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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Using email in human resources management


Using email in human resources management
Using email in human resources management

The issue of using email in HR management puts us face to face with another issue, which is the issue of communication at work, how best to develop it, and achieve the desired results from the communication process itself. But communication here (that is, the one that HR managers and specialists do) is of two dimensions.

It is first: internal communication between these people and the employees working for the company, and second: external communication; one of the main objectives of human resources management is to work to attract competencies, and make sure that the right person is put in the right place.

What if that communication process fails (internally or externally)? The direct result of this is a state of confusion and confusion, as well as a toxic work environment, opening up a great area for gossip and gossip, as long as we understand that HR management is the primary source from which employees derive their information.

ExplanationsPro try to address the use of email in Human Resources Management in two ways: the use of email, and the use of email, and ways to improve the communication process through it. Then let's sail towards the destination.

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Internal communication

Good communication skills are generally inseparable from Human Resource Management; What do managers and employees in this department do but communicate internally and externally?! But the issue of internal communication is of great importance.

It is able to remove the Ado and confusion that can occur, and it provides employees with updates related to the work system, company strategy, task distribution, work schedules, additional tasks, and various different plans and procedures.

In short, everything the company needs to communicate to its employees will be communicated to them by e-mails sent by HR officers.

The use of email in HR management is not only about informing decisions and plans, distributing tasks, but there is also problem solving, issuing organizational decisions that will budge a problem, or prevent its negative impact.

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Attracting talent

This is currently the most prominent area of competition; competition between companies is no longer limited to gaining maximum market share, but to acquiring the talents and competencies that can truly transform the company.

In terms of attracting talent, human resources can be said to work on two aspects, the first being to preserve the talent that the company already has and to prevent it from slipping away or going to another company.

The second is to attract external talent, all via e-mail, not to mention, of course, inviting potential candidates for interviews.

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Improve communication process

Now we have reached the second step in our approach to the use of email in Human Resources Management, which is to improve the communication process that occurs between employees and Human Resources officials, and to improve this process and make it more useful and smooth we suggest the following tips:

Never lose sight of the human dimension

While writing an email, you are staring at your computer and it is easy to forget that there is a real human being who will read it on the other end, someone who has their feelings, worries and workload.

Keep this in mind and you're always nice and quiet and polite in your emails, so you'll be able to influence employees, seven to you a fair and friendly as well.

Be clear

As an HR manager you have to be clear and accurate, and you will eliminate a lot of delays if people know exactly what you are talking about.

Save yourself time, and make your co-workers ' lives easier; by providing details from the start. You will also experience less confusion via this clarity and accuracy in the messages you send to your employees.

Using email

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Know when you're not texting your employees.

There are certain times when email, though fast and easy, is inappropriate, this is especially true when you send bad news and you need to be able to show compassion and compassion, do not send such messages unless you are really able to deal with their consequences.

Always be a professional

Although you may be friendly with some employees, you are still the person responsible for hiring and firing. Stay professional otherwise the lines may become blurred, and your job may become very embarrassing.

This clarity and professionalism will ensure that you do not misinterpret your e-mail messages to your employees, nor can such professional messages be used against you thereafter.

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