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Download Psiphon app for iPhone and Android

 It is an application that works officially and reliably in the form of an open browser without censorship where you can enter the blocked links and blocked sites without bothering to break the root or change the ip of your device,

no login or information about the user is required to make it in the mode of complete privacy and security, the application uses 50 million users around the world, allows you to.

Download Psiphon app

Features of Psiphon

  • Free no subscription required.

  • Officially supports all operating systems such as Android, iPhone and PC.

  • Safe Browsing comfortable.

  • Get rid of blocking links and blocked page.

  • Available in Microsoft Store, App Store or Google Play, all of which are globally trusted stores.

  • Supports more than one global language like Arabic or English.

  • Bypass any censorship effortlessly.

  • I don't need any information or login.

  • Easy to use simple design and very easy interface.

  • Browse comfortably without stopping or blocking any website.

  • Used by 50 million will serve around the world.

  • A very strong competitor to similar programs that offer the same service.

  • Access to social media sites with the highest degree of security.

  • No need to change the IP of the phone or break the root.

  • Protect the user from the dangers of spying or hack.

Quick brief about Psiphon app

Version number: Psiphon

Main application language: English and Arabic

Current version License: Free free

Version size per system: 15MB for Android, 52Mb for iPhone

Developer: Psiphon

Operating systems: iPhone, Android, PC


Download information for Psiphon app

Psiphon app download link for iPhone directly

Psiphon app download link for Android directly

Direct link to download Psiphon app for PC operating system