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Diversified marketing.. Features and strategies


Diversified marketing.. Features and strategies
Diversified marketing.. Features and strategies

On the one hand, it is close to MAS Marketing, considering that it targets more than one segment of customers, although it is true that mass marketing-and this is the difference between them-targets all segments of customers in the market, while diversified marketing works to target two or more segments.

Diversified marketing

On the other hand, diversified marketing is able, in some way, to gain the advantages of Niche marketing because (diversified marketing) does not target two or more segments of customers with one ad campaign, but rather adapts advertising campaigns with a different marketing mix for each of the categories it targets.

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Middle strategy but

Based on the previous offering, it can be said that diversified marketing is ambitious on the one hand; it seeks to expand horizontally in the market and try to find as many customers as possible, but at the same time, it risks not being able to meet the ambitions of all these customers later.

Moreover, earning a sustainable customer is not easy in this case; the goal here, apparently, is plenty. Every marketing strategy has its drawbacks, and this is undoubtedly true, but these minuses must be recognized and known before adopting this or that strategy.

But no one can deny the great deal of intelligence and prudence that is available in this method; there is a great deal of dynamism-marketing campaigns are always changing with the change of the target segment-and there is no such diverse marketing without creativity and innovation.

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The advantages of diversified marketing

In order to clarify the basic idea we need to say that the company / organization that follows diverse marketing as if using Niche marketing but with different segments of customers, there are several advantages of diverse marketing, including the following::

  • Easy brand recognition:

It will give you the ability to reach as many customers as you can; you're not targeting a particular segment, you're targeting more than one segment.

  • Meet customer needs:

It makes diversified marketing better able to meet the individual and perhaps personal needs of each customer because it customizes its offerings and adapts them to the needs of this or that segment.

Diversified marketing
Diversified marketing

  • Increase profit rates:

If a company is operating/ targeting a single segment of customers, real-life experiences may sometimes deny that its profits are lower than if it were targeting two or three segments.

But there is a fair amount of risk here-as we alluded to above-that a company may fail to meet the needs of all these clients, and then lose them and lose their trust in them, and that's the back burner of any organization.

  • Employ company resources:

Honesty requires us to say that diverse marketing is very stressful; a company has to offer something unique and special every time and with every marketing campaign it launches; especially if it decides to target new segments every time, and not be limited to two or three segments of customers.

While this is a challenge in itself for employees as well as the company, it helps the company to optimize all of its resources, recruit them for its objectives, and take a path to reach customers, satisfy their needs and desires.

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Diversified marketing strategies

Suppose you decide to use this marketing method, and to target more than one category of customers, you need to take some steps in order to develop your marketing strategy.

The first of these steps is to identify the categories of customers that want to orient your products and services to them, and to know, Second, closely what are the needs and desires of their members, but to discover their unique and individual needs.

And then, thirdly, to offer these segments that you are targeting, individually, a unique offer that cannot be rejected, and surely you do not have to treat the whole as one category, or as a homogeneous whole; the idea of this marketing is based on the contrary.

Finally, you must specify the methods and tools that you will use to reach these customers, and the other should be a tool/ channel marketing compatible with slide particular tobacco reached.

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