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Friday, June 18, 2021

Traits of a successful developmental leader

Traits of a successful developmental leader
Traits of a successful developmental leader


In an ever-changing world in which scientific theories and principles appear every hour, thousands of innovations are made, and the ends of the globe communicate, it would be natural to displace the old one who does not develop himself from the path of development.

What is the most beautiful translation of the principles and foundations of success into detailed steps, and practical procedures that represent in succession the accumulation of experiences and experiences, and develop a platform for officials and administrators to sum up the requirements of development, It is the transfer of sources and references, and the mind is what the human mind has produced through the accumulations of the production of scientists and thinkers over centuries in various spheres of life.

Development strategies

One of the most important strategies for developing the activity of institutions from local to Global is the following::

- The first strategy: its motto is seriousness and challenge in defining a clear vision, which translates to a clear plan, based on increasing working hours, accustoming oneself to hardship and perseverance in the face of challenges, and postponing rest and well-being until the goals are achieved. The practical application of the dimensions of this strategy is found in the experiences of China, Japan and Malaysia.

- The second strategy: logo change for development; through a plan that includes several conditions; of which:

* Accept the idea of change in principle, psychological preparation for it, and the satisfaction of making the sacrifices it imposes.

* Armament for the phase of change by developing available alternatives to contain the consequences of sudden situations in a state of complete readiness, and preparing other alternatives that correspond to market variables internally and externally.

* The ability to adapt the internal conditions of the organization in a flexible and rapid manner that ensures the effectiveness of coping with fluctuations and dealing with the conditions of the surrounding environment.

* The conviction of the officials that the direction of the movement of the activity of the institution is towards the movement of the cosmic year of change and the legitimate aspiration for development, without grumbling and slow response in the appropriate circumstance.

- Third strategy: capitalize on the virtues of communication, and the executive departments that relate to the market and customers; being the front line and defense, and the employees of these departments are the owners of opinions and ideas and the first to receive proposals and complaints؛ So they are the most enthusiastic and willing individuals to develop, while senior management individuals may be the most resistant to change, fearing for their privileges, and positions.

Some believe that the strength of the personality in the leader is the ability to control things, and impose control over others, but it is a misleading definition may be control by intimidation and intimidation, and the people of the opinion that the strong personality is the one that continues to grow and develop; Strength of character means the ability to make the right choice, to distinguish between right and wrong, to be aware of reality, and to anticipate the future; these are attributes of a successful developmental leader.

What's important Traits of a successful developmental leader?
What's important Traits of a successful developmental leader?

Project management

Modern Western and Japanese administrations adopt the teamwork style that is the core characteristic of giant companies, having become the password to the great successes of this philosophy of unity, the concept of the team, and the great founding and organizing work.

This philosophy has become dominant in the shift from goal management to project management, and from local individual companies to global multinationals.

The successful leader is rooted in his belief that the work in the form of a team, something legitimized by Islam and is at the mercy and closer to conciliation and success, and is one of the rules and principles of jurisprudence approved by Shara; because it saves the team from slippage or deviation from the goals.

The logic of practical reality confirms that one person is WEAK on his own and limited in abilities, but strong, large and able to do a lot with the rest of the team with him, working in the form of a team a cosmic year that leads to the strength and cohesion of the enterprise and enhance its ability to achieve goals; through the consolidation of efforts and the generation of new ideas, the good utilization of the talents and energies of individuals, the improvement of relationships and ties, the building of a strong and cohesive entity full of confidence, openness, readiness to face risks and to deal positively with the results whatever; thus, the application of the concept of team work improves the overall quality of work and achievement of excellence, and offers a greater opportunity for growth and progress.

Three necessary attributes

From the lessons learned from various life experiences, some of the features of a developmental management leader are as follows:

* Recognize the spirit of the times; work flexibly with different times, anticipate turns, and always look to the future.

* Identify the direction of the movement of the prevailing winds of competition, and it does not mean running in the same direction, every strong social movement creates its opposite with the same force, as a reaction; so the nature of the next steps to counter the opposite of the wave must be calculated in advance.

* Be patient, commit to quiet work to gain time and master the art of latency, and estimate calculated risks until the right moment to reveal the strengths and the reality of the possibilities qualified to surprise opponents and reach the desired end.

There is no doubt that the minutes that pass by US, calculated on our ongoing expenses of our total lives, and as far as the foresight, efficiency and quality of the development leadership administrative spending of time, 

As far as his place in life is superior, time cannot be saved or stored, and it cannot be reused in the future; which means that good thinking for good exploitation; is the determinant of strength and weakness, and the detector of the password of success and failure.

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