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Wednesday, June 30, 2021

From his bedroom, he earns half a million dollars a month

From his bedroom, he earns half a million dollars a month
From his bedroom, he earns half a million dollars a month

The summary of the story is written in the title, and its details are like a dream for the young American ” Tyler Blevins", who is 26 years old when he practiced his hobbies in computer games, which are practiced by most of the inhabitants of the globe, but he managed to do it with a profit of almost half a million dollars a month.

Tyler Blevins started his career with a mini YouTube channel as a hobby to download his videos playing computer games and passing the stages, to turn in a short period of amateur practicing his hobbies and enjoying his time to"The first teacher ” He has become one of the most popular video producers and publishers on YouTube.

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Because of his many followers and enthusiasm to follow his videos, many companies have invested this to their advantage when they became keen to choose Blevins aka "Ninja" to try it first, to increase its resonance among the audience who follow his channel with passion and anticipation, being the owner of the most famous channel on YouTube that specializes in electronic games .

Not only did Ninja reap his profits from his increasingly lucrative YouTube channel, with its growing number of followers, videos and subscribers, although it was steadily increasing, he decided to set up an account on a TV service called Twitch as a new source of income .

Tyler Blevins or ” Ninja ” earns more than تو 500,000 a month from his channel ” Twitch”, where he gained in a short period of eighty-three thousand followers on it, so that each follower of the channel pays five dollars a month to be able to follow the videos without any commercials and others forced to watch them as in YouTube and some other applications .

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In addition to the huge financial profits Ninja receives from Twitch, his YouTube channel has attracted more than six million subscribers so far, and accordingly receives financial revenue from Google's advertising on the videos he posts on his channel .

He also montage all the videos he publishes on his channel, in addition to the live broadcast that his friends and followers wait for him from his bedroom most of the time he broadcasts them through his activities, events of the day and the latest games he has bought and wants to play with them .

Tyler was able to invest his hobbies in something rich while enjoying his time, and you can also turn your life around when you start to exploit your talents and skills that you have in a healthy and correct way, to find the wealth chunky inside without feeling.

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