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The final offer.. Say everything in a minute


Understand your client first

The signing of a deal is not reached, unless after a lot of negotiations, discussions, and lengthy sessions with the client, and when you are sure that this particular client is useful and it is possible to make a profit for the company, and after he is sure that you are the right person, the deal is signed, but before this

If the process of negotiating and trading with customers takes a long time, then through the final offer you summarize all that is missing, and confirm the added value that the target customers will receive, by dealing with you.

Understand your client first

However, it is important to note that long sessions with clients, meeting them, and talking to them are of great importance; through them, their needs and desires are known, and the appropriate way to meet and satisfy those desires is determined.

Of course, all these things are emphasized in your final offer, so if you don't, and if that offer doesn't include real value for the customer, the basic conclusion is that you (as a marketer/ salesperson) don't understand him optimally, don't realize what he really needs, and will therefore be reluctant to deal with you, and

Therefore, you should not rush to present your final offer to the customer, before making sure that you have fully understood it and that you are able, through this product or service, to satisfy his / her wishes and all his / her needs.

When does the customer make the final decision

When does the customer make the final decision?

No matter how successful and productive the negotiations are, and no matter how successful the marketers are in influencing the customers and their desire to engage with the company they work for, this stage (the negotiation stage) is not the stage of making the final decision, whether by acceptance or rejection.

But-And Here Comes the importance of the final offer-the customer makes the final decision and decides when you explain to him, even in a minute, all that you will offer him, if he decides to deal with you and sign this or that deal.

The final offer, then, is one of the essential things that motivates the customer to make the decision, and the more convincing and logical your offer, and with added and real value, the more you can actually influence the customer, and attract him to deal with you, and consume your products.

All the steps you've taken before-from negotiations, in-depth interviews, lengthy discussions, and above all targeting the customers themselves-aim to get you to this final stage-not only to present your final offer to your target customers, but to push them on the path you want them to go.

Thus, the presentation of the final presentation is, in original terms, the purpose of all these previous steps, something that is thought through from the beginning, and crystallized throughout.

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