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clubhouse app– what is it and how to download it on Android and earn from it

 The clubhouse app has spread like wildfire online recently! Let's get to know him more closely.

clubhouse app

Clubhouse – what is it and how to download it on Android and earn from it

clubhouse app-is a social media platform, described by the creators of the platform as a new type of voice-based social network, where you can join conversations on various topics.

Who created the Clubhouse?

The Clubhouse was created by Paul Davison and Rohan Seth, a former Google employee, and the American Capital Company Andreessen Horowitz funded the project in May 2020, worth one million dollars.

The Clubhouse app is currently only available for iPhone users but there is a plan to expand to other devices.

How to start using clubhouse app?

The creators of the app stated that they want to slowly build the app's social network and want to equip the app and experience its features for as many users as possible before launching it for all audiences. Therefore there are only two ways to start using Club House Clubhouse:

Personal invitation

When a new user joins the Clubhouse they are given a single invitation that they can send to another person using the recipient's phone number, that is, new users will invite people they know or sell their invitations to the highest bidder on Reddit. After you join the Clubhouse and do some activities you will be able to get more invitations to share.

Waiting list

According to the statements of the creators of the app will be expanded next Jamahiriya soon, but there is no timetable for that to happen.

The app is still limited to IOS devices. If you are an iPhone user, you can download the app and reserve your username.

In case you have friends already using the app, they will get an option that allows you to use the app even if you don't have any invitations to send.

How to use clubhouse app

You can join the Clubhouse to follow events, listen to conversations and enjoy the time.

But if you're an influencer or own a brand, you'll be more interested in how to leverage Clubhouse to attract new customers, increase brand awareness, increase sales, and expand relationships and partnerships.

By using the Clubhouse app you can share educational content with your followers, host virtual events, collect insights and get feedback, find more people and companies to collaborate with, and create relationships with experts.

Clubhouse offers users the ability to engage with professionals by creating chats and dialogues with them, and participating in joint conferences.

Attracting users to your club rooms requires setting up a compelling profile. Here's how to set up your profile on the Clubhouse.

Setting up a profile on the Clubhouse


The personal profile on Clubhouse allows other users to know information about you and what nature of the content you provide.

Similar to other social media platforms, your profile on Clubhouse should include a high-quality image showing your face. It is preferable to use a profile photo with a clear background and appropriate colors.

After adding personal photos you will need to write a resume, since the first three lines of text (about 125 characters) will appear in the rooms on the application. So make sure these lines contain the most important information about you.

The Clubhouse provides enough space to put in details related to your resume. The app uses a plain text editor, so you won't be able to customize or format your text. So when you format your resume you can use an external editor if you want to add breaks paragraphs or emoji.

You can also add links to your Twitter and Instagram accounts, or any other links. But it won't be links in the biography clickable users will not be able to copy and paste them, so be sure easy to remember URLs.

We recommend that you include the following information in your resume:

  • Topics of interest

  • Keywords

  • Your experience

Hallway page

clubhouse android

Applications include social networking pages, private browsing content on the platform. For example, in the TikTok app there is a For You page to view new content, in Instagram there is Explore page, and the Clubhouse app there is a hallway page.

The hallway page is the home page of the clubhouse where you can browse the conversations that are happening right now. Scheduled clubs and rooms are listed at the top of the hallway for easy access.

At the top of the hallway page you will find the main menu, where you can search for members and invite people to the Clubhouse, see the calendar and review notifications, view and edit your profile.

Member search:

So far all profiles on Clubhouse are public, i.e. anyone can find them through a search and can follow any conversation and join any room. Members can be searched by username and bio fields.

Send invitations

If you have used all available invitations you will get a notification as soon as there is an opportunity to send a new invitation.

To send an invitation open the Clubhouse app and tap the CSS icon from the menu at the top of the screen, this will take you to the invitation screen where you can type in the search bar or scroll down to select a specific contact. Click on the Invite button next to the name of the person you want to invite. The person you invited will receive a text message that includes that they received an invitation to join the Clubhouse.


clubhouse social app android

The Clubhouse calendar displays a list of upcoming events (rooms). Any user can add a new room or event to the calendar.

When you add an event to the calendar all the people who follow you will get an event-related notification.


