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Purpose of marketing.. The detail of Cutler's beauty.»


Purpose of marketing.. The detail of Cutler's beauty.»
Purpose of marketing.. The detail of Cutler's beauty.»

The success of the marketing effort as a whole depends on understanding the purpose of marketing and understanding it well, and surely this question arises greatly, especially during the recent period, when marketing has begun to move towards real science, based on strict principles, laws and rules; so it has become a question: What is the purpose of marketing? Heavily traded.

In fact, according to Philip Kotler, a well-known marketing expert, it is possible to say that the purpose of marketing is to sustain profit and customers; marketing is defined as "the launch of a profitable long-term relationship with customers".

But to say that the purpose of marketing is to sustain profit and customers is nothing more than an aggregate that needs to be detailed, which is what we will try to do in this article.

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What is the purpose of marketing?

"Explationspro" will attempt to indicate the purpose of the marketing, as follows..

Customer understanding

The market is the customers, that's what marketers used to say, so understanding the customers and their needs and what they want exactly is one of the purposes of marketing, but not only that, but this knowledge is used to drive the business forward through various ways that are not possible to say now.

The marketer should listen to customers, inform their organizations of new insights, and use automated techniques to predict purchasing behavior patterns in order to deliver customized messages to stakeholders.

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Attract attention

And if the purpose of marketing _one of its purposes is rather _ understanding customers, the next logical step is for marketers to work to attract the attention of those potential customers to the product or service they offer.

This is not so easy to imagine the non-science things that science (marketing); the ability to attract the attention of customers require a separate type of marketing, the implementation of this planning properly.

Purpose of marketing
Purpose of marketing

Sustainability of profits

It is understandable and even logical that the purpose of marketing is to work to bring profit and business growth; to generate revenue, be it by building brand awareness, promoting our offerings or generating new sales opportunities.. Etc, it should occupy great importance for marketers.

But not only that; competent marketers understand that it is not important for a company to win once, but that it is sustainable.

This issue of profit sustainability is the purpose of marketing that is usually stressed, but only through customer sustainability will reach profit sustainability; sustainable profit means a sustainable customer, it is the customers who pay for the services or products provided by the company.

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Customer education

The purpose of marketing is not only to understand the customers and identify their needs, but also to be able to educate their potential customers about the product they are offering or marketing to make it easier for them to decide and make the purchase journey.

If marketers do not, and if they are not able to answer all the questions and inquiries of customers, surely they will manage them and accept others; people trust the brands that answer them for their urgent questions, and are always next to them.

So a large part of marketing is awareness and education, hence the socially responsible aspect of marketing; it is not responsible to cheat your customers or provide them with incorrect information.

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Creativity and brand differentiation

There are a lot of marketers, brands and products filling the market, but what leads to the success of a brand without others? It is excellence and creativity; customers will not pay attention to your products or brand if it is a copy of quality brands in the market.

Therefore, the purpose of marketing-in this particular corner-is to work to distinguish the product or brand; this distinction is certainly not the responsibility of marketing alone, but it is a matter of concerted efforts of various departments, but certainly there is no success of marketing without a distinctive product/ brand.

Yet the purpose of marketing can be said to be general, and it cannot be limited to only one aspect; indeed, each of the aspects we have mentioned is delivered to and led to the other, hence the generality of the purpose of marketing.

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