follow high CPC specialties at any rate particularly in case you're simply beginning. So get innovative open up the Google Ads organizer and see a few conjectures with costs for specific catchphrases. 

*HINT* You can even get under $0.10 CPCs on the off chance that you don't zero in on web crawler advertisements, I in some cases get lower CPCs when publicizing on the Google Ads Display Network than on various flag and local promotion organizations out there.  But don't advise this to an excessive number of individuals, let them go to Taboola or Facebook haha. 

Simple to get your record suspended – Especially in case you're doing offshoot advertising, and you don't follow their arrangements cautiously. It's not difficult to lose a member interface that had a divert in it, and your entire record can get suspended for breaking their bypassing the framework strategy. 

Sets aside some effort to learn – While it's not difficult to get fully operational with Google Ads, you will have a lofty expectation to absorb information in the event that you need to streamline your advertisements to get the most minimal CPC that you can and keeping your CTR and change rates up. Also remaining consistent with the rules and strategies. 

Your Website Needs To Be Amazing – Literally, similar to I've referenced so often in this article, your site and greeting page should be first class. A straightforward greeting page with a couple of offshoot interfaces on it will not fly with Google. So ensure you construct and build up a brand first, and consider offering some benefit to the clients, and afterward add associate connections and give promoting a shot Google Ads. 

Snaps don't mean transformations – Even if the traffic nature of Google Ads is truly outstanding on the planet (if not the best), that actually doesn't imply that you will get changes each time somebody will tap on your advertisements. That can destroy your spending arranging particularly in the event that you have very little cash to begin and try things out. 

Snap misrepresentation occurs – As I said already, don't simply feel free to tap on Google Ads at irregular, that will carry significant expenses to the publicists, and that may likewise happen to you. Shockingly, now and then this is done deliberately by contenders that are offering for the very catchphrases so they can destroy their advertisement spending plan and quit promoting. There are a few answers for this, however that is for an entire other post. 

No doubt about it there are a couple of cons similarly proportionate to the stars, it's dependent upon you to gauge them all and check whether it bodes well to do it.

Affiliate marketing with Google Ads  bit by bit control:

In this way, at this point you're most likely considering what's the awesome least demanding approach to begin with affiliate marketing on Google Ads, where here's a short bit by bit control: 

1. Settle on the specialty (on the off chance that you don't have one as of now) 

2. Make an excellent site – And a point of arrival that is consistent with Google Ads presentation page experience Policy. 

3. Open a Google Ads account – Use my Google Ads accomplice connect to get your promotion spend coordinated by Google when you join. 

4. Do watchwords research – Don't offer excessively wide, utilize negative catchphrases, and don't offer on brand terms. 

5. Make the advertisements – Keep the promotions pertinent to your presentation page and what it says on it, don't make stuff up or use shortage strategies. 

6. Utilize ordinary UTM labels for following – Don't utilize associate following programming, and don't utilize offshoot joins on your site that have diverts in them or in the event that they are shrouded. 

7. Advance the advertisements – Try to improve greeting page score, and higher promotion CTRs, this will thusly diminish your advertisement costs. 

Indeed, it's a fast rundown of the entire interaction, yet it will be excessively long to really go through every one of the subtleties in this article. I will deal with a more top to bottom video or guide about this so buy in and stay tuned.

Affiliate Marketing with Google Ads: Final Thoughts

At last, in the event that you've perused everything up until this point, it basically implies that you're keen on evaluating affiliate marketing with Google Ads. 

Indeed, it may appear as though a ton of difficult work is associated with attempting to run affiliate marketing on Google Ads, and it's actual, you should invest some energy into it. 

You can in any case do and run your pleasant CPA offers on different other promotion networks out there, every now and then (that is my specialty when I'm exhausted). 

In any case, none of those promotion organizations will at any point contrast with Google Ads as far as volume and client buying power. 

Google Ads is the biggest advertisement network out there by a long shot, trailed by Facebook Ads. So it just bodes well to check it out at any rate one time. 

You don't require very high financial plans to begin with Google Ads, I realize that is generally most's opinion about when they catch wind of Google promotions. 

In any case, hello… you know me, I'm an enthusiast of modest traffic sources, and I'm revealing to you that you can in any case get modest snaps from Google Ads in 2021. 

Of course, you probably won't get a $0.01 CPC, yet you can get a respectable measure of traffic with CPCs running between $0.05-$0.10, and that is in top GEOs like the US and Canada.

How would I advance affiliate links on Google Ads? 

By not advancing garbage items and by having a decent quality site that offers an incentive for the client. Also, ensuring that your site stays consistent all the time with Google Ads strategies.

Would i be able to utilize Google Ads for affiliate marketing? 

No place in their principles and strategies googles Ads indicate that they don't permit member joins. They do anyway disdain connect pages, ineffectively made sites with no remarkable substance or an incentive for the clients, that advance garbage member items with confused cases.

Would i be able to publicize Amazon items on Google? 

Indeed, once more, given that your site is astounding and has real incentive for the site guests, and you don't do coordinate connecting. Basically duplicate/gluing an item picture with a couple of subtleties and a connection to Amazon will not cut it.

How would I advance Clickbank items on Google Ads? 

Equivalent to I've clarified previously if the items are of terrible quality don't advance them. Remember that a few if not a large portion of the offshoot items on Clickbank are inclining toward the YMYL (Your cash or your life) sort of greeting page and item so be cautious which one you decide to advance. When all is said in done, I would not prescribe you to advance Clickbank items on Google Ads, advance those items with other advertisement organizations, it's not worth the danger.

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