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The best profit sites from selling photos (and effective tips for making good profits)


profit sites from selling photos

When we talk about one of the ways to profit from the internet always remind our readers of the need to rely on a certain skill to ensure continuity and achieve success.

Today we'll talk about one of these skills first and export; there are a lot of people who love photography, whether professionally or as a hobby.

I think you are one of those people, otherwise I wouldn't have searched for how to profit from selling photos, the best sites profit from selling photos.

Many of us now have very advanced cameras in their smartphones, which can capture images as good as expensive professional cameras.

In this guide I will give you all the information you need in order to profit from the sale of the photo is my work:

You will know how Photo selling sites work and how the profits of photo sellers are calculated.

You will learn about the best profit sites from the sale of photos.

You will discover the characteristics of each site and how you can profit from it.

Exploit print on demand in profit from the sale of images.

I will give you a bunch of tips that not many know about profit from photo selling sites like ” pay attention to SEO “.

Not that's all, you'll also learn about some other ways to profit from little-known images, which represent great profit opportunities.

How do photo selling sites work in general

Photo selling sites are based on one of the following methods of selling photos:

Sell the photo for a specific amount of money ( e.g. $10 ).

Sell memberships so that a member can upload a certain number of photos for a fixed amount of money to pay per month ( e.g. $25 per month ).

Selling images, but using different licenses ( some sites sell a single image for example for 10 for personal use, while in the case of commercial use of the image in advertising design and otherwise sell it for a larger amount, for example 1 15 ).

At the end of each month calculates the number of images that have been sold from your account and then says, giving you a percentage of sales, this ratio vary from site to site, you probably get 20% or 75%.

In the case of selling memberships, the site distributes the percentage of revenue allocated to the owners of the images according to the number of downloads ... let me explain to you a practical example.

Suppose a membership costs $20 and the site shares 75% of the proceeds with the photo sellers, it means that the sellers will receive $15 from the owner of this membership.

If, for example, that person uploads 50 photos from just one vendor that vendor gets the $15 alone, but if that vendor uploads 25 photos from one vendor and 25 others from another vendor, they get 7 7.5 each ... and so on.

Sites that sell memberships may have a lower return per picture, but their profit rate is often good and persistent because they attract a lot of customers.

In order to start selling photos on any site you just have to register an account, and then upload photos according to the rules of the site, there may be restrictions on the quality, file size and image sizes, and you have to adjust these photos and select the topics you are talking about.

Don't worry I'll tell you how to adjust photos later, but now let's take a list of the best profit sites from selling photos, then we'll move on to other important aspects related to your success and making excellent profits from these sites.

Best profit sites from selling photos

1. Adobe Stock website

See how many users of Adobe's software giant (Photoshop – Illustrator – Lightroom – After Effects-Premiere pro ) and others.

All these millions of users need professional images in their work, and that's why Adobe launched the Adobe Stock platform.

If you're a subscriber to one of Adobe's packages like Creative Cloud, I think you see for yourself the Adobe Stock Photo purchase offers, which Adobe constantly promotes to its customers.

Adobe bought the Fotolia site and included its own library, promoting photographers and professionals around the world from putting their photos on the platform to selling them to Adobe software users.

This is why I consider Adobe Stock the best site to profit from the sale of images, because its number of users is very large and it pays a very good percentage of the sale value of each image ( 20: 60 % ).

If you want to profit from selling photos online... I advise you to start with this great site, because it represents a great opportunity, especially for those who knows the basics of SEO own ( we'll talk about this point in another directory ... don't worry 👍 ).

2. Shutterstock website

This site is the most famous sites to purchase photos online, especially since the owner of the website has a large network of sites in this area, which used in promotion of main site.

The profit rate of this site may be large, but the secret to success is to publish as many photos as possible, and each photo can be sold more than once.

Featured in this site that is not dedicated for traditional photographs, but you can also sell graphic designs or what is known as Vector Art.

This site is visited by more than 70 million people per month, that's why I advise you to take advantage of this great site to promote your photos.

3. Envato Elements website

Envato network is one of the world's largest websites for the sale of digital products of various kinds ( images – ready templates – scripts – graphic designs – videos), on which millions of users around the world depend.

This site represents a great opportunity to profit from the sale of photos and information in general. It relies on memberships and shares 50% with vendors ( in the same way I explained to you at the beginning ).:

  • Having a large network of customers in different countries of the world who trust him.

