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Download AVG Antivirus app for Android and iPhone latest version

 AVG Antivirus software for Android and iPhone : AVG Antivirus application is one of the best and most famous and important applications to protect your phone from viruses and harmful files, which may lead to the destruction of your phone's data or system at any moment so you should not do without downloading the application of AVG Antivirus on your phone in order to avoid.

Download AVG Antivirus app

However, the application offers many important features that save you space and trouble any other application and among the features offered by the application that you can use VPN and change your IP country and not only this, but offers you the application of IVG anti-virus feature to lock applications and protect them from intruders in addition to the property of scanning.

avg antivirus

All these features and characteristics provided by the most powerful application ever, but the application is available on the stores of the official Playstore and father Store completely free of charge and you will find the download link below the article.

Download AVG Antivirus Anti virus app for Android and iPhone

The use of smart phones in many life matters has become necessary and much easier for users, but sometimes search and download applications may expose the device to some risks such as the exposure of the device to one of the viruses or to one of the programs that contain malicious codes to appear ads continuously or to one of the malicious files, and

AVG Antivirus Anti-virus application is one of the most important and best applications dedicated to protecting smartphones running the Android system from viruses and malware the program is available in two versions one of which is free and the other paid for, for the free version it offers many advantages and characteristics that help protect the device.

AVG Antivirus works to help the user to scan applications, files and all media available on the user's device continuously and securely, the software enables the search feature for the Lost Phone using Google Maps map to find it.

avg antivirus review

AVG Antivirus program anti virus helps the user to stop all applications or programs that slow down the user's device and hinder the work of the device, the program supports devices running Android system such as Samsung and Sony phones and tablets.

AVG Antivirus Anti-virus application helps the user to surf the internet safely and freely without being exposed to one of the viruses or penetration of any malicious program, it also offers another feature which is to follow the battery consumption and alert the user in case of exposure to the device stop as the program tries to improve the internal memory of the device as

AVG Antivirus works on locating the phone when it is stolen or lost through a number of means, either issuing a distinctive sound to indicate the user, as well as the possibility of erasing important and necessary data on the phone.

All these features are available for the free version and in case the user wants to pay a subscription to get the paid version will be available to him some other benefits such as getting a photo of anyone trying to enter the phone and enter the security code or password three wrong times and the program offers the advantage of getting that image through.

avg antivirus free

AVG Antivirus mobile application the paid version allows to automatically shut down the phone when you try to replace the SIM card of the device in case it is stolen, also enables you to lock applications further protect the privacy of the user as the program allows the possibility to lock the device settings to secure it.

AVG Antivirus antivirus paid version enables the user to obtain backup copies of the applications on the SD card so that he can restore them at any time when necessary.

About AVG Antivirus Anti Virus on mobile

AVG Antivirus Anti Virus is an abbreviation for the word Anti-Virus Guard and is one of the most important and best antivirus program and is available in many versions that work on many operating systems both for computers running Microsoft Windows and Linux or for smartphones running Android system AVG Antivirus Anti Virus program produced by the Czech company avg, one of the.

The first appearance of the anti-virus program AVG Antivirus Anti-Virus in 1992 the program received a great demand in terms of the number of users that reached more than 100,000,000 downloaded from the site Google Play Store only for phones running Android system.

The program allows many advantages through a set of tools with an easy and distinctive user interface through which you can check applications as well as games and phone settings and files at any time in an easy way without problems, also enables the application of the possibility of increasing the speed of the device used by ending and stopping the processes that.

avg internet security

In J. antivirus helps user in saving battery power the device with alert the user to the lack of shipping, the app can scan files spam which will slow down the device and also takes up space from the device space unnecessarily. IVG enables you to lock private applications such as social networking sites by putting a code or password to protect the user's privacy the program also allows the possibility to hide important images in an encrypted storage path to protect the user's privacy from intruders IVG anti-virus works to scan the Wi-Fi networks, browsers and all the device to detect any threats, viruses or malware that may be attached to the device, and also enables the application to check the download speed of the Wi-Fi network.

Download avg anti-virus anti-virus application on Android and iPhone

AVG Antivirus application for Android is available on electronic application stores such as Google Play Store you can download it with ease either for free version or paid version and after installing it you can use the program with ease and get many advantages offered by the application

The program enables you to get effective protection from any viruses or malware that may be exposed to the user device also enables the program to locate the phone, stop tasks and lock the application in case the phone is lost or stolen also enables the application to scan the Wi-Fi network, browsers, image store and all applications to protect the device

Avg anti-virus anti-virus program is one of the best and most luxurious programs that enables you to scan applications and all files through a dual-motion antivirus that works to remove harmful content and scan sites and scan the Wi-Fi network from any threats.

Avg anti-virus program anti-virus helps protect the device's battery from consumption by turning off the settings that run on the battery consumption and ending the processes that lead to slow down the device.

avg antivirus for android

IVG anti-virus program enables you to protect the phone from theft and loss by locating the phone by the Google Maps application as the application works to lock the phone by putting a message to stand the screen,with the possibility of issuing the device for an alarm siren there is also an opportunity for the free version to try the. With the possibility of also trying to lock the phone automatically when replacing the SIM card as well as experience the feature of taking pictures and recording audio from the phone remotely through the company's website the program also allows the opportunity to check records and query the record of calls and messages remotely with the possibility of debug the contents of the. Antiverse enables you to hide important photos in an encrypted storage path to prevent intruders, while providing a free trial for a specific period during which the user can lock important and private applications such as chat and social networking sites to protect privacy, the program provides a tool to block unwanted calls and messages. The IVG program also works by constantly updating the development team to keep up with any new viruses or malware and avoid any defects or problems in the program.

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Features of downloading AVG Antivirus for Android and iPhone latest version

Available for free : the most distinctive application of AVG AVG Antivirus Anti Virus it comes with many features and features during the download of new applications and games on your phone and also the application comes with the feature of locking important applications you have all this and you will find that the application is free integrally and will not ask you to pay.

Full control: by downloading the application AVG anti virus on Android and iPhone, you can fully control the protection of photos and files in addition to the property of locating your lost phone via Google Maps and you can hide private photos and scan Wi-Fi networks to detect viruses for the internet connection device on your phone .

Works to improve the performance of the phone: one of the most features available to you after downloading the program IVG antiverse on Android and iPhone is that it extends the battery life by turning off the settings that consume the battery while saving and ending tasks and processes that may automatically slow down the phone and erase the unimportant files and save.

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