Notifications are displayed when you tap the bell icon at the top of the screen. You will be shown a list of actions related to the room that follow and the actions performed by your friends on the app. You'll get a new notification whenever someone follows You, When you get an invitation or when an event is scheduled.

You can change your notification settings by clicking on the icon in the upper left corner of the screen.


Events are taking place within the clubhouse app. While browsing the hallway page you will be able to get to know the details of each room (room name, number of people, speakers, some people in the room) so you can decide if you want to join.

The club rooms listed on the hallway page are open to anyone who wants to join. Users can also start their own rooms.

When you join one of the rooms you'll see a list of all the persons belonging to them.

Listeners, speakers and staff

When you enter the room as a listener wouldn't be able to talk, but you'll be able to listen to conversations.

If you want to follow more than one room at the same time you can see all what happens inside the application clubhouse.

You can tap all the rooms at the top of the screen to see what's happening in the other rooms without leaving the conversation you're currently a part of.

You can also open other apps on your phone without getting thrown out of the room.

In case you would like to participate in the conversation you can click on the hand icon in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Once you invite you as a speaker you will be able to mute the microphone or ask a question.

The number of people who are able to speak is determined by the moderators.

Sometimes a few people will be invited to participate in the conversation as speakers and then taken to the audience (as listeners) again.

Sometimes moderators invite everyone to the conversation to participate in the form of an open forum.

Moderators are the most important part who prepare the rooms in an orderly manner. When you open a new room, you automatically become an administrator. For rooms that you have not opened, the supervisor responsible for them must upgrade the speaker to a supervisor.

Moderators can:

  • Send or accept requests to attend to become speakers

  • Mute speakers

  • Upgrade speakers to become moderators

  • On / off the audience's ability to raise their hands

  • Return the speaker to the audience and withdraw from him the ability to speak

How to create a room in club house clubhouse

From the hallway page press the + button and then "create room" at the bottom of the screen. There are four room types to choose from:

  • Open rooms: they are public rooms that anyone can watch and join.

  • Social rooms: these are rooms that can only be viewed and joined by moderators i.e. as more moderators join more people will be able to see and join the Hall.

  • Closed rooms: these are private rooms that only those invited can see and join.

  • Club: rooms hosted by a club without being included in the calendar of events.

Clubhouse seems a great addition to existing social media platforms and there will be plenty of opportunities for influential people as the app's user base grows.

How to install the clubhouse app on Android devices?

The clubhouse app is currently only available on iOS devices, and the clubhouse version on Android devices is still experimental.

Since there are far more Android users than iOS users, launching the clubhouse app on Android devices means more pressure on the company's servers and will therefore need additional capacity. The official version of the clubhouse app is expected to be released on Android devices soon.

But there is a way to download the clubhouse app on Android devices to try it, which is by downloading another app that enables you to run clubhouse on Android devices.

  • After downloading, install the api file, where you will be asked to allow the installation of files from this source

  • Confirm app installation

  • Now you will see a warning message, click on OK

  • Open the app and put your phone number.

  • Send an invitation to the number you put in the previous step

  • Register and then access the club house app

clubhouse app invite

How to make money on the clubhouse app?

Advertising and sponsorship

On social media sites such as Instagram, there are many channels that promote certain brands, as well as on YouTube, there are many videos that are sponsored by important companies and brands.

As with the Clubhouse app, after getting a gradual build-up of followers you can charge brands to promote them in the rooms you create.

Ask me anything

It is an idea to set up an online intensive course in a subject where you have a lot of experience, and people pay a fee for attending the course.

Direct sales

Advertising videos that offer a discount coupon for the purchase of some products from Amazon are circulating on YouTube, so a significant profit is made by viewing these ads and offers.

As with the Clubhouse app, artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies can play an important role in adding ad tracks at appropriate times to increase audience engagement.

The most important possible ways to make a profit through the Clubhouse app:

Profit from affiliate marketing through marketing for discount coupons, and among these networks, you can join the admitad affiliate marketing network here

  • Create partnerships with brands

  • Create rooms sponsored by specific companies

  • Free clubs and paid clubs or membership subscription

  • The launch of a product or service through the club.

  • Hiring clubs to follow rooms and take notes

  • Club membership paid

  • Create paid conferences through the clubhouse app

  • Create room summaries and post them via blogs or YouTube

  • During the participation in the room talks can advertise your products and offer discounts to people in the rooms

  • Offer discounts on your courses or products