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Download Dropbox for PC, how to use dropbox

 Have you ever suffered from losing your photos and files and not being able to get them back after many arduous attempts ? - Do you suffer from the small storage space of your phone that prevents you from installing or updating files at times? 

Did you happen to have been away from your device and wanted to have one of your important files saved on it, and you couldn't?

 Now you can be sure to solve this problem effectively and very easily, the solution is in your hands with Dropbox, the unique program of its kind, which is a leader among its peers in the field of cloud storage, which gives you a storage space of 2 GB and more, through which you can upload your files and photos and Store them on the Internet, ensure their privacy or enable you to share them with whoever you want if desired.

Download Dropbox for PC

Dropbox computer program:

Dropbox program is easy to deal with, it is enough to get this service that you download the program completely free of charge, and create your own account on it and then you can use it with ease, 

and in addition you will find the program available for your device of any kind and system, it works on computers operating systems ( Windows windows – Mac OS – Mac os – Linux linux), and features of this wonderful application.

how to use dropbox

how to use dropbox

There is no easier than that, if you want to share your files between your mobile phone and your computer, after you step install it from the link you find at the bottom, 

you will enter the icon of the application described, the main screen of the program will open for you in its known blue color, choose from two icons on the button.

These are : first name – last name – your email and would prefer if it was a gmail ensure ease of communication and access notifications from the app – your password that will be able by it to access your account after that. and the last step after that click on Create Account or Create account, and in this step you have an account on Dropbox.

free dropbox

Ensure protection and security factor with Dropbox

Many wonder what is the guarantor of this program to be safe on their devices, especially in light of the spread of a lot of malware that can infect your device with any malfunctions if you download it, but we assure you that you will not face this problem with Dropbox,

 the company of arch Ferdowsi and Drew Houston, the founders of the program you can be assured of your private and personal data that he will not be able to This is within the company's consideration that files uploaded by users to their accounts are very important.

what is dropbox

Explain the use of Dropbox

Now comes the question that some users who do not have extensive knowledge of the world of technology or are beginners in it, can I use Dropbox to upload my photos and files easily and without any hassle? ..

Let's put another guarantee for them on the ease and simplicity of Dropbox by all users who have used the program for ten years since its launch until now, all you need after you download the program and install it on your device , and you create an account by following the previous steps that we have explained but follow the following steps:

dropbox download

1. You log in to the program and press the sign in button so you can log in to Dropbox for mobile devices.

2. Enter your e-mail ( e-mail ), which you use in the process of creating your account, you must be connected to your phone, and then enter your account password.

3. You will log in after this step and be able to use the program comfortably and easily, as you have the ability to connect your pc to your smartphone or any other devices that you own that support internet access, by installing the program on them and logging in with the same account and data as you have in the previous steps.

4. Now you are ready to share your photos and your videos and any of your files or anything you want on the program, and can reach it from any device connected to the internet by logging in to it as shown in the previous steps.

What distinguishes Dropbox from other apps

Surely after you use the Dropbox program yourself you will be able to notice its many advantages that the program provides you the leading in the upload and storage of images and files:

1. If we mention the large storage space that allows you to upload and save a large number of photos, videos and files, surely you should increase this feature with the possibility of syncing, which allows you to synchronize old and new files, and enable you to edit the uploaded files directly and upload them and save the changes with ease.

2. Enjoy the program update feature for the latest versions automatically, which removes your responsibility to constantly search for the latest versions of the program and save you time that can be wasted in this search.

3. It avoids the problem of filling your phone's storage space that many users face, by allowing your own online storage space to be stored on it instead of your phone, and this space is also scalable according to your usage system.

4. You will not have trouble uploading your files, just once selected you can share them on the program .The program space is too small to affect the storage space of your device .Ensure complete confidentiality and your ability to share your files with your chosen friends.

5. You can support the auto-save feature of your files, especially image files taken from the screen or screen shot. You will not face a crisis related to the work of the program on a particular device and whatever its system whether it is Android, iPhone or computer,

 in addition to the removal of the language barrier that some may face to provide an Arabic version for Arab users. In addition to its great speed in saving and uploading your files in a way that excels with its counterparts from other programs.

Dropbox download links

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