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Download dubsmash app for iPhone and Android

 Have you ever thought to include your voice in a video of a world celebrity or top politician? Now you can do just that and more with the free Dubsmash program to change sounds.

Dubsmash is a free program on the iTunes store that allows you to change the sounds within the videos on your ios device, and it also supports a large number of types of sounds that can be detected in the program library.


dubsmash supports iphone, ipad, and ipod touch devices. It is fully compatible with . iphone 6 iphone5 and iphone 6 plus if you are an Android user there's a version of this system, you can download for free.


Download dubsmash app

Features :

  • Free and light

  •  Supports multiple languages, including Arabic

  • Very large sound library

Dubsmash provides you with several tools and features to help you shoot distinctive videos including :

  • Install your voice on one of the videos in your device.

  • Record videos from within the program.

  • Watch videos recorded via WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

  • Upload recorded videos to your device's photo gallery.

What you need to know about the program dubsmash

Dubsmash is a program based on a unique and unprecedented idea, which is manifested in imitating a celebrity or politician by putting your own voice in one of the videos in which they appear and sharing it with your friends or posting it on dedicated pages.

Dubsmash program spread in a fast way also, especially in Egypt, where young people use it to incorporate funny sounds or any sound from any video of an Arab or foreign movie with their personal videos and then share the final video on social networking sites like Facebook.

 Dubsmash allows you to share the video you produced on WhatsApp with your friends.

Download dubsmash app

The software is also available for all iPhones and is also very popular on the Apple App Store and games.

 The most important thing that distinguishes dubsmash program Dubsmash easy design and simple operating interface through which you can work your video in moments, 

as the program is free and available to all and small size and light on Android phones and iPhone.

Download Android

Download iPhone

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