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Download ReiBoot app to fix all iPhone problems

 ReiBoot is a special program for computers of all types whether Windows or Mac, the task of the application fix all iPhone problems with ease and by just one click the program solves the problem whether the black screen, Apple logo, white screen, frozen screen, headset mode, stuck Update, Recovery Mode and all the problems without the need to pay the costs or go to the repair centers all you have to.

fix all iPhone problems

Fix all iPhone problems without losing any data

The app itself says a diagnosis of the problem and the error on the screen of the phone, nearly 79 million people around the world downloaded the rim bot moreover, 

ReiBoot free full designer is the draft system iPhone all versions and all types both for iPhone 6،7،8،9،10، I don't need any previous experience and the help one is just the good, but in the program is that it says the reform without losing any information or data to the user.


About ReiBoot

  • Version number: ReiBoot

  • Main application language: English and Arabic

  • Current version License: Free free

  • Operating systems: Mac, Windows

ReiBoot app features:

  • Free does not need any costs.

  • Supports all computer operating systems including mac and windows.

  • Available in official Arabic.

  • All the process does not need a minute and very quickly.

  • Fixes all iPhone systems and versions.

  • Does not delete any data or information in any case.

  • The app is used by more than 80 million around the world.

  • Get rid of going to maintenance and programming centers.

  • Easy to use and simple design with direct interface.

  • The application is self-explanatory does not need inquiries.

ReiBoot app download information:

ReiBoot application download link for win Windows.

ReiBoot app download link for Mac.

iphone stuck in recovery mode

Very, very important note:

..If your phone is frozen or unable to unlock all you need is to enter the phone in Recovery Mode or recovery mode by connecting to ITunes.

Proceed to insert the device into Recovery Mode//

1. Connect the USB connector to the phone.

2. Press the Volume Up button medium click and then the Volume Down button medium click.

3. Pressing the power fallow button is a long click.

4. After the screen turns black, press the fallow button with the Volume Down button for 5 seconds.

5. I leave the Azar after the iTunes mark appears and so the phone has entered the recovery mode.

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