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Download BOTIM for free calls for iPhone, Android and PC

 Botim is an application used for free chat and voice and video calls, it is also used for Android phones and iPhone, and Botim application helps to approximate the distances as if the person sitting next to you between friends,


 relatives and parents is used by entering the phone number and then entering the activation code that will reach you on the number you plus it provides Complete privacy of the user in terms of identifying the people he wants to see his personal status or image, in addition to containing a box containing all outgoing and missed calls.

BOTIM for free calls

Botim application features

  • It gives you the opportunity to choose the right background for the chat as it has many cool and attractive backgrounds.

  • When sending the image do not resort to changing its size because we have the opportunity to send it in life size.

  • Communicate with Al Ely, friends and relatives wherever they are outside or within the country easily.

  • Free application does not require a subscription fee.

  • Support for English and Arabic language.

  • Clarity and accuracy of sound while conducting voice calls.

  • Once a user joins the contact, an alert is given.

  • Possibility to join 500 users in one conversation.

  • Confidentiality of conversations and calls.

  • Unblocked application is not limited to a specific country but in all countries of the world.

  • He owns "emoji" stickers in different and striking shapes .

  • The ability to share your friends and contacts with ease your videos and photos.

  • Easy to limit calls.

  • Possibility to invite people to use the app.

  • Allows for notification sound tone or ringtone

  • Change the background of the conversation with ease and make it more wonderful.

  • The possibility to delete the account permanently.

  • Control the appearance of notifications and sounds.

  • Supports all Windows, iPhone and Android operating systems.

  • Available in all stores such as Google Play and App Store.

BOTIM for free calls

Download information for Botim app:

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