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Download Bitdefender Total Security to protect computers

 Bitdefender Total Security is a program that provides more than distinctive at once example of a powerful and effective antivirus, complete protection of computers from hacking and spying,

Bitdefender Total Security

 getting rid of the weakness of the Firewall of any computer and increase the effectiveness of it, improves the work of the battery and relieve the pressure on the device processor, does not depend on a to experience The program evaluates it and the degree of regularity of the work it performs.

Enjoy a secure, problem-free computer

The main goal of the program is to protect all files from viruses and the constant examination of the inputs that are transferred or downloaded from any device, flash or SD,

 where it provides the user with relevant notifications and instant alerts of the presence of viruses or danger to the system before allowing download, full protection of the operating system defined on the device.

A simple and quick overview of Bitdefender Total Security :

Version number: Bitdefender Total Security

Main application language: English

Current version License: Free free for 30 days

Version size : 130 MB

Developer: Bitdefender

Operating systems: Windows

bitdefender total security 2021

Features of Bitdefender Total Security app

  • Free no subscription fee is required to download it.

  • Officially available for all computers and with a high degree of security.

  • Lets you experience the program for 30 days without a subscription.

  • It does not allow you to download any malicious, MFI or dummy file.

  • It protects the privacy and information of the user in an encrypted and secure manner.

  • A special and installed tool for controlling networks.

  • Contains antivirus in the same application and firewall settings.

  • Complete and special operating system protection.

  • You can enjoy fully protected browsing protected, safe and free from any fake links.

  • Persistent notifications of warnings, viruses and security alerts.

  • New mode and option serves battery saving feature and reduce power draw.

  • Unlocking any of the games or similar works to activate the firewall.

  • Easy and simple to use and easy interface.

  • Works in official English.

Bitdefender Total Security app download information:

Bitdefender Total Security Download link for all computers

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