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Selling products advantages.. An important step before targeting customers


Selling products advantages
Selling products advantages

The first thing that comes to mind when talking about selling the advantages of products is what do we really sell? Or rather what do consumers accept to buy? It is the consensus of sales experts that the consumer does not buy the product itself or itself, but rather buys the value of the product, or in a more precise sense buys the value represented by the product.

On the other hand, the importance of selling product advantages stems from the fact that there are not two consumers that are identical at all, and that is a feature and a challenge at the same time, because consumers are so different means that there is an opportunity to sell a wide range of products.

At the same time, however, it does not mean that each client has to be examined individually, to know their needs and desires, which is a dilemma in case the number of customer segments is large, but in the end it is imperative.

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Selling products advantages

It is important, first of all, to determine what is the sale of the advantages of products, both definitively and figuratively, which is one of the fairly modern sales techniques, by which the advantages of products are connected with the needs of customers.

Not only that, but it is clearly demonstrated by experienced salesmen how this or that product addresses the pain points and problems that the customer faces and suffers from.

In a clearer statement: selling product benefits is the process of pointing out the unique benefits involved in a particular product, and how these benefits address problems and dilemmas experienced by the customer.

Therefore, the main concern here is not to sell the characteristics of the product, after all, the customer does not need to know these characteristics, but rather to point out the unique advantages that a particular product carries to a particular consumer.

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Identify benefits and target customers

Certainly, each product has a wide range of features, so the most important question here is: how do we determine which feature is being promoted or marketed to consumers?

It is possible to extract/ extract a range of advantages from a single product, so that different segments of customers can be targeted with a single product, but each segment of customers is targeted with a feature other than that of the other category.

On this basis, the identification of advantages-and here we are talking about selling the advantages of products-is ahead of targeting customers, in this process we identify the advantages first and then we target the appropriate segment of customers.

But this will not be possible without closely studying customers, modeling them, and knowing their needs and desires accurately, and then the advantages of a particular product are directed to a certain segment of those customers so that they correspond to these needs and desires, and these advantages work to address their glitches and problem areas.

Based on this proposition, it can be said that selling the advantages of products is really hard work _and all marketing efforts as well _ but the results that can be obtained from them are usually satisfactory; therefore, to raise sales rates it is necessary to use the method of selling the advantages of products.

Selling products advantages.. An important step before targeting customers
Selling products advantages

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Advantages and benefits

If we say the importance and difficulty of the process of selling the advantages of products, there are, however, many selling advantages and gains that are gained through this process-i.e. selling the advantages of products-which the "entrepreneurs" list as follows..

Linking the customer to the brand and promoting it

This is an essential feature in the process of selling product advantages; the customer, knowing the importance that the product occupies in his life, is sure of the importance of this brand and is not able to give it up.

On the one hand, the sale of product features raises the customer's confidence in the product, leading to wider and more widespread brand promotion.

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Customer loyalty and satisfaction 

However, it is one of the direct results, almost, of the process of selling the advantages of the products; as the customer gets everything he wants from the product; where the sales team is dedicated to educating this customer about the value of the product in his life, and his ability to solve his problems, so what does not make him!

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