  • Most customers on this site rely on complete solutions, buying web design tools, videos, scripts, software, images, and graphic designs from one place, which means continuous sales.

  • Envato network also has Placeit, one of the most popular image design platforms in the world, when you register an account on Envato, your business is automatically shared on Placeit, which means more customers and more profits.

This is why I advise you to rely on this giant website especially if you want to develop yourself and diversify the digital products you want to sell.

4. Freepik website

Who doesn't know the location Freepik giant in the world of photo and graphics, which is visited by nearly 70 million people per month, and therefore the site is considered a professional in the field of photography and design to meet customers ' need.

Selling photos on this site probably requires some extra effort, because the application process is not simple, in order to become a contributor or contributor on the site you must fulfill certain conditions.

For this, the site asks you to upload some photos first to review them, and make sure that they are quality and conform to the conditions ( you will find all the conditions when you register an account from the link above ).

After you are accepted on the site you can upload your photos to start earning from them. The site is based on a system of paid-for memberships so that it shares 50% of the proceeds with the vendors in the same way that I explained to you earlier.

What makes this site special is the possibility to profit from it continuously, which is why I advise you to upload as many photos as possible periodically so as to achieve the greatest possible return.

5. Dreamstime website

Dreamstime is one of the best sites to profit from selling photos that I recommend because of the easy handling of the site, and the transparency in the distribution of profits with the owners of the photos.

You will find all the earnings information and conditions for uploading photos in the previous link, which I advise you to look at in focus because it is similar to the rest of the conditions for the various sites in this list, thus hitting more than one bird with one stone.

You can sell graphic designs ( Illustrations ) or videos on the site and profit from them, but I advise you to focus with photographs because they are more characteristic of the this site.

6. Alamy website

Alamy is one of the best sites to profit from images nominated by a lot of professionals in this field, due to the site's interest in sellers and providing all the services and information they need.

Although the site is visited by almost 15 million people per month, it attracts an excellent class of customers, who spend good amounts on photos.

The site shares 50% of profits with sellers if the images are exclusive ( i.e. sold on this site only ) or 40% if the images are not exclusive.

The site also focuses on social photos (if you go on the site and look at the social category, you'll find that most of these are personal photos taken with your phone's camera ).

For this I strongly advise you to rely on this site to profit from the sale of images, as I advise you to look at the blog of the site because it has a lot of useful articles in this field.

7. 500px website

500px differs from other traditional photo selling sites for several reasons:

A / the idea of the site, which is based on the Photographers Community, everyone registers an account and shares their work with other photographers, where they can comment and admire the photos and follow the account holder.

B/ site has a large network of websites to sell photos, after the account registration, you can license any number of pictures, so that the website can sell them on your behalf versus only 40% of the profits, a percentage very good compared to other sites.

C/ you can profit from the site by contracting with clients, there are a lot of companies that are looking for photographers to do some business and export specific images in different geographical locations

I advise you to try this site so that you gain experience, get to know some good photographers and get in touch with them.

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8. GettyImages website

This giant site is one of the largest sites for obtaining exclusive, high-quality images in the world, which is why many brands rely on it and pay huge amounts for it.

The site relies on professional photographers to meet the needs of customers, so registering an account is probably the most difficult among the rest of the sites to profit from selling photos.

When you apply, some of the site staff manually and very carefully review your photos to ensure the required quality conditions.

Once the account is approved, any number of images you want are allowed to be uploaded, which are also subject to review and quality control before being posted to the site for customers to purchase.

The advantage of this site is that it offers excellent prices for photographers, and it also makes it easier for them to upload photos and name them well to put on the store.

9. Istock website

This site also follows the company GettyImages that we talked about earlier, they have a large network of sites and customers around the world.

You can apply on Istock in the same way as before, and the advantage is that you can publish your photos on this large network through a single account.

The difference between this site and GettyImages main site is the image licensing policy, this site is more dedicated to non-exclusive images that you can sell on any other site.

10. 23rf website

123rf is one of the most prestigious online photo sites, which millions of users rely on in many countries of the world and in more than one language.

The site shares with the owners of the images the proceeds of (30: 60% ) depending on the exclusivity of the images uploaded and the license sold to the customers.

