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Explanation of TextNow program that gives you a US phone number on all operating platforms

 TextNow, a program that gives you a virtual US phone number that you can use to activate communication applications, and you can also use it in your different accounts.

You can also use it on different websites that ask you for an American number or an American character, and this application is characterized by easy registration in it and activation of the American number.

TextNow program

Explanation of TextNow program

In some cases, you may need an American phone number to request a service or register in some websites designated for residents of America only.

Therefore, we resort to searching on the Internet for a way to obtain a fake US number to solve this problem.

Today, in this topic, I put in your hands the TextNow program, which I consider to be one of the best applications in this field at the present time.

In terms of ease of dealing with it and the speed of activating the number, it does not require much effort in knowing how to deal with the application.

But despite all that, the application has a flaw that is not easy, as the US number that you got is removed after a week.

Of course, after removing the number, you can activate your account again with a new number.

How to register for TextNow:

To register a new account with TextNow and obtain a US phone number, visit the official website from here: TextNow 

Fill out the registration form and then go to your email that you registered with on the site to find a message in your email with a link to activate your account.

Click on the link to activate your account, and then log in to your account.

Once you log in to the TextNow website, a window will appear for you to type in the state code you want.

You can get a state code by searching on Google for the state you want.

After writing the code and agreeing, another window will appear to share your phone on Facebook, or to close this step and enter directly into your account on the site.

Watch the video below to make all the necessary settings to be able to use the US number to send and receive messages and voice calls.

Why do I need a US phone number from TextNow?

A question that some may ask, and I wanted to ask and answer it so that everyone knows what is the benefit of this topic.

free phone number

Perhaps the first thing you need is that you are in some sites that provide their services to residents in the United States of America only. When you register, the site asks you to type an American address.

You also need to enter an American number, provided that this number is correct and effective, because they will send an activation code on it so that you can activate your account on this site and enjoy its services.

for example:

Those who want to open US accounts on the PayPal electronic bank and need to activate their accounts with an American phone number, because PayPal will send an activation code on the phone.

You can also use the program to create an American Gmail account and Google AdSense account and start to profit from placing Google AdSense ads on your site.

The most important defect of TextNow is that the program gives you a short period of time in idle or inactivity, after which the program deletes the American number.

Of course, the site sends you to your e-mail before deleting, so you must log in to the program and make a call or send a message to any number on the TextNow website.

To download TextNow for your mobile phone, click here: textnow download .

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