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Monday, June 14, 2021

Practical plan of projects.. What is it? How important is it?

Practical plan of projects
Practical plan of projects

 The practical plan of the projects transforms the project from mere ideas and perspectives on paper into an already existing work, researchers have traditionally likened the project to a ship, and therefore it needs everything that will keep it on the surface without sinking, but it is all unimportant unless you know where to go? And what's your goal?

This is precisely the role of a project plan or operational plan; one that works to meet or achieve short-term goals but at the same time plays the same basic melody of the project as a whole; and thus achieves long-term goals even as it focuses on immediate and short-term goals.

It is true that the project work must be detailed, but this isn't living, but the opposite is wrong; it is the idea of the project theory to be accurate, brief and specific, and the operational plan for the projects must be highly detail and clarity; we are about transforming an abstract idea into practice, how do you see us succeed in something like that?!

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Practical plan of projects

The operational plan of the projects or the operational step are two of the same designations; that is, the plan that details the actions that must be carried out by the different team or departments in order to achieve the company's objectives in the short term.

We have to point out here that the content of this definition suggests that there is no way to separate the operational plan of projects from the management plan; the former is the original and the foundation and the latter is a branch and a subsidiary of it.

The operational plan shows what to do, who will do what, and the management plan is performance monitoring and production control.

We do not differ between the two plans, and we do not introduce one over the other, but we say that both are based on the other, and the common sense says that “there is no advancement of the project without these two plans together”.

The operational plan of the projects will clarify the following axes: the objectives to be met; in order to achieve the short-term objectives, as well as determine which projects should be sustainable among the projects currently carried out by the enterprise, and the operational plan takes into account time constraints and limitations; so that the teams can complete their tasks in the optimal time; and

The operational plan also outlines the task forces of each project, what is expected of each team member individually, and the operational plan also outlines the risks of not achieving the goals, ways to avoid them, as well as considering the financial and time cost of achieving the short-term goal.

Therefore, we are in front of a practical "catalogue" of the success of the project, and if the project is successful in terms of operational planning, there is no doubt that success will be its ally in terms of management planning, and this is an issue that is not bitter، They can be ascertained by reflecting on the concrete plan of the projects we have just outlined.

Practical plan of projects.. What is it? How important is it?
Practical plan of projects.. What is it? How important is it?

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The importance of the operational plan

It helps to continuously evaluate and improve the performance of employees; by setting short-term goals and dividing tasks, and determining what is required of each individual team member individually, it will be easy to know who works and who does not, to understand the kinks, and then to know the most appropriate ways to remedy them.

Moreover, the practical plan of the projects _ as a permanent trial of the project and its achievements _ works to identify areas that cause losses to the company or do not generate profit at the hoped level, and thus try to exclude these areas _ as a production line that incurs huge losses and does not please profit through it _ or develop it in

Everything is on the accountability table, and its development is necessary when necessary.

Perhaps the most important in the process of the projects they develop the agenda of the short term goals that can be referred to on an ongoing basis; to ensure that no deviation of the project objectives, and exit from a strategy that placed him sincerely.

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