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Saturday, June 19, 2021

Adapt to customer natures

Adapt to customer natures

Entrepreneurs and small business owners have to understand different customer natures and behaviors, which is imperative; so that they can sell their products and market their services to these customers in the best way, That is, the way to deal with each client should be the right one, and to enter it from the entrance that convinces and pleases him at the same time.

Not only that, but the sales man has to adapt his personal behaviors according to the behaviors of the customers, which in the sales literature is called adaptive selling, which requires you to know and be fully aware of the patterns and natures of the customers, and the different ways they behave.

4 styles

Customer patterns, but all people, do not emerge from four patterns: ANALYTICAL, Leadership, Expressive, and amiable.

This SOCIAL STYLE profiling has been used by thousands of organizations to improve leadership performance and sales results, as well as by global organizations and executives, for its effectiveness, ease of understanding, and application.

Understanding these different patterns of behavior and applying versatile Strategies helps you determine the best way to interact with everyone more successfully, especially since each pattern has its own way of viewing, thinking and making decisions.

1. Analytical

If you offer him your product, you will not see any reaction on his face that indicates satisfaction with the product, or even boredom with it, he will listen to you carefully, as well as the fact that his social relations are limited, as well as his ability to control different situations, but he is very organized.

This style of customer needs accurate and confirmed facts and information, and be careful _ as a salesperson _ to agree with what he tells you during your presentation of the product; because these questions are only intended to trap you, and always give him the feeling that he is right. If you do so you will build a strong relationship with him; which in itself is more important than the sale process; it is the profitable long-term relationship that brings the sale, not the other way around.

2- Leadership

This pattern is very firm, strong-hegemonic, but very weak at the social level, it does not give a damn about emotions and feelings, it is always oriented towards a goal and a task, and expects everyone - once assigned to any work - to do it optimally, and rarely accepts an excuse from anyone.

This style can be considered Aggressive and indifferent, only interested in performing tasks as desired. This type crushes everyone who stands in its way, precisely sets its goal, and often takes risks; thus fit to be an entrepreneur by a great deal.

And if you want to deal with him in the best way; be precise and specific, do not talk too much, be prepared to interrupt all the time, the rudder of talking is always in his hand, listen to him well; say thank you, and feel him in control of you and the situation.

3 - Expressive

These are people who love to appear and adore it, they lend a helping hand to everyone around them, you find them always heading towards humans, if you put them in the middle of a group of people, you find that everyone has become friends with them, Speakers, emotional but dramatic, amplify things and give them too much; and they are very indignant if they feel underappreciated, or that the spotlight is not on them all the time, they cannot feel comfortable with the two previous styles.

Therefore, if the sales man is from one of these two previous patterns (analytical or leading) and the customer is from this pattern (expressive), he must adapt his behavior according to this pattern; in order to succeed in reaching the desired; which is to build the relationship and make a profit.

And the salesman must make him feel that he is in the center of his attention, that he values his person, values his role, but tries to solve his problems, and asks him questions; make-as a Salesman - the helm of the conversation with your hands, this kind speaks without order or organization, only speaks.


He hears more than he speaks, spends a lot of time building and establishing social relationships, so he can rarely be considered accomplished or fully engaged, afraid of risk, and always looking for safety. The leading style does not feel comfortable dealing with the genre, unlike the expressive style, in which he finds his wayward, he carefully hears everything that is said.

The best way to deal with this type of customer is to reassure them, support them, and confirm your commitment to them; then you will get everything you want.


The sales man must be well aware of the natures of the customers he deals with and, next, follow the optimal way of dealing with each style; so that he can establish a profitable relationship with that customer.

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