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Secrets of project finance.. Set your goal accurately


Secrets of project finance
Secrets of project finance

You may have a good idea, you may be passionate about a project, or you may be passionate about exploring the world of entrepreneurship, but whatever your reasons for taking up entrepreneurship, you need to know and be familiar with the secrets of project finance so you can find the money to start up.

Secrets of project finance

One of the things you should be aware of is that there is no funding without a clear plan and vision; if you cannot present your idea and disclose its feasibility to this financier or donor, you are not expected to get the money you want.

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Finance and market research

One of the most important secrets of project finance is that feasibility is a crucial element in getting money, but you won't be able to know how viable your project idea is without in-depth and accurate market research.

Market research enables you to identify and verify the necessary data, which is the same data that explains the need for your idea, and its usefulness as well; the idea may only be useful in theory, but it is not so in practice.

This data obtained through market research can help you convince individual funders or donors of the feasibility of your idea, that the risk of investing their money in your project is low, not to mention that such data makes you stand on solid ground, and strengthens your resolve to move forward and overcome the various challenges that may stand in your way.

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Financial models and plans

Such financial models and plans should be a natural part of your overall strategic plans, and should not underestimate the level of detail required by most smart investors, as you seek to get your project funded, you will need complete spreadsheets of expected costs, acquisitions, sales and revenues, including profit margins, growth rates, and when you expect the business to become profitable.

This is your financial guide and general scheme that you must put in the hands of the (potential) financier; in order to motivate him to put his money into the project. You'll also have to work on planning the expected growth over the first year, the first three and five years; most investors want a long-term solution offered by a company strong enough to stay in the market.

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Potential customers

One of the secrets of project finance is this: the more potential clients you have, the more you can attract capital, but just the potential/ theoretical client may mean nothing, but it must be accompanied by testimonials from some clients who have tried, praised, and validated your product/ service.. Etc.

These things will send a message of reassurance to financiers, convincing them that their money will not be in vain, but will generate a profit if invested in your startup.

Secrets of project finance.. Set your goal accurately

Passing the first thresholds

It is known that the start-up stage is one of the most difficult stages in the life of an emerging project, and most start-ups cannot pass the threshold of the first five years, so as an entrepreneur seeking funding, you must demonstrate to financiers and venture capitalists the ability of your project to overcome these difficulties, manage potential risks, and plan well

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Precise target setting

Before you start asking for money, you need to know exactly what your primary goal is not only from getting money, but from the project itself, as well as how much money you need, and why do you need that much?

There's a big difference between saying, “I need money for my idea,” and “I needعدات 10,000 for equipment, دولار 15,000 for the office, لأول 20,000 for first-time products and.5,000 to start marketing.”

This fine detail shows that you have a plan, lets investors know exactly where the money is going, and assures them that you know exactly what you're going to do with their money, and where you're going to put it.

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