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Types of customers and best ways to deal with them


Types of customers
Types of customers and best ways to deal with them

No matter how different your brand and the service or product you provide to the community, there are a range of different types of customers who pass you on a daily basis, and in every service delivery process.

Types of customers

We must recognize these customers first and their characteristics and appropriate ways to deal with them; to improve the image of your brand, and the impact and presence in the lives of their audience

1. client Alternating

Is an agent of the non-strict in the decision to him in general, he doesn't know what he wants exactly, you may ask for the same behavior in a lot of places and in the end, don't buy mainly; not because of a defect in power but because his character is reluctant not allow her to take decisions instant rapid.

AC client handling method

  • The reluctant customer needs to show him the importance of your time, because that will help him determine whether he really cares for your product or not.

  • Try to know his interests from the beginning; by asking questions directly uncomplicated.

  • Show the options available to him, show the value of your commodity, the difference between it and those in the markets, and the benefit that you will get from buying it.

  • Show him clear and Direct Options, help him choose when needed.

2 - client trusty

One of the excellent customer types, this customer knows well what he wants, he communicates with you or enters your store and has a real intention to buy. If the specifications he needs are available in your product, he will purchase directly.

How to deal with customer self-assured

  • Answer his questions directly and clearly, and give him as much information as he wants if asked.

  • Try as quickly as possible to come up with the model he wants and present it to him. This customer often has a lot of information about exactly what he wants, so as a salesperson you have to come up with the model or specifications he wants as quickly as possible.

  • In case you notice that he's starting to leave ask him what specific adjective he wants and isn't in your product, this may open the way again for negotiation.

Types of customers and best ways to deal with them
Types of customers and best ways to deal with them

3. Silent client

He is a customer who does not talk too much, does not ask too much, and also does not show any kind of negative or positive impressions for your product, it seems to you that you can not understand or deal with it.

Silent client handling method

  • Ask him questions that revolve around opinion, which can not be answered yes or no, this will open you the opportunity to open a dialogue with him and understand him better.

  • Give him the opportunity to present his opinion and explained that his opinion is important to you, you will take it into account in determining whether your item is fit or not.

  • Don't disturb his barrage of questions to make him talk, but I respect his privacy and give them space to make a dialogue begins gradually.

4. the talkative client

A customer who does not stop talking, not only about your commodity, he may even talk outside the topic.

This type of customer does not and will not give you the opportunity to talk about the details of your service, or attempting to provide assistance in any way, it takes dogs a way to attract the attention of others don't.

How to deal with a talkative client:

  • You should hear him well and show him your interest happen.

  • You have to show your seriousness in talking about your product.

  • Try unobtrusively to show the importance of time for both of you.

  • You have to prepare him to take his suggestions into consideration commensurate with the standards of the sector in which they operate.

  • Always try to direct the conversation to the purchase, and make the item the focus of the conversation.

types of customer service
Types of customers and best ways to deal with them

5 - angry customer

One of the most difficult types of customer to deal with is an angry customer, a person who usually has one or several bad previous experiences with companies that offer the same or other goods; what makes him deal in a way that tends to be aggressive, irresponsible, and willing to provoke others.

How to deal with angry customer :

  • Not to enter into an argument with him or try to show that he is wrong.

  • Deal with his anger patiently, calmly and wisely, while showing interest in his talk.

  • This type of client needs actual proof based on evidence, facts, proofs and figures, they are what will reduce the intensity of his anger, make him tend to listen to you, especially if he finds that you are serious about trying to solve his problem, or cooperate with him to solve it.

  • Listen to him and not interrupt him until he completely finishes his speech, discharging the amount of negative energy he carries.

6. skeptical client

The skeptical client seems to not believe any information with whom he communicates, perhaps inclined to believe in conspiracy theory, can not believe that you have a desire to help him or offer positive solutions that serve his interests, and sometimes he is inclined to talk cynically and in an inappropriate form.

How to deal with a skeptical client :

  • At first you should make your conversation with him documented with real information about the good, service or any inquiry he has.

  • Dealing with this type of customer, it takes him a package, and show seriousness in handling and documenting your talk numbers and guides are measurable, such as provide assessments of former clients, or comparisons of items you and your competitors, and other evidence that makes him change his thinking.

customers types
Types of customers

7-friendly client

One of the best and easiest types of customers with whom you can build excellent business relationships; because a customer who does not ask too much, does not have accurate inquiries, he wants you to cooperate with him by providing a service or good suitable for his needs, or sees that you offer a good product suitable for him. He's ordering your goods very simple.

How to deal with customer friendly:

  • You will not find difficulty in dealing with this type of customer, as mentioned previously: this type of customer does not have a lot of requirements; therefore, it must be handled with the same degree of friendliness they treat you, but taking care not to exit talk about the framework.

  • Periodic follow - up work with him from time to time, and make good and distinctive offers to him, this ensures you continuity of dealing with him and also maybe nominate you to his friends to buy your services.

  • Highlight its importance as your special customer.

8 - client viewer

This type of customer often has no real intention of buying, he wants to take a look to see what you are offering, or he wants to get an idea of the average prices, the quality of the products you have, or maybe he wants to spend some free time watching the products.

Client viewer handling method:

  • Give him complete freedom to walk around your store, and answer all his questions with kindness and welcome as soon as he starts asking.

  • Make him feel welcome anyway, and there's no problem with him not making the purchase.

  • Direct it to attractive products, not expensive,or with discounts.

9. customer Hunter discounts and offers

  • This customer likes price cuts, usually makes purchases greedily in the seasons of discounts, and he likes offers that save him money.

  • It is worth noting that this customer is probably going for discounts for purely psychological rather than physical reasons, and he often asks about the price of the product before knowing any other details.

How to deal with customer Hunter discounts and offers:

  • Always tell him the price of the product before the discount, so that he knows firsthand how much savings he will get from buying the product now.

  • In the event that your discounts are not available, try hard to give him special material benefits.

  • Always compare your premium prices against those of higher competitors.

  • Tell him that offers and discounts are available for a limited period of time, this will help him buy now.

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