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Profit from the phone – the best methods that exist in the internet

 In previous articles, we talked about how to profit from the internet if you own a website or if you do not own one, and we showed many ways to help you make money. You can see the first part here , the second here , the third here.

Now in the fourth part of our series, we will look to profit through the internet, but this time through the mobile phone, which owns everyone, even small children, these days, they have cell phones and sometimes more than a phone.

The world of technology does not stand in its place, it is constantly evolving and we must keep up with it, and this means that the ways of profit from the phone become more important and in demand day by day.

Profit from the phone

How to profit from the phone

The individual, of course, is constantly in search of ways to simplify complex everyday life, and of ways to make money from it online.

how to make money from your phone

 In the article, we will look at several good ways to make money on your mobile phone, as millions of people around the world have tried it and verified its credibility, and best of all it does not require any investments, making it 100% safe.

how to earn money from mobile internet

Profit by downloading apps on Android and iPhone

Most people, who want to profit from the phone, initially use apps that offer a simple and affordable way to make money, and all you have to do is install the apps that are showing you or perform a task after installing the app, for example:

  • Install various games

  • Doing an action after downloading the game

  • Rate the app in the App Store

  • Add a comment in the App Store

  • Download and access the application for a certain time and browse

  • And many other things.

The commission you get for doing the job ranges from a few cents to a dollar (in a few cases). But such apps (which let you profit from the phone) have limitations, as there are a limited number of apps or Mahas that you have to download or execute.

 But there is a solution to all the problems, here some download other applications that help to change the IP of the phone and enter the application again and profit from it. Funds can then be withdrawn in various ways.

Another way to earn from a mobile phone is paid questionnaires (answering questions). Of course, this method requires more time than its predecessors, but their commission of course will be higher.

The best applications that offer you profit services from the phone by what we mentioned above:

The Whaff Rewards app (requires facebook login, and you can withdraw profits via PayPal), and you can also get cards to buy from Amazon, PlayStation, Google Store or Xbox Store instead of withdrawing profits.

Makemoney-an application that works on both iPhone and Android devices and offers many tasks that you can easily perform and get paid for.

Application CashApp  - in addition to downloading games and other applications, through this application you can earn money by watching videos ( from 10 to 20 seconds).

“Instant Rewards " app – according to the app's developers, you can earn at least $10 a day by watching ads, skipping surveys, and downloading apps.

Gigwalk - a unique application, in which you have to perform tasks within your city, where you are asked to go to a certain place, take some photos, send them and get a physical fee for it, and a lot of other different tasks. (There can be no tasks where you are.)

Application AppTrailers – with it you can see presentations of good games and earn money from it. The viewing price ranges from 9 cents to dollars.

InboxDollars  app – English must be good in order to earn money through this app, as it requires you to write English ratings for some apps and get paid for it. There are many other tasks also.

Below we will just list the names of the applications through which you can profit from the phone, you can find out for yourself and choose what suits you to start working and earn money:

How much can I earn with the phone?

Let's see how much earns a person of his phone in case he wanted to work Mediterranean between 3 to 5 hours a day. Income directly depends on the application used and the types of tasks it performs.

  • Usually, the price to install the game on your device from 4 cents to 8, What is important here is not to delete the game immediately if it's in the task description.

  • Put likes in the social media of 1 cent to 4 cents on average.

  • Write reviews and comments (vary depending on the length and quality ratings) from several cents to several dollars.

  • Watch the ads, from one cent to several cents.

  • Watch the video (depends on the length of the video), but the average of 4 cents to 10 cents.

  • Browsing sites, starting from 3 cents per site.

Pros and cons of profit from the phone

  • Mobility and work anywhere and time. The main feature that smartphones have is that they are small, light and can be carried and moved anywhere, meaning that you can earn money at the time you want and the place you want.

  • Working and earning from the phone does not require any special skills. Anyone, even a beginner, can perform tasks offered by various applications.

  • No age restrictions or other limitations. Can anyone regardless of age, to earn money at any time he wants.

As for the minuses of profit from the phone, they can be:

  • Small screen and keyboard size. This makes it difficult to perform tasks related to writing long assessments.

  • Application reliability and fraud. There are many applications now which retain their customers by not paying dues, and then disappearing from the market, so be careful its customer ratings in the App Store before the start of work.

  • Can't earn a large amount of money. Unfortunately, it is a hard fact, as your daily income can reach no more than $10, but this amount is considered by some to be good.

Tips for beginners in the world of profit from the phone

make money using your cell phone

In case you decide to use your smartphone to make money, you should:

  • Determine how much time you can spend to earn money.

  • Determine the amount you want pounds per day.

  • The study of all available methods and choose the best and suitable for you.

  • Register on several sites and carefully study the terms of work and the terms of withdrawal of funds.

  • Start by performing tasks and making money.

Very important note. In case you work with affiliate marketing networks, especially the “admin” network and want to play the role of advertiser and use these methods in marketing offers within the network, this is a violation of the company's laws and your account will be blocked immediately without allowing you to withdraw any profits within the account, as these methods of promotion are completely prohibited.

But in case you just want to do the tasks inside the applications, no one will stop you from doing so, and try to be as careful as possible in picking the company you work with.

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