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Ways to profit from Google (explain 10 different ways)

 Many people believe that Google is the internet, and the famous word (Google) in red, blue, green and yellow means the internet in its general and holistic understanding.

It is one of the largest tech and technology companies in the world, with branches and offices in more than 200 countries.

So if you're thinking about making money from the internet, you're thinking about making money from Google. Why not Google offers a lot of tools and services for users around the world.

Because of the popularity of Google's search engine, and also because of the fact that Google owns YouTube, which is the second most popular search engine in the world, which offers a video platform that millions of people visit every minute.

profit from Google

Profit from Google

We had to highlight the most important ways to profit from Google, which enables you to collaborate with this giant entity, there are a lot of ideas and ways both direct and indirect to do that.

This is what we will talk about in detail today, we will give you the most important and powerful ways you can make money by relying on Google, whether direct profit platforms that everyone knows, or indirect methods that may not be familiar to you dear reader.

During our conversation about all the way we'll advantages and disadvantages that you have to deal with it, we will give some tips to achieve the best results of each method, with the male tools that you might need.

Knowing that we will mention the ways that suit all Arab communities, there are different programs for profit from Google, but some of them can only be used in the USA and some countries of Europe only.

1. profit from AdSense using websites

These are the most famous ways to profit from Google that many people know, and which are also recommended by many experts to anyone who wants to start the journey of profit from the internet.

Let me give you this simple example to understand what is AdSense specifically, while walking in the street and public relations, don't you see billboards on the side of a road, which ads are placed in various companies and services on them.

These advertising spaces are owned by certain companies and institutions.

These companies design ads according to the dimensions of each billboard, and then pay officials to distribute them to the places that have been agreed upon.

Some companies prefer to do advertising in certain provinces or streets, depending on the industry and the product or service being offered.

This is exactly what happens with AdSense, Google leases certain spaces on the various websites it collaborates with, so that companies rent them to place some ads.

Look at the lines you are reading now, you will find among them some pictures that say (AD) this word is an abbreviation of advertising which means advertising in English.

This is simply an explanation for AdSense, as site owners earn money by renting out certain spaces on their sites for money, just as advertising companies that own the rights to advertising banners do.

profit from AdSense

AdSense profit characteristics for websites

  • Very easy and simple way and suitable for any website owner.

  • The process of receiving profits is safe and guaranteed you are cooperating with one of the largest companies in the world.

  • You can talk in the quality of the ads that are placed on your site.

  • The profit of this method is stable, in the sense that you can write one article on your site which can generate income for years.

  • The profit from this method depends on the size of the Trafic visiting your site, the larger the higher the profit.

  • This method May with time you need to do some testing, and modify your settings until you achieve higher ad revenue.

  • The profit from this method may be somewhat small especially on sites that rely on Arabic content.

You can start this step to profit from Google Now if you own a site, but before that you need to read the profit guide from Google AdSense in the link below, where you will find everything you need step by step:

 How to accept your site in Google Adsense

Conditions for admission to Google Adsense 2021

2 - profit from AdSense on YouTube

How many hours you spend on YouTube every day? While watching videos on YouTube, how many ads did you watch regardless of what kind of video you're watching?

This is the second way to profit from Google, as YouTube channel owners can subscribe to AdSense as well as profit from advertising.

Just as the space on the site is rented to make money from advertisers, some seconds or minutes are rented either before the start of any video, or during the video itself, as happens when you watch any movie or series on TV, and ads appear in the form of banners.

In the same way AdSense works on sites, YouTube channel owners make money from these ads, especially if the viewer interacts with these ads.

profit from YouTube

AdSense profit characteristics for YouTube channels

  • All you need to do is provide good content on YouTube to attract viewers.

  • The profit rate of YouTube channels is higher than that of websites, which in turn requires more effort.

  • There are many places to put ads on YouTube, which increase the chances of profit.

  • The profit from this method is continuous, every video you make may generate income that lasts for very long periods.

  • YouTube offers you Analytics for everything on your channel to increase your earnings.

If you have a passion for talking in front of the camera, are good at making effects, or have experience and knowledge in a particular field, earning from Google by creating a YouTube channel is something you have to seriously consider, it can be a great source of income for you.

You might think that looking for ideas for YouTube and then making good content is a difficult process, and if we assume you are right, the following articles and information that will help you in every step will make it very easy for you.

In the following articles you will find everything you need, from searching for a channel idea, to how to make a professional video to all the different ways to earn from YouTube and increase your income:

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3 - profit from your site through SEO

This is an indirect way to profit from Google, you will not get money directly like AdSense, but you will exploit the possibilities and information that Google provides you to increase your profits, whatever method you rely on.

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization, which means optimizing and tuning websites until they top the first search results.

As you know, Google is the most powerful and popular search engine in the world, that's why the sites that top the search results get the most traffic and traffic, and this leads to increased profits.

If you are new to the world of SEO and want to understand it and get to know it in a simplified way, I recommend that you read the following article which will help you to do so.

What is (SEO)

Not only that, Google provides you with two free tools to monitor your site's traffic and analyze all the data so you can exploit the SEO in the best possible way.

These two tools are Google Analytics and Google Search console , i.e. a site owner must use and master these tools.

For that, Google has published a lot of information occurs free from those tools, you can learn them and also some courses professional in the world of e-marketing through the following article.

