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Saturday, June 26, 2021

Key lessons for business success.. Juicer experiences ex

Key lessons for business success.. Juicer experiences ex
Key lessons for business success.. Juicer experiences ex


No fundamental lessons for business success can be reached in theory, so the lessons we offer here are a juicer of the experiences of other people who have reached the heights of glory and achieved a leading position in their own businesses and projects.

If it is difficult for one to experience everything, one must draw on and learn from the experiences of others, and thus can add to his experience many experiences; that is exactly why we chose to bring up this topic.

Key lessons for business success

And "ExplanationsPro" several key lessons for business success, as follows..

The right time is not coming

If you prepare the plan, develop the business model, build the feasibility study, and conduct an in-depth analysis of the potential risks, it is not right to wait for the right time; such time does not come, and you will remain all your life on the beach waiting for a wave calm that may never subside.

Therefore, if we count several basic lessons for business success, it is imperative that we put this on top and first; without a certain amount of calculated risk and adventure you will not enter the field of self-employment, as well as you will not succeed in it; how to succeed in a business that you did not enter in the first place?!

Profit is not the only criterion for success

We all agree that money, making a profit and maximizing profit margins as much as possible are important, but what many do not know is that this is not the only criterion for success.

The culture of an enterprise and its ability to attract customers steadily is one of the key criteria for business success, and achieving sustainable profit is almost impossible without the availability of those factors, most notably, of course, customer sustainability.

Excellence guarantee survival

It is not possible to have any success if you are bringing back the idea of a previous project; if you do that you are going down the path of the losers anyway, on the one hand, and a good project that is successful is that project that offers something unique and different.

This is essentially the essence of entrepreneurship as we understand it-providing a pioneering / innovative solution to a real and familiar problem-so if you are imitating others you are working in a field that is completely remote from entrepreneurship and has nothing to do with it at all. This is one of the key lessons of business success.

Key lessons for business success
Key lessons for business success

Mistakes come in, you learn from them

The field of entrepreneurship is the field of enterprising experimenters, who are against the ordinary and think outside the box; therefore, they always make mistakes and fail temporarily, and what is wrong and not reproach, as long as these people are skilled in learning from mistakes.

In this sense, failure/ error is one of the key milestones on the path to success, which is why learning from failure and error has also been one of several key lessons for business success.

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The client is everything

If you're asking us for lessons that are essential to business success, you should take this lesson: "the customer is always right and he is always the first focus of attention" and things will go well with you later.

You should know that Jeff Bezos, the famous entrepreneur, is one of the most prominent advocates of this theory, and the most skilled at applying it almost absolutely.

Therefore, all your plans and strategies must start from the customer and end to him, and meeting his needs and satisfying his various desires must be your top priority, so your business will know the way to success.

There must be opposites. never mind them

One of the things that is almost agreed among all human beings is that no idea has the consensus of all creation, and therefore your work must be faced with some haters or harsh critics.

We do not mean to urge you to ignore objective criticism, but rather to advise you to turn your back on the haters and the frustrated; they only want your failure and failure, and therefore need thick skin so that their frustration and rejection of all your visions do not affect you.

Permanent development is inevitable

One of the key lessons of business success is that there is no guarantee of staying on top, but a constant and steady leap forward to stay within walking distance of your nearest competitor.

The market itself is in constant and eternal development, so what you have achieved and reached may be appropriate for time but it will not be in the near future, so one of the things necessary for a successful business is to constantly think and prepare for the future.

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