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best free wifi calling app

 We all need a communication tool to make our calls and to stay in touch with friends, comrades, acquaintances and relatives. Landline and cellular phone communications are no longer the only tool we rely on to make our calls,

This is a long time ago, especially after the emergence of programs that allow making calls over the Internet.

best free wifi calling app

But after the launch of applications and programs for smartphones, you did not replace phones devices, but rather it became one of the things that we spend our time most on, as statistics indicate that we spend more than 90% of the time we spend on smart phone devices,

  We use these programs and applications to do a lot of things, not just communications. We'll talk about it later.

Pinngle app is best free wifi calling app

free online calling

Pinngle Messenger is an instant messaging application and communication program that allows its user to send messages of all kinds (written and voice), send pictures and videos, and allows sending the location of the user on the map

(Location Sharing) is in the form of a simple message, and its user can add feelings and fun to his messages by using emojis and stickers.

In the application, all the means of communication present in the applications and other similar programs.

What makes (Pinngle)  best free wifi calling app

In Pinngle, the communication tools and means found in other similar applications and programs, but it has communication tools and services that we do not find in other communication programs.

Free Voice Calls: A Pinngle user can call any other application user for free for any time he wants. These connections are distinguished by the fact that they work even if the Internet service is very slow, whether it is Wi-Fi, 3G or even 2G.

Free Video Calls: These calls are characterized by being high-quality, as they are of HD quality, which means that the sound in them is pure and the picture is clear, in addition to that, they are synchronized, that is, the sound does not lag behind the picture and does not precede it.

Pinngle-Out Calls: The application provided this service for calling a cell phone number that does not use Pinngle, or for calling a landline phone number, especially in order to call an external number (i.e. making an international call)

Callback service: This service is one of the communication tools that Pinngle is distinguished by, and its purpose is to make calls even if the Internet service is very poor, as the application calls you and then the number that you want to speak and connects you to each other in the end.

Call Forwarding Service: This service is to save travelers from very high roaming costs. If one day you travel abroad and want all incoming calls to your original number to be diverted to your new temporary number that you bought in the country you are visiting, then use this service.

All you have to do is enter your temporary number in the “call forwarding” section of the service for Pinngle to divert all calls you receive on your original number to your new number. Just do not forget to cancel the service after returning home so that the app does not continue diverting calls to the temporary number.

Virtual numbers: This service saves you from roaming costs as well, but this time not when you travel, but when you want to call an external number and you want to have a local number appear (a number in his country), where the application will transfer calls from And to this number. You can choose the number you want in the country you want, and in the city you want.

Anything else that makes Pinngle best free wifi calling app?

make free calls online

There are many things, features and characteristics that distinguish Pinngle and make it worthy of being the best free Internet calling program, some of which are listed as follows:

It works all over the world, and it is almost impossible to block it or stop its work.

It does not consume the phone battery.

It does not slow down the performance of the device.

It works even if the internet service is very poor and slow.

How do I get best free wifi calling app?

Pinngle works on both platforms, so you can download it from Google Play or Appstore.

free wifi calling app for android, click here to download

free wifi calling app for Iphone, Click here to download

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