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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Management under pressure and deal with difficult situations


Management under pressure
Management under pressure and deal with difficult situations

Pressures, both at work and in personal life, are inevitable, so it is not surprising to talk about management under pressure, especially since managers are the most vulnerable people.

Because the link between the employees on the one hand, leaders and senior stakeholders in this or that company, and they are, moreover, required them to fight a war on two fronts; so that the each party's interests and perspective of the other party.

These things make the management under pressure a reality and an imperative, and there is nothing wrong with the manager coming under pressure of some kind, but it is important to learn how to manage these pressures; the inability to manage and control the pressure will have a lot of negative effects in the team and the work as a whole, and we will

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Mistakes of managers and their effects

The inability to manage under pressure will cost the business heavy losses, and Maxfield and Hill conducted a survey in which more than 1,300 people were asked to describe how their manager acted under pressure, and how this behavior affected their work. The study has revealed disastrous results, some of which we market in order to realize the risk of not being able to manage under pressure.:

53% of leaders are more controlling and closed-minded when stressed, 45% of managers are more emotional and upset, while 45% of managers ignore, listen to and try to understand suggestions.

Management under pressure and deal with difficult situations

The above-mentioned study, which looked at the impact of management under pressure in different teams, found that 37% of managers prefer-when under pressure-to walk away, take side steps, and not act directly, not to mention that 30% are more deceitful.

Therefore, learning management under pressure is a necessary skill, and it is not acceptable to have a manager who does not manage his emotions and pressures; the presence of such a person would come on the structure of the company from the rules.

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How to manage under pressure?

But the most interesting question is: what is the best way to”manage under pressure"? In answering this question, we must emphasize that there is no single way to do this, but rather a set of skills-or, if you like, accuracy-actions that the manager has to perform in order to ensure that his pressure is managed optimally..

Review objectives

To master management under pressure, and to be able to manage and control your emotions and emotions; you need to remind yourself, every time you fall under pressure or be the supervisor of a collapse or explosion, of your long-term goals.

That means remembering what you and your team want to achieve in the long run; reviewing these goals will keep you on track.

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Asking difficult questions

Let's say, for example, that a member of your team got involved and made a mistake, you as a manager have one of two options: either take the easy path and punish him and explode in it, and the other option is to ask: what compels a reasonable and rational person to make such a mistake? What led him to this? And how do I prevent this and similar error in the future?

By asking these questions-which will not be easy at the time of anger and pressure-you will first learn one of the most important management skills under pressure, you will be a better leader, and most of all you will increase your team's confidence, which is reflected in the quality of work and production rates.

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what can cause leadership pressure to a leader

Facts not feelings

The teachings of the ability to manage under pressure to act only on facts and data in kind, and to have your decisions based on that.

A good manager should not let go, nor unleash his feelings; Time, anger and pressure are more likely to throw accusations, talk rather than hear, but if you rely on facts-on what has already happened-and try to gather as much information about the situation you are dealing with, you will surely survive the pressure trap, and learn how to manage difficult situations.

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