This giant site is visited by almost 24 million visitors per month, that's why I advise you to register an account on the site, and start taking advantage of this huge volume of Trafic.

11. Storyblocks website

If you're a good follower of YouTube's most famous content creators in photography and video making, you've certainly seen more than one ad for the giant Storyblocks.

This platform aims to offer all the digital products that content creators of all interests rely on from audio files, images, videos and more in one place.

You can apply on the site to start putting up your photos, but keep in mind that the photos are very carefully reviewed to ensure their quality before being put on the store.

12. Stocksy website

Stocksy may not be as popular as the previous sites, but what distinguishes it is the high quality of the images, so it attracts a specific segment of customers who pay high amounts to protect any image.

This site focuses on vivid images whether it's pictures of people or pictures of shops and streets full of cheerful colors and fun activities.

The site offers sellers 50% of profits on regular photos and 70% on exclusive photos, which is quite high compared to the rest of the sites profit from selling photos.

13. Additional sites for profit from the sale of photos

Of course we can not put all the sites that offer this service in one directory, because if we do this directory will turn into a book and not an article on the internet.

Here are some additional sites that I advise you to look at:

Profit from photography by printing on demand

Maybe you didn't hear about this area before, despite being one of the best ways to profit from the internet, which we talked about previously on more than one occasion on the site of the winners.

Very briefly; print on demand is one of the branches of e-commerce, in which products that can be printed on such as:

  • T-shirts

  • Hats

  • Upholstery (blankets – bedspreads-curtains – pillows ) and other

  • Mujat and water bottles

  • Bags

When a customer orders a particular product, printing companies take the design, print it on the product and send it to the customer.

The designs selected by the buyer are printed on the product they want immediately after completing the purchase, and the buyer can also upload their own design to be printed on any product they want.

There are a lot of sites and companies that offer this service, just put your designs and start promoting them, leaving the process of printing and shipping products on these companies.

What does printing on demand have to do with profit from selling photos

If you go to the most popular sites that offer the service such as:

  • Teespring website

  • Giant Etsy platform

  • Redbubble website

  • Prtintfy-Printful services which can be integrated with different online stores such as Etsy or Shopify

You will find a large selection of products on which photographs can be printed, which achieve more than excellent sales such as:

  • Print photos on wooden and metal frames to hang them on walls.

  • Print photos on upholstery and especially blankets.

  • Bags.

  • Upholstery, sports such as ( Yoga Mats ) and others.

All these products represent opportunities for you as a photographer, all you need is to edit some of your photos ( especially those of landscapes, foods and animals ) and upload them to previous print-on-demand sites.

Then choose the products you want your photos to be printed on from dozens of different products and end up on it. You're not gonna do anything extra.

All you need is to choose the themes or designs that you have a blockbuster or more accurately choice ( Niche ) good – don't worry, we'll talk about this later.

Personally, I see print-on-demand as an excellent profitable opportunity especially for beginners in the world of photography, due to the ease of starting and the high demand for these products.

That's why I strongly advise you to take care of this area, you already have some good photos, or maybe you get some professional photos from previous photo sites and exploit them to profit from print on demand.

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Important tips for profit from the sale of photos

Here's an important set of practical guidelines that will help you get started in profit from selling the pictures the right way, plus a range of important sources that I recommend you read it.

1. Exploit the nature of our Arab societies

If you look closely at the previous photo sales sites you will find a lack of images related to our Arab world, we have a lot of distinctive features such as:

  • Archaeological sites

  • Tourist areas

  • Cluster areas and markets

  • Coastal areas

All these places if you focus on them in your photos will increase your profit rate, because you will avoid intense competition and the number of photos you will own will be too large.

For this I advise you to look at the previous sites well on the images related to our Arab world in general to see for yourself the topics that have a great shortage and focus on them.

2. Take care of the Nitsch ( Niche )

Nitch is one of the most important concepts of profit from the internet that you have to master, it represents the subject on which the images focus, for example, you will focus on photographing foods and eating in general, or you will focus on tourist places or on photographing Models ... and so on.

The more you specialize and focus on a specific industry or field the better, so my advice is to look carefully at the possibilities you have.

Let me give you some examples:

A / as mentioned in the previous advice, try to specialize in photographing specific places, perhaps focusing on photographing markets, streets or archaeological places.

