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Download AdGuard app to get rid of ads for all Android operating systems for iPhone and PC

 AdGuard the problem of annoying ads has become a big influence on users in various browsers so modern application designers designed Edward application,

 which is a program with high efficiency and great importance in the field of getting rid of annoying ads on all browsers without any negative impact on the phone or computer,

AdGuard app

 the application is easy to use and simple design and The Wizard never uses AdGuard English as the official language of the application to facilitate the use of all people around the world.

AdGuard app features

  • Free no subscription fees required.

  • Available for all operating systems such as Android, iPhone and PC.

  • Available only in trusted stores such as Google Play or App Store.

  • Supports many international languages such as Arabic and English.

  • Easy to use and simple design.

  • The app attracts nearly 5 million people worldwide.

  • The main language is English.

  • Blocking all annoying ads on any smartphone or computer.

  • Specialized in blocking ads of popular browsers.

  • It received very high ratings in a short time due to the great effectiveness of the application.

  • The application does not cause any damage or virus to the user's device.

  • The size of the application is very small and the effect on the processor is light.

Briefly about the AdGuard app to get rid of ads:

  • Version number: AdGuard

  • Main application language: English

  • Current version License: Free

  • Version size per system: 4.3 MB for Android, 53.5 MB for iPhone

  • Operating systems: iPhone, Android


Edward AdGuard application download information:

Download ad blocker app for Android

Download ad blocker app for iPhone

Ad blocker app download link for PC operating system

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