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Download Sticker Maker app for Imogen and private stickers

 Sticker Maker is a program that industry and alien your own with ease wants both labels in the case of the face or a situation where,

Sticker Maker

Which makes the application more exciting and beautiful is that you are the one who design Imogen yourself, and this program was developed because of the lack of stickers found in a lot of applications and social networking sites,

 which deals with subscribers in these sites mainly to communicate and express the status of the user with their friends and express what,

The user can crop a face from any image in the gallery and make it an official Imogen in his writing board with ease.

Features of Sticker Maker app

  • Choose the image you want and select the parts on it and then it is cut and converted to WhatsApp poster.

  • Easy to use and interact for simplicity of interface design.

  • Free application does not require a subscription fee.

  • The possibility of instant capture of the image that the user wants to convert to a specific poster.

  • It allows you to choose any photo you want from the studio.

  • Possibility to make 30 posters in one package .

  • Available in popular stores such as Google Play, App Store and others.

  • Available in more than one international language such as Arabic and English.

  • Supports Android, iPhone and PC operating systems.

  • Making your own stickers is fun and wonderful.

sticker maker machine

You can quickly and accurately identify and crop the body.

sticker maker app

You can get rid of the background and strip your photo from it directly, quickly, with high quality and resolution.

Sticker Maker download information

Sticker Maker download link for Android

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