B / maybe you're good at Creative Photography and you can create templates or Frames to photograph people – the ones you often find in wedding photos-why don't you focus on this type of photo?

Maybe you can use a friend and shoot him in different frames and places, this kind of integrated Pictures is in great demand in the profit sites of photos

C / photographing products and technological tools (phones, computers, cameras ) in more than one position or background.

Try to look at everything around you, perhaps you have a friend who works in the field of technology, and you can get help him in saving some products are for export.

Or maybe you live in a coastal place and you can take a lot of beautiful picturesغل so you take advantage of the resources you have and at the same time specialise in specific niches.

3. Take care of SEO 

All profit sites from the sale of previous images are only search engines! Yes search engines like Google, YouTube and others, and as long as we talk about search engines we should mention SEO.

SEO is short for (Search Engine Optimization – SEO), which is all the steps and settings you take to set certain content to appear in the first results of search engines.

I advise you to see Guide ” What is SEO ” which explains everything in detail operating process.

As for our subject, all I want from you is next.:

1) search the site well and see how the images are arranged in the search results ( try searching with one word – then two words – then three in the same topic) e.g. (Mountains – High Mountains – Snow covered mountains ).

2) carefully consider the number of search results, the larger the number, the more demand for this type of image and at the same time the competition is stiffer.

3) look closely at how the images themselves are named, is everything described in the image, or is the image named based on the subjects you are targeting. For example, a photo of a person in a suit, is the title of the picture ( a person in a black suit – a businessman – an entrepreneur ).

4) check the images that are nominated for you when you choose any result from the search, and check the difference between their titles and the title of the main result.

5) write down the notes you've found for each site you'd like to work on.

The above steps are to know the nature of the site and the visitors you frequent, and you will also know the less competitive topics ( Niches ) to be interested in.

You'll also learn how to name images on each site تذكر remember that the site relies on image titles to rank them in search engines.

There are also some sites that rely on the idea of tags, instead of putting a title to the image they describe the image through its themes such as ( man I work – black suit – major I work – male employee – white man wearing a suit – and so on).

The more you place the most important keywords that are searched for your photos, the greater your chance to top the search results and thus increase your sales.

4. Take advantage of photo editing software to increase your profits

We often use image editing tools to improve image quality and adjust the lighting so that the image becomes better ... so why not take advantage of these programs to increase the number of images.

If you're a good user of programs like Photoshop, you'll know that you can remove and modify backgrounds or dramatically change the colors of an image, you might take a photo by day and modify it as if it was taken at night.

Or maybe you just take a picture of a person or the model changes the background ... all of this means that one image you can count on to produce more than a new photo.

So you can dramatically increase the number of photos you own-that means increasing your earnings.

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5. Attention to image quality

Anyone who pays money for a photo, he wants to get something that he can not find on free photo sites scattered on the internet.

That person wants to get the highest possible quality of exclusive and premium images, so you have to provide the best possible quality with the highest possible file size to satisfy your customers.

If you're going to rely on phone photography, I recommend using powerful phones such as Iphone, Google Pixel and advanced versions of Samsung and Oneplus, which have lenses and capabilities that match professional cameras to ensure high image quality.

6. Promote your photos on social media

Most professionals in the field of profit from the sale of photos have accounts on social media sites such as Instagram – Pinterest to promote their photos and artwork.

If you are really interested in this field, you often follow many of them yourself whether Arab or foreign photographers, why not do the same.

You can use your social media accounts to promote your photos or publications permanently, especially after you have a group of followers who care about what you offer.

Developing your social media accounts may take some time, but the results will be excellent, because social media will open up ways and ideas that you may not have thought of.

I advise you to check out the following articles to increase your followers as soon as possible:

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Increase of 200 followers on Instagram, every 10 minutes

7. Invest in yourself

After we talked about the best sites to profit from the sale of photos and especially print-on-demand sites, and also when I mentioned practical tips to help you increase your profits through photo editing.

I think you realized that developing your skill in using image design and editing software and opening up to the field of graphic design could be the reason for making an excellent income from the internet.

For this you should devote part of your time and profits to investing in yourself and developing it, every new information you recognize in this field can generate income for you.

I advise you to look at the following articles, in which you will find very important tools that will help you a lot in profit from the sale of photos.

Best photo design software

Best online photo design and editing sites and their respective features

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