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Unique sale offer.. How do you recruit a client for you?


Unique sale offer.. How do you recruit a client for you?
Unique sale offer.. How do you recruit a client for you?

We all agree that the mainstay of the company is its customers, but these customers are subject to constant attempts to gain control and attraction by competitors, hence the importance of what is known in the marketing and sales literature as a unique selling offer, Or Unique Selling Proposition, which is short for USP.

Unique sale offer

This strategy refers to those unique advantages that the seller offers to the “potential” buyer in order to get him to buy and market the item, product or service he wants to sell.

Quality and excellence

Rosser Reeves, the pioneer of advertising in the United States, who invented this method (unique selling offer) in 1910, insisted that the purpose of advertising is not Entertainment, nor education, nor even confirmation, and has no other purpose than to communicate the message of the product.

But he also stressed that the idea is not just to deliver the message of the product, but to present this message in the best, most distinctive and unique form, and let us remember that this advertising message, but the marketing campaign in general, is just that taste that we offer the customer in order to bring him to buy our product.

Determinants of unique sales offers

Reeves set several requirements and parameters for his new principle, which he established at the time.:

1-to include a presentation of a feature in kind and realistic for the consumer, in the sense that it should not be limited to several motivational sentences reserved and known in advance; this method is useless, as long as we understand that the consumer is smart and can evaluate things well and choose the best, and as long as we understand, as

2-the special offer must be unique, it is not reasonable to make an offer made by one of your competitors and then imagine that the “potential again” customer will buy from you in particular.

In this case, the customer that you and your competitors wrestle over will not have any incentive to buy from either of you, but will get the product from you or from him, because you are equal in terms of added value and unique offer.

3. finally, not enough to have a show special, but you must be strong and attractive at the same time; it alone is not enough, as long as you understand that the enjoyment of what is negative also, it is checking a company that customer service is the worst ever, can you imagine that this feature would allow them to compete with other companies for being distinct this exercise power?!

How do you recruit a client for you
How do you recruit a client for you

Keep a promise and recruit your client.:

Each advertising message, as well as each marketing campaign, carries a message, this message is a promise from you to the customer; in the sense that you say to him: if you buy this product you will get such, or: you will receive this product in time.. To the last of these promises.

But imagine you didn't keep your promise to the customer, maybe it's out of your control, what you do in front of this dilemma? All you need in this case to work on workers ' compensation in a way that will satisfy him, and remember his anger.

Because if you don't, imagine what's going to happen? This customer will simply turn into a propaganda machine that works against you, against everything you say, and what you offer, but if he is compensated and his anger goes, the exact opposite will happen; he will turn into a company marketer for free.

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