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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Impact infection.. 6 Reasons Why your products are so popular

Impact infection.. 6 Reasons Why your products are so popular
Impact infection.. 6 Reasons Why your products are so popular


What is the secret behind the proliferation of some products and the demise of others? And what's the secret behind that brand's fame without another? What is the reason why this particular opinion is predominant only? Impact infection is the specific and clear answer to all these and other questions.

The idea put forward by Jonah Berger in his acclaimed book “Contagious: Why Things Catch On” regarding what we called impact contagion is very common in both social and psychological studies, All sociologists, especially those following in the footsteps of the late French sociologist Émile dorcaim, know the symbolic power that the collective mind or conscience of society exerts over its members.

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This social whole, as dorkheim liked to call it, is the main responsible, among other things of course, for our actions, and is the primary ruler of all our different behaviors and decisions, we do not live in society separated from each other, we influence the other as much as the other has influence in US.

Two contradictory options

Given the situation described above, we note that there are two types of actions and decisions, including purchasing and consumer decisions, one of which is the tradition of the mainstream that exists in society.we note that tradition has a decisive influence on the actions of many members of society. if the vast majority of society decides to buy this product, hear this song or wear this costume, it is likely that the other members of the social group will follow in their footsteps and follow their approach.

The second type of actions of social actors is the one who decides to follow only the path of himself and accept from the actions of the mainstream in society that correspond to his own taste and personal whims, By the way, this category of society is not meant by Jonah Berger in his aforementioned book “Contagious: Why Things Catch On” and is also the category outside of Emil dorkheim's identification of the collective mind.

Impact infection
Impact infection

5. practical value

This few category of society belongs to marketers with a specific type of marketing, Niche Marketing, and the other, more general and widespread category, is the vast majority that Jonah Berger intended, which he tried to analyze its behavior, identifying 6 basic reasons behind the proliferation of products and ideas in the market.

6 reasons behind the spread of products

Jonah Berger sees 6 fundamental reasons behind the proliferation of products, ideas, goods, services in the market, and these reasons are:

1 - social influence

” We share the things that make us look good, “says Jonah Berger, which means” Social Currency, " meaning we are marketing ourselves or our products and services by telling people about their benefits and the positive things they entail.

Here it comes width our products in the market, are stylish and fun, then a wait than the other, the consumer or target customer, to come and get her.

2 - stimuli

The idea here is not to get people to talk about the product but to keep it in their minds, that is how the company will ensure that this or that product that is being marketed continues to be consumed.

3 - emotions

These emotions or people's attachment to products, whether positive or negative, is a double-edged sword, but if we, as marketers or entrepreneurs, can influence the current or potential consumer, then surely, after this interest in the product, he will share it with others and market it as well.

4 - public

If you can make the products public; that is, if you dress them in public clothes, it will be more noticeable and more popular, which will be reflected in the rates of sale and spread of these products, that is one of the most important areas where the infection of the effect is clearly visible.

Spread your products
Spread your products

5. practical value

People aren't going to pay money for a product that doesn't bring them some kind of benefit or that doesn't bring them a certain gain, so if you want your product to spread, make sure it carries real benefit to the customers you're targeting.

6 - tell the story

One way you can publish your products and raise their sales rates is to tell stories about them, and to pass on what you want to say about the advantages of these products in the form of a story or anecdote; this will help make the idea stick to the minds of consumers and remember it all the time.

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