There are a lot of ways to profit from websites (an example of which is the ads we mentioned earlier), all of which are based on Trafic, on the number of people who visit your site.

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How to make money from Amazon

The higher this number, the greater the profit, this is the role of SEO, it makes you use search engines to get maximum traffic through the first results.

4. profit from SEO through self-employment

profit from SEO

In the previous method we know the importance of SEO, and how they are a great way to make money from Google, but the skill of SEO might make you win more in a manner quite different.

SEO is one of the most important marketing channels, and various sites often hire industry experts to help them get more Trafic.

You could be this person, there are a lot of sources which you can learn SEO (including the location of the winner), but in my opinion the most important source is experience.

If you have experience with SEO and have positive results, know how to do all the required steps, analyze competitors, and find new keywords, then you can collaborate with different website owners and help them for money.

You can connect with the sites directly, or you can offer your services on various freelancing platforms, and this is an integrated online freelancing course, which will put you on the right track in the field of free life.

5-profit from Google Ads

Google Ads is the flip side of the AdSense program we showed earlier, AdSense also provides a platform for webmasters to rent certain spaces on their sites to advertisers and make money.

Google Ads is the platform used by advertisers to place those ads, both on websites and YouTube channels, and in search results on Google itself.

If you own a website and offer a particular service or product and want to make more profit, you can use Google's advertising platform to target those interested in your services for money.

The advantage of this platform is that you can target in a very accurate way such as (search keywords – view your ads on certain sites – re – target your visitors – search on YouTube-target anyone following a particular video), and other capabilities.

This program works in the way of auctions, meaning that advertisers set their own budgets for each target, and Google selects the ads that meet the desired conditions, which offer the best price and then displays them.

Google's Ads program may be a bit difficult and needs experience, so soon we'll be doing a full explanation of the images of this giant platform.

6. profit from Android apps

profit from Android apps

Of course you know that Google owns the giant Google Play platform, which has many Android apps and games (also owned by Google).

The owners of these apps and games use the Google Play platform to reach as many users as possible, so that they make profits through these apps.

You can earn by advertising (surely the ads that appear to you during any game you play have caught your eye), by offering paid features or by offering those apps paid to users.

This way to profit from Google is not as difficult as some think, and is not a requirement that you possess experience or skill in programming so you can make an application.

For this we have made a comprehensive guide on profit from mobile applications in all possible ways, with a thorough explanation of the application industry in more than one way, I advise you to check it if you are interested in this way.

Create an application and profit from it

7. profit from Google Books

This way to profit from Google may not be known to many people, if you open the Google Play app on your phone or even on your computer, you will find a special section for books.

Google has the Google Books platform for publishing e-books, you can take advantage of this platform to publish your e-books and sell them for money.

The publishing process is very simple, all you have to do is submit a request to join this service, then provide simple information about you, and after you are accepted you upload book files, remember that you have to read instructions Google about the file format of the book because it is very important.

Then you promote your books and Google will also help you sell your books because it has a great platform, which many people who are looking for books visit, if your book is good (some pages of books are displayed so that anyone can easily judge it) you will get good sales.

This method is very profitable if you have the skill of writing or have followers either on your website or on various social media accounts.

The advantage of this service is that it offers a lot of ways to pay, and the purchase process itself is easy and safe, which increases users ' confidence and leads to increased sales ratios.

8-profit from the bloger platform

Blogger platform is a free platform that Google offers to all users to create blogs completely free of charge, and as you know you can make money dear reader in many ways from websites.

This platform is suitable for beginners (although I prefer WordPress for its features and capabilities) especially those who don't have any money to create websites.

Since this platform is owned by Google, the process of placing AdSense ads, and making money from them, is not difficult, but it is the process of designing the site itself and setting it up for SEO that can be a bit complicated.

Use Blogging for Profit 

How To Get Traffic To Your Blog

9-profit from Google My Business Platform

profit from Google My Business

Don't you rely on Google Maps continuously? As you search for addresses and streets, don't you notice the signs of restaurants, businesses and institutions on the maps?

Not only that, have you not used Google Maps either by phone or computer to search for certain services (exchange company, doctor's office, restaurant) in certain places?

Do you know that if you're a shop owner or any service that has a place on the ground, you can apply on Google My Business so that you have a place on the maps?

You can put your logo, pictures of the products or services offered, and also my phone number anyone can contact you, dates of employment, and some information about the services that you offer.

Not that's all, you can post your latest products and offers, customers can also rate ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ the services you offer.

The higher ratings you get, the more chances you'll get local search results, the more customers and visits you get for your services, and thus more profits.

So if you don't rely on this service start now, put appropriate photos, and be sure to ask your customers to evaluate your services so that people trust you faster.

10 - work at Google

The last way that suits a lot of Arab talent in technology and sales for profit from Google is to get a job at Google.

In recent times, Google has been looking to increase the number of its offices and workplaces in the Arab world, providing training and qualification programs at universities and collaborating with various government institutions to search for talent.

So if you are interested in advanced marketing science, or interested in Computer Science and programming with its various applications, you can look at the various functions that Google constantly advertises, and you can also look for opportunities to train and gain experience while studying.

This is Google's employment link:


All the previous methods to profit from Google are available in almost all Arab, as Google provide all the information necessary to take advantage of every product I own.

Especially since these platforms come with water at the end, so don't waste the opportunity of your hands, choose any one of the previous methods depending on your skills and experience and start immediately.